Sunday, October 30, 2022

Nanaimo Most Godless City In Canada

Nanaimo has the dubious honour of being the most Godless city in the nation according to this Stats Canada graph. It indicates that in Nanaimo over 60% of the population claim to have no religious affiliation at all.

That could explain the reason we seem to be witnessing a seriously crumbling community. Alcohol and drug addiction issues downtown are out in the open. However, as a whole the city probably still ranks near the top when it comes to the consumption of alcohol. That claim can be supported simply by the number of outlets selling booze in addition to the government run outlets. Those addiction issues for the time remain behind closed doors and are only visible when alcohol-fueled domestic disputes gain the attention of local law enforcement.

The consumption of alcohol and drugs in our society is a symptom of a much deeper problem. That problem is our separation from God. As a nation we have condoned the murder of millions of children, made a mockery of marriage and declare that all religions are the same. This nation used to bask in the blessing of a nation that gave honour and place to God as revealed in His only Son Jesus the Christ.

Today we are seeing the fruit of what we have been sowing these past decades. Nanaimo's ranking as the most Godless in the nation is hardly cause for celebration.

Follows is a screengrab from a recent day from an online news website. I think it was the Bulletin online version. It is typical of what is making news in Nanaimo these days.


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