Saturday, June 30, 2007


At Maffeo Sutton Park with the singing of O Canada by the Nanaimo Tidesmen, and cutting a GIANT Birthday Cake! Be sure to get some, mmmmmmmmm.
Lots of great family fun with food, music and live entertainment.
Enjoy a great sun and fun filled day while we celebrate living in the best country in the world and the best city in the world.
Come and join in. Be sure to bring LOTS of Sunscreen (I hope)!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Downtown Ferry Soon???

Sea Link Ferry Running Soon?
Rumour has it that the downtown to downtown ferry owner has either found a buyer or an investor which would get the ferry service back up and running.
The ferry owner neither denied nor confirmed the rumor that he had found either and investor or buyer for his ferry, which has sat idle now for over one year.
Increased operating costs had made the re-launching of the popular service impossible, without the injection of about $500,000.00 of operating funds.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Real Feather in Our Cap

Nanaimo Designated a Cultural
Capital of
Canada for 2008

NANAIMO, British Columbia, June 25, 2007 - On behalf of the Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women, Dr. James Lunney, Member of Parliament for Nanaimo-Alberni, today announced that the municipality of Nanaimo has been designated the 2008 Cultural Capital of Canada in the 50 000 to 125 000 population category.

"Nanaimo recognizes that arts and culture are important to making a community stronger by contributing to the economy and quality of life of its citizens," said Minister Oda. "Thanks to programming created through a dynamic partnership between the city's diverse cultural communities, the First Nations, and artists, in 2008, Nanaimo will offer both citizens and visitors a year of cultural discovery, particularly through such events as exhibitions about the region's industrial history and the Multicultural Arts Festival."

"I'm delighted that Nanaimo has received this prestigious award, which recognizes that arts and culture have a very special place in this beautiful part of our country," said Dr. Lunney. "Canada's New Government is proud to support communities like Nanaimo, which have a vibrant cultural scene where the arts and culture invigorate the economy and enrich their citizens' quality of life."

"On behalf of the people of Nanaimo, in the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nations people, it is a great honour for me to accept the designation of Cultural Capital of Canada for 2008," said Nanaimo Mayor Gary Korpan. "As a Cultural Capital, Nanaimo has a wonderful opportunity to Live Our Culture by celebrating our cultural diversity and showcasing our energetic, creative, and artistic people."

The Cultural Capital of Canada designation is awarded for merit, which is determined by the quality of a candidate community's proposed project as well as earlier achievements of that community which demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the arts and culture.

An independent advisory committee of experts in the field of arts and culture reviewed the applications and presented Minister Oda with unanimous recommendations on the communities chosen.

The funding provided helps support special projects celebrating the arts and culture and the amount varies according to the size of the municipality. With a population of between 50 000 and 125 000, Nanaimo may be awarded up to $750,000. The funds will be used to produce, among other activities, a series of concerts, workshops and contests that will showcase and celebrate Nanaimo's rich musical heritage.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Exit at Terminal Park

Entrance Only now Exit Only
What used to be the northern entrance (only) at Terminal Park is now an exit only, for vehicles turning north onto the highway.
Just before I took this picture I witnessed a young man with two small children crossing all four lanes of traffic here, rather than using the lights! For them, the lights are obvioulsy a misunderstood concept.
I wonder how long it is going to be, before someone tries pulling into traffic, probably when the road is wet, and crrraaasssshhhh....


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Van Isle 360 Yacht Race News

The following update is posted on the official Van Isle Race website:

June 24, 2007 - 1224 HRS. - White Cloud, the Cookson 40, from Seattle Wa. hit a rock at the start this leg off Kains Island. The impact was hard and the boat sustained enough damage to start taking on water. Many of crew sustained minor injuries but all are safe. Two coast guard vessels, the Tanu and Vector, who were in the vicinity were on the scene immediately and offered assistance.

White Cloud motored back into Winter Harbour, where Trent Gumley, shore support crew for another race boat dove on the vessel to assess the damage. Minor repairs were made and White Cloud is currently motoring to Ucluelet.

The wind at the start was a light south west breeze of approximately 5 knots. Three boats were over early but all returned to restart.

The fleet is currently making their way to Ucluelet....More news to follow....

The 'provisional' finish of this race is Jun 30 and Jly 1, back in Nanaimo.


Saturday, June 23, 2007


Only Borrowing $30,000,000.00??

