Sunday, February 27, 2022

MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis Calls For Inquiry

Inquiry Is Essential

Dr. Leslyn Lewis Conservative MP

Suspending Liberties 

Freezing Assets Is Serious

"An inquiry under Section 63 of the Emergencies Act is essential. Why was the public led to believe the Convoy leaders were involved in sedition when only mischief charges have been laid? The gravity of suspending liberties and freezing assets is very serious & requires a full review."

Dr. Leslyn Lewis won a seat in the House of Commons for the riding of Haldimand - Norfolk in a byelection in Aug. 2021. She also ran for the Conservative leadership in 2020 and captured more of the popular vote than did Erin O'Toole who won the race. 

She published an insightful commentary in the National Post in October 2020 titled "There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it". This was during the time it seemed all parliamentarians were quite content to hide behind the covid measures, collect full paycheques and basically do nothing.

On February 19 Dr. Lewis addressed the House debating the Emergency Act her full speech can be heard HERE. She can be followed on Facebook for those using that platform.

This is a screengrab from her Facebook page.


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