Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Housing Logic In Nanaimo


City Council looks into providing small housing units to address the housing crisis in the city. Councilor Geselbracht is reported to say "“I think that there are a few things that are probably less a priority than providing shelter for people …We’re getting to the place where it’s starting to become OK to just step over somebody and when you start seeing a society that just steps over people … it’s sick.”
Reported in the News Bulletin

In the meantime (in the News Bulletin) the bylaws department at the RDN are forcing this fellow to move his mobile home, which he has occupied for two years. Perhaps he could apply for one of the spacious cabins the city is considering as a method of dealing with affordable housing.

I would assume by this same standard the government housing by the White Spot or the tiny cabins being considered would also not qualify, unless local government turns a blind eye to the same standard being applied to this hapless fellow.

This is a screaming example of six figure bureaucrats who are so far out of touch with the present day reality in the 'real' world that it either makes your head spin, or your stomach turn.


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