It was recently reported that the city does not have to go to another referendum about the cost of the convention centre.
The original referendum gave borrowing authority for 'up to' $30 million dollars, and since the city claims they will not be exceeding that borrowing limit, there is no need for another referendum.
Not being a really bright guy, my logic may be flawed; it would seem that the original $30 million was needed to complete a $52 million dollar project. Well, that project now is said to cost at least $100 million.
Question? If you needed to borrow $30 million to finish a $52 million project, how in the world can you build a $100 million dollar project without borrowing more than $30 million??
Obviously the money has to come from someplace, and I would submit it is being 'borrowed' from other projects around town, and sooner or later it is going to be 'borrowed' from the taxpayers in the form of ever increasing taxes.
Honestly does this 'shell game' really fool anyone??



Waterfront Condo's Nearing Completion
The 'waterfront' side condos at the old Malaspina Hotel site are coming right along. They are at the drywall finishing stage, which means final finishing could follow shortly.
However, on the Front Street side, they still have a long way to go before coming to this stage. I have not found out what the actual occupancy date is for these luxury homes, but you don't get anymore 'waterfront' than this.


Friday, June 22, 2007


I know, I know, everybody can chuck and chew about the weather, and it is one topic everyone has an opinion about.
Being a gardener type, it seems to me we have had an unusually cool spring so far. Now we are officially into the first day of summer and unless I put a candle under it, my thermometer seems 'stuck'.
On a happier note, you realize, that from today onward, the hours of sunlight are going to become less and less.
So, bring on the global warming I say, crank up your SUV and coal fired stove!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007



You might wonder if frugal is a word known or understood by those who spend the tax dollar.
While some may debate the need for a controlled crosswalk at Terminal Park, you might wonder if all of the lighting, underground sprinklers and mature trees, are needed.
That said, it is obviously going to be quite the addition to this stretch of the old Island Highway.
Mmmmmmm wonder who is going to actually pay for It? The grand kids, or the great grand kids?


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Nanaimo residents were greeted with a strange sight in the early morning eastern sky.
The strange object seemed to produce massive amounts of both heat and light as it rose in the heavens.
Meteorologists predict the strange sight will be seen for at least the next several days.
Nanaimo Info Blog is considering having a contest to name this strange phenomenon.


Monday, June 18, 2007


Cadillac 360 Race Starts
Under grey skies and heavy drizzle the Cadillac 360 Yacht race got underway Saturday morning.
The offical website for the race describes the race as:

The Cadillac Van Isle 360 is a 580 nm. point to point race circumnavigating wild and rugged Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada from June 16 to July 1, 2007. Sailed in ten legs the course provides inshore, offshore and overnight legs through some of the worlds most challenging and beautiful waters.

To view their website and follow race updates click here.

It was quite the sight and the grey skies and drizzle just added to the 'atmosphere' of the race. Hope you got the chance to see it in person, it was worth the effort.


Friday, June 15, 2007


The new controlled intersection at Terminal Park should soon be operational by the looks of things.
The lights are in place, but covered with black plastic at the moment. There is still work to be done on the median though.
Judging by the number of new lights in the middle of the road, this is going to be one bright intersection.
You could be forgiven if you wonder if this intersection is making the most of your tax dollar.
No one seems to know the fate of the 'old' northern entrance, the one closer to the government liquor store. Perhaps, you may be able to use this as an exit if you are going north?
Be sure to keep an eye out for this new light which might be working this weekend.
Speaking of weekends, have a good, one. Enjoy some free fishing with Dad this weekend, if that's the kind of thing you enjoy.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Fishing Weekend

About the Family Fishing Weekend

BC's Family Fishing Weekend is an annual celebration of the great sport of fishing. British Columbian's are encouraged to get together with family and friends, to "GO FISH" during the Father's Day weekend and to have fun. "GO FISH" is our slogan to motivate more people to take up angling as a pastime and to enjoy BC's magnificent outdoors. Additionally, we are committed to educating the public of the vital significance of fish and their fragile habitat.

Our program offers three opportunities to the public. First, BC's residents can go fishing anywhere in the province with a friend or family member and get reacquainted with the great sport of fishing in supernatural BC. Second, each year during the Father's Day weekend there are many popular community events around the province that help people, particularly kids, learn about fishing, fish and conservation in a fun and relaxed environment. Third, our website and literature offer information and education on angling and will teach the public how to fish.

During BC's Family Fishing Weekend BC residents can go fishing within the rules in many of BC's lakes, streams and tidal waters. The BC Government offers a complimentary 3-day basic freshwater licence valid only for June 15-16-17, 2007. Fisheries and Oceans Canada also encourages BC residents to try their hand at tidal (saltwater) fishing with a purchased tidal water fishing licence (licence free to those under 16).

