Thursday, February 27, 2020

What's Really Going On

Click image to view CTV article/video

Listen to this 'debate' to the end if you want to see the actual lunacy behind this whole pipeline protest. The activist basically is saying it makes no difference what the first nations people want as a way out of poverty. It also doesn't matter what the Dominion of Canada has decided and 85% of the first nations people directly affected by this pipeline.

That is the typical mindset of the elites who think they are saving the planet by gutting the Canadian economy.

The response by Ellis at the end, pretty much sums it up. So, how do you have a discussion with this mindset?? You don't. They have drunk the Gore Kool Aid, to the last drop and now are making their green issue, a native issue.

This is a well orchestrated assault on the Canadian economy and our leaders are either too dense to see it, or gutless to do anything about it, or worst yet, complicit in the whole matter.


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