Saturday, March 28, 2020

Nanaimo Doctors Need Masks and Gloves

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Don't forget, the Trudeau government sent 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China on Feb. 6/20.


Canada's COVID - 19 Timeline

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An excellent piece of journalism traces the path of the covid-19 pandemic as it progressed in Canada following the inaction of the Federal government. Leaving borders wide open and with virtually no testing or enforcement during a critical time.

From leaving borders wide open to giving China much needed medical supplies, you have to wonder whose interests the PM is serving.


Friday, March 27, 2020

Nanaimo's MOST Essential Service

Forget about Firemen, Policemen, Ambulance, Emergency Room Staff, Doctors, Nurses etc. etc. etc.

If you want to see all HELL break loose in Nanaimo, just close all outlets that sell wine, beer, liquor or weed.

The public battle for toilet paper would seem like a walk in the park when compared to what would happen in good ole Nanaimo and the rest of BC if the government were to close liquor and weed stores.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Canadian Covid Crisis

What Are They Thinking??
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Get this straight. On Feb.6/20 while our borders were wide open and no one was being tested coming into the country from known covid19 hotspots, our government gave 16 tonnes of protective medical supplies to China. Yes, that giant manufacturing machine China, needed 16 tonnes of supplies from Canada?? Really??

Now, after trying to close the barn door after letting the horses in (trojan?) the braintrust in Ottawa is getting 'tough' with enforcement of quarantine of those coming from other countries. Yet, on Mar. 6 the PM said there was no good reason to restrict travel etc. etc. etc.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Canada's Covid Response

Decisive Leadership??
Justin Trudeau CP Photo

Toronto Sun article reports:
On Feb. 9, Global Affairs Canada announced that: “To support China’s ongoing response to the outbreak, Canada has deployed approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment, such as clothing, face shields, masks, goggles and gloves to the country since February 4, 2020.”

Canada’s first case was identified on Jan. 25 and by the time we started shipping that equipment to China we already had 5 confirmed cases.

March 5 2020 Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says knee-jerk reactions to the novel coronavirus will not keep people safe, as he defended Canada's decision not to close its borders to foreign nationals coming from regions where the outbreak is spreading.

Misinformation being spread about the virus, which can cause a respiratory disease known as COVID-19, is having negative impacts on some communities' ability to keep their populations safe, Trudeau warned Thursday while speaking to reporters in Toronto.

March 16 Associated Press

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday he will close the country’s borders to anyone not a citizen, an American or a permanent resident — and even they have to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival — due to the coronavirus pandemic.

March 19 Associated Press

TORONTO -- The Canadian government said Thursday the Canada-U.S. border will be closed to all non-essential travel in both directions on Friday night.

$1-Billion Covid Aid Package Announced

Mar. 11 $1 - billion package announced

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a $1-billion package to help Canadians cope with the COVID-19 outbreak, with half of the money going to the provinces and territories.

The announcement came just hours before he World Health Organization (WHO) officially called the global spread of the virus a pandemic.

During a news conference in Ottawa today, Trudeau said the federal government is "pulling out all the stops" to help Canadians through the global health crisis. The package includes $275 million for additional research, such as vaccine development, and $200 million for federal medical supplies, supports for Indigenous communities and education efforts.

March 18 $82-billion package announced

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a sweeping emergency-aid package Wednesday aimed at helping Canadian workers and businesses survive the severe economic downturn caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

The stimulus package – which includes $27-billion in emergency aid for workers and businesses and $55-billion in tax deferrals – will inject billions of dollars into businesses to help with their cash flow and to keep workers on the payroll, even if they have been sent home, while bolstering federal benefits and support programs for people who have lost their jobs.

March 23 - Bill Would Give Liberals Power to Tax and Spend
Without Parliamentary Approval until Dec. 2021 

OTTAWA -- The federal Liberals appear to be backing away from a proposal to grant themselves sweeping power to spend money, borrow, and change taxes without parliamentary approval through to Dec. 31, 2021 as part of legislation the government is expected to table Tuesday, as it passes COVID-19 emergency economic measures.

According to a draft copy of the bill obtained by CTV News, it would -- if passed as worded -- allow the cabinet “temporary” powers related to borrowing fund and imposing and repealing taxes as well as increasing or decreasing a tax rate by regulation, without seeking parliamentary approval, “before 2022.” 


Monday, March 23, 2020

Nanaimo Gas Prices Dropping

Two Stations Below $1.00 !

Gas buddy prices Mar. 23 at 9:00 pm

Two stations have finally broken the $1.00 price barrier in Nanaimo. The rest of the Nanaimo gas cartel all are still pumping at $1.12 which is a consider difference.

The Canco station is on Terminal Avenue just before the lights at the St. George St. intersection. Just before Petro Canada.

Canco Gas, pumps Esso gasoline and also has a convenience store and other services.

While this is a nice break for local motorists, we are still a long way from the .67/l they are pumping gas for in our neighbours in Alberta.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Nanaimo Playgrounds Now Closed

The power of social media

The city of Nanaimo had posted on their facebook page that city playgrounds were going to be kept open. This post included a poster of children playing in a playground with the note to maintain social distancing. That notice contained a link to the city website page where Richard Harding explained the steps the city was taking to keep playgrounds safe with increased cleaning etc. etc.

Well, it didn't take long on Facebook before some people took notice of how out of touch this idea was, given all the steps being taken to isolate people to contain the covid crisis.

Within hours the following appeared on the city Facebook page, in which they have now decided to close the parks.