Annually our program attracts an estimated 25,000 people who go fishing during the Family Fishing Weekend around BC and approximately 10,000 of those visit our popular community events. The Family Fishing Weekend has developed into a well liked and much anticipated annual event.

For More Information Click Here.

Check Local Community Events Here.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Sports Fan

Take your dad to a game of his favourite sports team. Not only can you cheer on the team, you can take in some beers and hot dogs, and have some good old-fashioned quality time together.

It's a day early but the Timbermen have a game on June. 16 at 7:30 in the Nanaimo Ice Centre on 3rd St.

Better yet, why not get active this Father's Day and engage in a game of your own? Play a sport of your choosing - something you will both enjoy. Gather a group together for some soccer or enjoy some down time on the golf green.

The Nature Lover

Father's Day is in June, which offers the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. If your dad is a nature enthusiast, look into planning an outdoor adventure that you can enjoy together. For example, camping is a cheap weekend getaway from the city, and it can be suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a little more adventure, think about mountain biking, horseback riding, and trying out some rock climbing or white water rafting lessons. It can be an opportunity to experience something different and exhilarating.

Spend some time at Buttertubs Marsh, Westwood Lake or Pipers Lagoon to name a few of the great options in Nanaimo.

The Sentimentalist

If you think your dad would appreciate something sentimental and sweet for Father’s Day, the best thing you can probably do is plan a quiet day at home. Spend the time to put together a memory book. Or try your hand at poetry and tell your dad in writing how great he is. It is a good chance to get closer by conducting a laid-back interview. Ask him some questions and have him tell you some stories. All fathers have when-I–was-your-age tales to tell.

If there are children in the family, there are plenty of crafts they can get involved it. What father wouldn’t love a homemade photo frame or hand-painted mug?

The Adventure Seeker

If you can find the time to do some planning, why not design a fun game, such as an elaborate scavenger hunt or a race around the city involving clues and challenges à la "Amazing Race." You can gear these types of games towards adults and younger children.

If you aren't into planning, take the adventure seeker in your life on a fun-filled road trip. Explore a new location and take in the sites. If your father is brave enough, why not suggest skydiving or bungee jumping? After all, bungee jumping is one of those activities that people come to Nanaimo for, and we have it right here all the time.

The Intellectual

If your guy is the quiet and academic type, he may enjoy a stimulating day at the museum or the art gallery. These locales may not be your cup of tea, but remember, it is your father’s special day. He may also appreciate a day browsing through a bookstore. Take a book home and read it together.

Any Dad

If your father doesn’t fall into one of these categories, there are plenty of activities you can plan. For example, breakfast in bed, a movie, or dinner at his favourite restaurant. Why not perform a secret act of kindness like finishing his chores for him? How about wash and detail the car for him? Little things like these will go much appreciated by any man.

You can also book a relaxing massage for your dad. Or why not get involved in one of his hobbies or pastimes? Let him teach you something he loves doing. It makes for great bonding time.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Free Online Phone Calls

Skype Lets You Make Free Phone Calls Online
By: Jim Edwards

Everywhere you turn phone companies offer 3 or 5-cent long distance phone calls, or even unlimited long distance for a flat fee monthly.

Now you can make reliable calls using the Internet for anywhere from 0 to 2.3-cents per minute.

Welcome to Skype, the Internet telephony company that has set the traditional telephone world on its ear.

Recently purchased by Ebay for 2.6 billion dollars, Skype stands ready to revolutionize worldwide voice communication simply because they enable you to carry on crystal clear voice communication with anyone else in the world with a either a phone or Internet connection.

What's the catch you ask?

Well, to make phone calls, you need a computer, a microphone, speakers, a modem, an Internet connection and the free Skype software you can download from

To make a free phone call, you need someone on the receiving end with a computer, Internet connection, and the Skype software installed.

To make a call from your computer to a land-based phone virtually anywhere in the world, you must pre-pay for calling minutes in blocks of 10 Euros (approximately $12 U.S.).

One block of calling minutes gets you about 500 minutes of calling time, or a little over 8 hours of talking time.

Skype uses a technology called IP telephony.

IP telephony first appeared commercially back in the lat 1990's with services like, which initially offered phone calls from computers to land-based phones in exchange for watching online advertising.

This model soon failed, but the thought of making ultra-cheap phone calls through a computer did not.

And, as the recent mega sale of Skype reveals, a market now exists that can put Internet telephony to work on a grand scale, or at least large enough to make eBay pony up with a lot of cash and stock to give it a try.

Once you install the software, you log onto the service and can make phone calls to other Skype users through their computers at no charge.

You can set up a call list, much like an instant messaging "buddy list" so with a couple clicks of the mouse you can ring your friends up for a chat.

