Tuesday, July 07, 2020


By Jim Taylor (not the famous one)

According to Merriam-Webster

Fortunately in Canada we could never be in a position where a despot could seize absolute power and authority and be able to exercise such power in an oppressive way.

We are protected by a system of checks and balances so that even a majority government is held accountable by opposing forces which ultimately can bring public pressure to bear, making despotism impossible?

We are further protected from such a form of tyranny by having a completely unbiased, non-partisan, independent from all government influence, fifth estate, manned by highly sophisticated investigative journalists who are constantly holding government's feet to the fire.

We are also protected from such tyranny by having an active, well informed citizenry constantly being aware of what their leaders are doing in the land.

We would never allow a Prime Minister of a minority party to be able to take full control of $400 billion tax dollars to be spent as he alone saw fit, without the oversight of opposition forces looking out for the interest of the nation.

We would never allow a head of state to be able to tell all citizens they must confine themselves to a building and refrain from attempting to work to support yourself or your family.

We would never allow a head of state to take full control of household finances and discourage people from providing for themselves. Instead putting in place a system making them reliant on the state for their very livelihood.

We would never allow a head of state to shut down all segments of business and impose such onerous conditions as to make re-opening unprofitable and thereby doomed to fail.

We would never allow a head of state to confiscate personal property which had been lawfully purchased and properly maintained in accordance with all existing laws and statutes.

We would never allow a head of state to funnel wealth from it's citizens to fund special interests in other nations to advance a particular ideology and agenda.

We would never allow a head of state to knowingly enslave future generations by indenturing them financially by borrowing and spending money this generation has no ability to repay.

We would never allow a head of state to encourage it's citizens to engage in what is arguably risky medical practices.

No, that could never happen in Canada, there is no way possible that the Prime Minister of a MINORITY government would be able to conduct themselves as a despot in some third world country. The opposition parties, the fifth estate and the citizens of the land would never allow it.



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