Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Who Is This Jesus of Nazareth?

Who is this Jesus??

This is the most holy week on the Christian calendar, although the marketeers would have you convinced it is Christmas.

This is the week when GOD Almighty puts on display his Love for all of mankind and puts to death all the lies His enemies tell of Him.

Jesus was the only begotten Son of the living GOD who was born of a virgin making Him fully GOD and fully Man.

He lived the first thirty years of life like those around Him during which time he grew in stature before his fellow man and before GOD.

He worked with His hands, He got sweaty and tired and hungry like anyone else. He also attended 'church' weekly as was also the custom. His knowledge of what scripture said astounded even the learned scholars of the day.

He walked as His Father had intended for all men to walk, in harmony with GOD Almighty all the days of His life.

He was tempted to sin, like all men are tempted, yet He was without sin, yielding to the heart of GOD that directed His steps. Those steps being the same one's all men can walk in, if they will yield themselves to GOD.

During His years of ministry He went about doing nothing but good, healing all people who were oppressed by the devil. It was never His Father's intention for anyone to become sick, or suffer any infirmity such as being blind, deaf or lame.

Never once did Jesus have a harsh word for those who came to Him. The only people He admonished were the religious leaders of the day, who had made people slaves to their religious traditions.

At the end of His earthly ministry He put on display the full expression of GOD's love for all of mankind. He did this by becoming sin for all mankind and paying the price that sin requires which is death. For all have sinned and fallen short of the righteousness that is of GOD and are separated from GOD because of our sin.

GOD hates sin, He does not hate the one entangled with sin, and through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son paid the price of our sin and has made the way for us to come into right relationship with Him.

GOD hates sin, because it separates us from Him. All of us know in our hearts that we sin and the knowledge separates us from Him. We do just as Adam did, we hide ourselves from GOD because of our sin.

The Good News of the Gospel, is that we do not need to hide ourselves from GOD because of our sin, for Jesus paid the price for our sin, opening the doors wide to enter into the loving arms of  our heavenly Father.

Deep in our hearts we know this to be true, but sin and our life's experience keep us from accepting this simple truth. We can make all manner of excuses for not believing the Gospel, but they all come back to our wanting to hide from GOD.

If you no longer want to hide yourself from GOD He is as close to you now as your next breath. To prove this to be true simply say this simple prayer, and if you pray it sincerely from your heart, you will KNOW that He hears you and His Love, Joy and Peace will flood your very being.

Simply, sincerely prayed, opens the doors of heaven:

"Jesus, save me, a sinner" 


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