Or, if you pre-pay for calling minutes, you can enter in the country code and phone number of your pals, click a button, and their phone or cell phone will ring.

Skype also allows you to hold conference calls with up to 4 other people at the same time, making it easy to hold group meetings.

Skype includes a group chat feature which allows you to hold a group chat session with up to 48 other people at the same time... excellent for "webinars" or even planning that next family reunion.

Skype also allows you to transfer files to and from other users, perfect for sharing photos, music and short video clips with your pals.

Tip: Get a good headset microphone.
It makes using the service more enjoyable and also eliminates the echo created by your own speakers feeding back into your PC's microphone.

Author Bio

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and co-author of an amazing program that teaches you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website, affiliate links, or blogs... without spending a dime on advertising!

Article Source: - Free Website Content

To Learn More about Skype click here.

To Download Skype Software click here.


Sunday, June 10, 2007


Understanding Digital Cameras

Capturing beautiful moments and making them accessible quickly is no longer a rich man's forte. Most of us have access to our memorable moments in just a click away. Digital cameras save you a lot of time. Once the photo has been taken, you can just download those images in a computer and make them accessible on the net in various ways. Digital cameras record and store photographic images in digital format. Capturing pictures is usually accomplished by use of a photo sensor, using a charged couple device (CCD.) After transferring the pictures to your computer, you can edit and save them in a compact disc or hard drive.

With digital cameras you can instantly seize the picture you would love to keep forever. Delete unwanted pictures easily. No hassle of buying films. You don't have to print every picture; you have complete control of the final print after editing on computer. No worries of negatives getting spoiled or lost. You can store many images without having to change or buy films.

There are many brands of digital cameras available in the market today. These include: Sony, Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, Minolta and Fuji. These are a few famous brands worldwide. Even basic digital camera models have plenty of features, levels and menus. This makes it difficult for beginners to select the right camera meeting their needs. Digital cameras are available in all price ranges depending on the amount of features they have. Before you start comparing the features you should decide for what purpose you would like to use your digital camera. The best way to start your search is to log on to the net and visit all the sites that offer feature and price comparisons for different types and brands of digital cameras.

Almost all digital cameras today have live-preview functionality, where a screen is provided in the camera to see the preview of the image that you just clicked. The most commonly compared feature in digital cameras is the "mega pixel." This means the amount of pixels in millions. Therefore, a four mega pixel camera would have four million pixels. The other important features to compare include optical and digital zoom capacity; connectivity with other devices such as computer, printer, etc.; the internal storage space as well as compatibility with external storage devices; memory cards; batteries; and image file formats.

Many digital cameras offer connectivity through USB port, FireWire port, USB PTP mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. These days, many cameras are offering PictBridge mode that allows direct printing from the digital camera without the mediation of a computer. Though all cameras have some amount of internal memory, external memory cards are required to save more pictures. These include Micro Drives or Compact Flash memory cards that are generally used for high-end professional cameras. Memory Stick by Sony is a proprietary flash memory card. SD/MMC, Mini SD and Micro SD cards are the ones used mostly for commercial digital cameras.
If you are an amateur photographer, then you should select a camera with automatic settings and features. This will help you in getting the right pictures based on the amount of light and scenes without too much effort. But if you are looking for a professional camera then you should pick the one that allows you to select all shooting modes manually. There are many shooting modes available in the latest models of digital cameras including landscape, portrait, panorama, action settings, night mode, beach mode, snow mode, and sunset/sunrise modes.

The common formats in which you can take out the image output include JPEG, TIFF, DNG, etc. For videos, the most common formats are AVI, DV, MPEG, MOV, WMV, ASF, and MP4.

Article Source: - Free Website Content

For more beginners information visit this site.


Saturday, June 09, 2007


As residents of Departure Bay and the Hammond Bay Rd. area know, deer sightings are not unusual. A new neighbor to the area placed a call to city hall office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on our road.
The reason:
"Too many deer are being hit by cars out here! I don't think this is a good place for them to be crossing anymore."
Another 'true' Nanaimo story.....honest! :^)

For a more serious look at the problems that have grown in Nanaimo surrounding deer/car conflicts and steps being planned to reduce the problem click here.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Is B.C. Getting Crowded ? ?

You will dial all 10 Numbers even for local calls.
If you live anywhere in British Columbia, that means Nanaimo, you will have to remember three more numbers to place a telephone call by Sept. 2008.
Due to an ever growing population and an ever increasing demand for cell phones as well as residential phones, B.C. will be getting a new area code by Sept. '08.
You will be required to dial all 10 numbers when making local phone call, not just long distance. This system already exists in large cities such as Vancouver and Toronto.
I think the rest of the world has discovered B.C., and the secret about Nanaimo is definitely out!


