Monday, June 20, 2022

Serious Vaccine Injury In Canada

46,149 Adverse Reactions
9,515 Serious Reactions

The Health Canada website as of May 30 2022 reports 46,149 adverse reactions of which 9,515 were considered serious.

Statistics are used to demonstrate how 'rare' these serious reactions are however I don't remember any time a news story was informing the public that nearly 10,000 people had suffered a serious reaction.

Just recently a British Columbia man was awarded compensation for injury suffered from the vaccine booster. His injury has changed his life completely. The number of healthy, athletic people who have simply suddenly dropped dead has not been fully explained, nor has the increase in death claims life insurance companies are reporting.

In the interest of making an informed decision about being vaccinated or to vaccinate your child considering these injuries should be part of your due diligence.

Considering the political nature of vaccine injury it is possible that these reported numbers are being under stated.

Before administering an injection people should be being told that nearly 10,000 people have suffered serious injury from the vaccine.


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