Friday, May 08, 2020

City Hall Logic -- An Oxymoron?

We will raise taxes this year, because next year people might have a harder time paying them ...... say some members of council.

We better give ourselves the authority to borrow $52 Million in case taxpayers can't pay their taxes ...... says all of council.

Lets' save $40K closing a downtown policing office .... says most of council

Let's spend $400,000 removing a lane of parking on Front Street and adding a bikelane leading to a boarded up downtown ..... says most of council

Any who have followed Nanaimo Info Blog over the years will know that observing, reporting and commenting on what goes on at City Hall is pretty much what I have been all about.

Following the election of 2015 which pretty much changed council entirely and resulted in a new manager at city hall it was hoped things would change for the better.

However the council which reined under Bill McKay was just as disastrous as previous ones with the failed multi million dollar arena bid being the crowning touch.

The bunch under McKay pissed off enough people and shook up enough of the union control at city hall that the local NDP and union supporters rallied to the cause and saw the tax n spend council we now have at the helm. They have never seen a dollar they wouldn't spend and will NEVER consider putting a lid on out of control wages and benefits at city hall.

This bunch I believe has set a record for the number of consecutive tax increases in their term. They also immediately after getting elected voted themselves a wage increase to offset an increase in taxes they would have to pay on their earning.

The idea they feel the need to perhaps borrow $52 million so they can keep spending even when taxpayers can no longer pay, speaks volumes as to the type of thinking that controls this council.


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