Friday, February 25, 2022

CANADA Has Fallen To Government Overreach

Deputy Prime Minister Freezing Bank Accounts

Chrystia Freeland Gleefully Explains
Freezing Accounts Of Patriotic Protesters

Ottawa Top Cop
Watch The Body Language

Ottawa Police Chief Threatens 
To Hunt Down Anyone Who Protested

If these video clips don't make your skin crawl you must be soundly asleep or smoking crack.

The Emergency Act Was NEVER needed, more than enough authority already existed under the criminal code, which law enforcement could have enacted. It would not have allowed the theft of bank accounts and private property on mere suspicion before having a day in court. Just another example of how the law means nothing to the criminals we have put into government.

This despot government under the hide' n seek, catch me if you can Trudeau is employing methods to crush peaceful protest in Canada that would make any communist leader proud. Remember this is the guy who praised China's method of government and did the eulogy at Fidel Castro's funeral. Some claim there is a family resemblance that can't be denied.

Using the Emergency Act to deal with a peaceful protest that has the support of millions of Canadians shows just how dangerous this government has become.

From The Archives

Three Amigos
Soros, Trudeau, Freeland

Sitting at the feet of their master

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