Friday, May 01, 2020

Canadian Approach To Public Safety

Borders on insanity

In Nanaimo the RCMP report that a 28 year old woman living on Glenayr Drive as stabbed by a knife wielding man demanding money. She resisted and he fled the scene.

The RCMP attended and were able to locate the suspect who was in possession of several knives at the time. He was charged with assault with a weapon, robbery and uttering death threats.

When he appeared in court he was released and won't appear until his next court date of July 21. RCMP spokesman said people charged with crimes are often released because of a concern they may encounter covid-19 in custody.

The victims injuries were described as serious but not life threatening and she was treated in hospital. Meantime the suspect has been set loose in the community so that he maybe won't get sick. Really?? This guy didn't steal a can of soup he was charged with assault with a weapon, robbery and uttering death threats.

It makes you wonder just who the courts think they are supposed to be protecting.

Meanwhile In Ottawa

The PM is planning on spending more money to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

Seizing on the tragedy in Nova Scotia Justin Trudeau is using the moment to remove lawfully obtained firearms from duly licensed, law abiding citizens.

The government is going to 'buy back' these firearms in the interest of public safety, even though it will do nothing to make anyone any safer. It is really a choking point with many when a government says they are going to buy back your legally purchased gun .............. with YOUR money!!

The tragedy in Nova Scotia was committed by an unlicensed person who used illegally obtained weapons. Trudeau's latest move will do nothing to make the streets any safer as gangs don't follow the law.

These kind of moves are not surprising coming from the man who tried to overthrow the last election by trying to get unfettered tax and spend power without parliamentary oversight.

Disarming citizens is one of the first things done by socialist/communist governments before they bring in their real agendas. God help Canada.

Spending a few billion tax dollars on a program that will do nothing to make anyone any safer perhaps may deflect for a moment from the fact his government has managed to run up a deficit this year of $252 Billion. Normally it would have taken Trudeau 12 years to run up that kind of debt.


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