Saturday, March 21, 2020

Nanaimo Playgrounds Now Closed

The power of social media

The city of Nanaimo had posted on their facebook page that city playgrounds were going to be kept open. This post included a poster of children playing in a playground with the note to maintain social distancing. That notice contained a link to the city website page where Richard Harding explained the steps the city was taking to keep playgrounds safe with increased cleaning etc. etc.

Well, it didn't take long on Facebook before some people took notice of how out of touch this idea was, given all the steps being taken to isolate people to contain the covid crisis.

Within hours the following appeared on the city Facebook page, in which they have now decided to close the parks.

Statement from the City of Nanaimo Regarding Playgrounds, Now Closed

“Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding our playgrounds. Like many of you, we have been learning and trying our best to respond to these unprecedented times. In this case, we were attempting to keep our playgrounds safe for use. However, we have heard you and your concerns, and have now closed our playgrounds for public use. We apologize for any angst this caused."

Jake Rudolph, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Nanaimo

I wonder if enough people complained on Facebook about their rising taxes, would the city relent and give us a break??


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