Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

LGBTQ Groups Opposed to The Salvation Army

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Collateral Damage in the LGBTQ war??

Militant LGBTQ groups have been successful in getting the US restaurant chain Chick-fil-A to quit donating funds to the Salvation Army as the Army supports traditional marriage. A view that LGBTQ see as a threat to their view of same sex marriage.

This is the time of year the Salvation Army ramps up it's 'kettle campaign' to raise funds to support the work they do helping those in need of assistance. The collateral damage inflicted in the LGBTQ war will be those the Salvation Army would be able to help if their funding wasn't impacted by this action.

The tactic of simply trying to label and shout down anyone with an opposing view is all too common among those in the LGBTQ camp. In fact Nanaimo has some first hand experience of this tactic a few short years ago. Councillor Pattje was successful in getting the council of the day to oppose a Leadercast event at our conference centre because of a Chick-fil-A connection. It brought Nanaimo some national attention we could have done without.

Those in the LGBTQ quarter have every right to make their case for their opinion as do those with opposing views based on their faith and interpretation of what their scriptures say about marriage. In a civilized society rational open debate is the way to address differences, but shouting down and intimidating others who oppose you does nothing for civil society.

It will be difficult to determine what kind of damage this LGBTQ action will have on the Salvation Army fundraising, but it will no doubt have a negative impact.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Your Nanaimo Tax and Spend Council

Hang on to your wallet
this bunch still has two more terms
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Nanaimo taxpayers wanted change last civic election (for good cause) and have given the city purse to a council that only exists to spend. They will justify every increase while never reflecting on the true cause of the never ending tax increases. The true cause you ask?? Well in my humble opinion the fact that CUPE 401 has controlled city hall for decades and now has a union friendly council in place there will be no limit on the creative ways they will invent to spend tax dollars. Bureaucracies serve a purpose in the beginning, but sooner or later become a malignant, ever-increasing growth that sucks the life out of it's host.

Couple that with an inflated sense of their purpose as a city councillor (climate crisis, homelessness, drug addiction, social planning etc. etc.) when their real mandate is to supply taxpayers with services for their tax dollars. Taking on problems which should be dealt with by senior governments (Island Health keeps getting a pass on their role with drug addiction, Social services needs to be dealing with inadequate housing funding etc. etc.). This council needs to be providing the citizens of Nanaimo with water, sewer, roads and public safety at a price the average taxpayer can AFFORD without trying to fund all these grandiose programs that may soothe their egos, all the while going well beyond their pay grade and skill sets.


Friday, November 01, 2019

NDP Economic Philosophy In Action

Premier Horgan explains socialist economic philosophy to trick or treaters. He takes all their candy for redistribution, and gives each one 30% back.