Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Who Is Really Behind the Unrest in CANADA??

CANADA is in a state of CHAOS

One reason is a complete vacuum in leadership at all levels of government, in this case the Federal and Provincial governments are leading the parade over the cliff.

Imagine a Prime Minister who would fiddle and whistle while rail transportation is disrupted from coast to coast, bringing many sectors of the Canadian economy to a screeching halt. If the average person thinks it won't affect them, you are deluding yourself. Farmers are on the very brink of disaster as they are unable to get feed and other supplies to run their farms, nor get their products to market. Everyday commuters are being inconvenienced with transportation shut downs called at the last minute, making getting home at day's end a real crap shoot.

On the provincial level you have a Premier that now is claiming his pipeline is essential to the provincial economy and must proceed, while at the same time using the courts to block another pipeline that is essential to the Canadian economy. The irony here is fit for some black comedy. The Green's the NDP are in bed with also support the shut down of the pipeline as well, with their federal leader declaring she would have blocked the legislature also, could she have been here.

Our local MP I presume is also in support of killing all pipelines so that CANADA can move into third world status after our resource sector is finally destroyed.

Why this sudden disruption??

Apparently five guys claiming hereditary chief status (ask them about the three women hereditary chiefs they have silenced) are claiming that a gas pipeline can not go through 'their' nation This is in spite of the fact that at least 20 elected councils in the same territory have agreed to the pipeline and the financial benefit it will bring to them. Apparently the majority see the benefit of moving out of the stone-age into twenty first century.

These five guys are telling the Dominion of Canada that they will not honor the agreements of the other nations in the path of this pipeline. The question of what they really want is something no one is addressing. This seems an internal power squabble that the elected councils are unable to deal with.

This claim by these five people is all it takes for the anti-pipeline crowd to come swarming to the support of the five chiefs. Not because they give one wit about the five chiefs, but because it supports their favourite cause of killing the Canadian resource sector of the economy.

This also opens the door for aboriginals across the nation to seize upon an opportunity to extract more financial benefits from the very country they are working hard to cripple.

If the ONLY solution is to not complete the pipeline through the five chief nation, then that nation needs to be separate and apart from the rest of the Dominion of Canada complete with their own economy, borders etc. They can then negotiate with the nation of Canada for access for roads, power etc. etc. They can also negotiate what kind of duties and tariffs that will be established between our two nations. Of course none of that would be needed if they returned to their way of life before contact.

So who really is behind the Canadian Chaos???


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