Sunday, August 02, 2020


Why Mandatory Masking Now?

At the beginning of this so-called pandemic we were told that masking wasn't really of any use and the public was discouraged from masking.

Now, that the curve is not only flattened but non-existent there is a big push to enforce masking with political leaders seemingly losing their minds.

In 2018 the Ontario Nurses Association finally won their case which was being arbitrated on the matter of VOM (vaccine or mask) policy requiring nurses to either wear a mask or get the flu vaccine. A similar requirement was also implemented in British Columbia and up until last year B.C. nurses were required to either wear a mask or get a vaccine. In 
B.C. as was the case in Ontario the nurses finally made a case that resulted in a change of policy which no longer would require them to mask or vax.

In the Ontario case one of the findings coming which supported the nurses petition was as follows:

On the merits, I sustain the core of the Union position. I find that the Policy was introduced at SAH for the purpose of driving up vaccination rates. I also find that the weight of scientific evidence said to support the VOM Policy on patient safety grounds is insufficient to warrant the imposition of a mask-wearing requirement for up to six months every year. Absent adequate support for the freestanding patient safety purpose alleged, I conclude that the Policy operates to coerce influenza immunization and, thereby, undermines the collective agreement right of employees to refuse vaccination. On all of the evidence, and for the reasons canvassed at length in this Award, I conclude that the VOM Policy is unreasonable

Is Mandatory Masking Really About Public Safety?

The Ontario nurses case found that the reason for enforced masking was to coerce influenza vaccination. Why would someone prefer to take a vaccine (which is known to make people sick) rather than wear a mask?

You won't find many people in the health care field willing to come forward and speak truthfully for fear of losing their jobs. But 'off the record' you will be told that breathing becomes difficult and requires changing a mask several times over the course of a shift. Breathing becomes difficult as the mask captures the moisture from your breath and restricts the flow of air. Some wearers develop headache, dizziness etc, just as a natural result of wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time.

Why Forced Masking Now??

Nurses unions in two provinces have made the case that forced masking or vaccination can not be supported on the basis of patient safety, why is there this push now for forced masking?

It is not impossible to believe that on a mass scale forcing people to wear a mask will produce the same levels of discomfort that caused the nurses unions to take this matter before arbitration.

Is the forced masking just a case of coercing the general public to be vaccinated? 


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