Thursday, May 19, 2022

Nanaimo Empire Days Parade 2014

 A Look Back In Time

Nanaimo Empire Days Parade 2014

This little slideshow is a reminder of how vibrant downtown Nanaimo was in days gone by. For over 100 years this event was a welcome relief from the winter/spring malaise that is common on the wet coast.

A few years back the idea we would celebrate anything associated with the British Empire was considered offensive and so the tradition came to an end.

One could also say this marked the end of what had once been a much enjoyed family friendly function that was topped off with fire works in the harbour. Although it's opponents tried to replace this once popular event it never recovered or was restored to it's former glory.

Those venturing downtown these days are reminded to travel in gangs if you don't wish to be harassed by the local street folk.


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