Saturday, March 14, 2020

Nanaimo Gas Price Gougers

Gas Price Games In Nanaimo

A few days ago gas was being pumped for $1.20 in Nanaimo. It then jumped to $1.40 a few days ago and with the tumbling oil prices that have affected prices worldwide the local gougers dropped the price to $1.30 amid claims of having dropped prices by .10/litre. What a bunch of bull.

Canadian Gas Prices Mar.14 at noon from Gas Buddy

Nanaimo (and most of the Island) $1.30
Vancouver $1.16
Calgary $.76
Toronto $.76

Thanks Mr. Horgan and the rest of the green screamers claiming that extra taxes are going to have an impact on global temperatures. What a bunch of nonsense, to think giving politicians more money can reduce the temperature of the planet.


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  1. Why are we paying almost twice as much for gas as Ontario, here in Nanaimo? We must pay the highest prices in Canada. Is there the monopoly that I have heard here, in Nanaimo, by one owner or two owners?


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