Thursday, June 07, 2007


PNC 'Skeleton' Takes Shape
Traffic downtown at Terminal and Commercial is reduced to one lane to accomodate the crane lifting steel into place.

The frame is beginning to take shape and gives a good idea of the finished size of this project.

To the untrained eye, this project never seems to be 'crawling' with workers the way you might expect. I have seen more guys working on a single house, than you seem to see on this project. Does anyone know, how many people would be on site on any given day??


Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Have the birds called on their big brother?? It is kind of an ironic twist, if you think about it. Usually our local feathered friends have to worry about felines taking them home for supper. Well, it could be the 'worm has turned'.

The local daily paper reported that several pet cats have gone missing of late. The area of Jinglepot Road near the Shady Mile Market is the site of the recent disappearances.
Of course the area is still quite rural and a house cat is probably the right size for a local eagle or perhaps even a cougar to take home for supper.
I am reminded of a story my son (who is an arborist) told me. It involved a man going to climb and cut down a large old tree. In the top of the tree was an old eagles nest, and in that nest there were quite a number of cat collars.
Keeping puss indoors is probably a good safety precaution all round. The local little birds would probably think it a good idea as well.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Medical Emergency ???

A man walked into the emergency room at Nanaimo Hospital with a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his right ear, and a banana in his left ear.

"What's wrong with me, Doc?" he asked.

The doctor took one glance and pronounced, "You're not eating properly!"


Sunday, June 03, 2007


The 'Famous' Gun Barrel

The Sign Says it All

Almost every year, the Nanaimo River claims lives!
That is the sobering heading in a pamphlet I recently picked up at Fairways Market. I could not find the name of any person or organization responsible for producing this timely reminder, so I presume they will have no difficulty with my reproducing their pamphlet here.
The following are highlights taken from this brochure, I am sure you can pick up your copy from Fairways Market or also Home Hardware, both of whom are listed as partners of this public service message.
Most often, the accidents which claim lives are preventable. People who swim in dangerous areas are the most at risk. Even 'strong' swimmers can be injured or killed in these areas. Young males are the typical victims because they like to take risks.

You do not have to swim to be at risk.
Even hikers and fishers have been killed at the Nanaimo River. Whether a person is swimming, hiking or fishing, the cause of death is usually by drowning when someone swims or falls into a dangerous water area.
There have also been cases of severe injuries and permanent disability caused by jumping or diving from a cliff.
The Nanaimo River has several dangerous areas.
The most dangerous are the bedrock canyon areas where the water moves very fast. In these areas, dangerous and strong currents can drag or hold a victim - even the best of simmers- under water. A victim trapped in this way may remain underwater for weeks.
Factors leading to river accidents
RISK-TAKING involves swimming or hiking in a dangerous part of the river.
NOT WEARING PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT such as lifejacket or whitewater helmet.
NO TRAINING TO SWIM IN MOVING WATER (called 'Swiftwater' training). It is noteworthy that even people with such training can be at-risk if they take unnecessary risks!
Be River Smart
Do not swim in dangerous areas.
Avoid areas that have hazards downstream.
Wear appropriate equipment.
Do not use an inner-tube or air mattress instead of a lifejacket.
For more information contact:
Nanaimo Search and Rescue Society 250-390-2595
Nanaimo RCMP 250-755-3208
Extension Volunteer Fire Department 250-754-3235


Saturday, June 02, 2007


Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity Nanaimo Society is an independent, charitable, faith-based housing program dedicated to providing housing to low income families who qualify to purchase a home. You are invited to an information session on Sat. June 16/07, 10:00am at Nanaimo Harbourfront Library, 90 Commercial St., Nanaimo. To register to attend the information sesion, please call their office at 758-8078



If your household earns less than $28,000.00 and you have lived in BC for the past 12 months and have at least one child under the age of 19; your family may now be eligible for help with your monthly rental payment. The Province provides direct cash assistance to eligible low -income working families through the Rental Assistance Program. For information contact BC Housing at 604-433-2218 in the lower mainland or 1-800-257-7756 elsewhere in BC. You can visit their website here BC HOUSING



If you take a drive around Nanaimo, 'Help Wanted' signs seem to be everywhere. A quick look in the classified section of the local papers confirms the apparent abundance of jobs, going begging in Nanaimo.
It makes you wonder why there seems to be an ever increasing shortage of labour to fill the growing retail and service sector. Skilled trades are also at a premium these days.
So, if you want to work, and you live in Nanaimo it would seem you should have no difficulty finding employment.