Thursday, April 30, 2020

New Blog Address

New Nanaimo Info Blog address

The url for this blog has now been changed to which is basically the same without the hyphens as it used to be.

Why you may ask........... long story short between Google and Godaddy it became impossible to renew the hyphenated title so I finally changed it to this one.

Most of my attention is being devoted to my new effort 'The Canadian Sentinel' which has a much broader scope than my Nanaimo Info Blog site. The current pandemic and Canada's handling of it are my main focus during these most unusual times.

I note, that times in Nanaimo, while unusual in the pandemic sense, is still pretty much the same at City Hall. The 'Tax-n-Spend' council is operating true to form and fearing they won't be able to continue their spending spree under the current economic cloud, have opted to borrow up to $52 million if they find the taxpayers simply can't afford their spending habits.

At a time when fiscal uncertainty is the only certainty, prudent managers might consider pulling back on some of their spending and focus the taxpayers resources on what is critical to the operation of the city. But, that would not be consistent with the current city council who have decided to spend nearly half a million tax dollars turning Front Street into a more bicycle friendly road.

In the meantime most of downtown is boarded up and if you do ride your bicycle downtown, if you don't watch it every moment it just as likely to be stolen as not.

You can check out The Canadian Sentinel at which is currently dominated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the origins of which seem to be a lot different from the original story about bats in a wet market. Sounds more like it came from a petrie dish in a Wuhan laboratory.


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