Saturday, June 06, 2020

Jason Tapp and Nicole Edwards Sought By Police

Accused of violent sexual assault in April
Missed meeting with bail supervisor

Vancouver Police seek the public's help in locating Jason Tapp 30 and Nicole Edwards 33. They have been charged with 15 counts in total, of offences relating to sexual assault and confinement of a woman  in Oppenheimer park last April.

“This was a horrific and violent crime, and the suspects preyed on a vulnerable person,” says Const. Tania Visintin. “We need the public’s help to ensure these two offenders are located.”

Tapp is 6' 5" about 250 pounds, Edwards is 5' 3" 125 pounds she has a "Wahkesh" tattoo on her neck.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 911 immediately.


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