Monday, June 22, 2020

Travel Won't Open Despite Plea

Canadian Press Article

"Trudeau’s words came after an open letter from the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable.

In the letter, CEOs from companies like Air Canada, WestJet, Scotiabank and TELUS urged the prime minister and premiers to take action on resuming travel throughout Canada, as well as internationally.

The CEOs said Canada was entering a new phase of its pandemic response where the country “must find a responsible way to co-exist with COVID-19” until a vaccine is found."

Comment: The fact the only assurance given in this presser, is pointing to the fact Canadians are receiving money from the Federal government in various forms. It would be more reassuring if some clear directions were being given as to getting the economy going again. Sooner or later the government runs out of 'our' money to keep giving to us.


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