Statement from the City of Nanaimo Regarding Playgrounds, Now Closed

“Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding our playgrounds. Like many of you, we have been learning and trying our best to respond to these unprecedented times. In this case, we were attempting to keep our playgrounds safe for use. However, we have heard you and your concerns, and have now closed our playgrounds for public use. We apologize for any angst this caused."

Jake Rudolph, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Nanaimo

I wonder if enough people complained on Facebook about their rising taxes, would the city relent and give us a break??


Nanaimo Restaurants and Bars To Close

Photo Credit K. Shaw
Iconic Nanaimo Restaurant Boarded Up

The Modern Cafe in downtown Nanaimo looks like it is bracing for a hurricane with the storefront completed boarded up. This restaurant and a few bars in Nanaimo were ahead of the curve, choosing to close before the Province's order of yesterday.

As of yesterday the Provincal Health Office ordered all bars and restaurants to close, with the exception of drive through and take-away food from restaurants. The rationale was the industry's inability to maintain the social distancing thought vital in combating the covid crisis.

The enforcement of that order in Nanaimo falls to the local RCMP and time will tell if they are proactive in the enforcement or will operate on a complaint basis. It is unknown if the local Health Authority would also play a role in the enforcement of this order as it is deemed a critical weapon in the fight against the spread of the virus.

This is a big hit to the local economy as many jobs depend on the food and drink business and most of these workers are living paycheque to paycheque and tip to tip now. The expedited EI claim system may offer some relief, but it does not cover income lost from tips and pays 55% of your regular income. It does nothing for the small business owner who will see their income disappear, while overhead costs continue.

With rents coming due for many next week, the decision between food and shelter may become a serious matter.

The local food bank is facing a double whammy with an expected increase in people needing food and the fact supermarkets are not having the same surplus that is common.

Mixed Messages From Government

On the one hand we are being warned that enforced 'self isolating' for two weeks may be on the horizon. At the same time people are being told not to stock up on food items as that puts a strain on the supply chain.

At the end of the day, the government can only keep the economy afloat for a very limited period of time, if people's jobs are lost for many months. It is at times like this that the fact government has no money of it's own comes into sharp focus. The federal government is talking about throwing $82 billion at the covid crisis, this of course is money they don't have as they already are running a $20 billion deficit. They can only keep printing funny money for so long and then it becomes of no value.

To all of those green screamers out there who have done their best to gut the Canadian natural resource sector ...... wake up, that is what makes our currency of some value. In a time of economic upset like we have here, perhaps all those who have hindered the Canadian economy over pipelines and such, can step forward and lead the way as to how to actually run a country.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Nanaimo City Council Banning Plastic Bags??

Nanaimo City Council Banning Plastic Bags
Meaningful or just useless virtue signaling??

Nanaimo City Council, like many others, have been kicking around the idea of banning what they mistakenly call 'single use plastic bags' to demonstrate how they are going to save the planet.

This is one of those 'sounds good' examples of virtue signaling on a topic that will make little to no difference in the state of the world.

How so? We buy a package of hot dog buns in a plastic bag, a package of hot dogs in a plastic bag, a salad in a plastic container, a bottle of ketchup and mustard in plastic bottles, a bag of potato chips in a plastic bag and an energy drink in a plastic bottle.

But we can't carry it home in a plastic bag that will get a second life as a garbage pail liner or a bag used to carry any number of other things. I realize it does give our elitist overlords something to puff up about, but really, it’s just empty virtue signaling.

If anyone were truly serious about recycling plastic and other waste, we would build a waste to energy plant and convert all this stuff into electricity. Instead we continue to stockpile it at the city dump.

Can't Use Reusable Bags During Covid Crisis

The Save on I frequent is not allowing the use of reusable bags at this time. Turns out those bags are actually nasty little petri dishes if you don't disinfect them daily. Instead they are using the dreaded planet-killing plastic bags instead.

It's a good thing our overlords were slow at implementing their total ban on this useful and sanitary product. As it turns out those reusable bags may get rid of a few plastic bags, but they also are a source of all sorts of nasty contamination.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Is Nanaimo City Council Out of Touch

Didn't they get the memo???
Tax and Spend Council Strikes Again
Spends $400,000 on bike lane .......

Amid Covid Crisis

One day after the mayor and staffers are addressing the public as to how they are dealing with the current Covid Crisis and in the next breath decide to blow nearly half a million tax dollars on another bike lane!

At a time when the Prime Minister is talking about an $82 Billion package to keep the country afloat this council can't find any more prudent use of your tax dollars than a bike lane to a dead downtown???


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Covid 19 Message You Won't Hear ...

..... from any of those 'leaders' in our nation

It is a message as old as time itself and relates to the relationship between God and man.

No, God did not release this virus, it is the result of man, the world over bowing to the god of this age and not giving place to the One True God. That god of this age, is also known as satan and while few would say they worship satan, they do however worship idols he has established all over the land.

The god of SELF is one of his biggest strongholds. As WE are very much taken with ourSELVES and think there is nothing WE can't do. We erect and worship monuments (false idols) to all those things WE can do.

We worship our governments, even though they no longer give place to God in either form nor function. We worship our education systems, even though they embrace the absurdity put forward by Darwin, and teach it as truth to innocent children who don't know any better.

We think we are the authors of life and think nothing of ending it in the womb by the untold millions nationwide. We now do the same with the old and or sick who wish to kill themselves.

We engage in all manner of sexual sin and perversion from pre-marital sex, to adultery, pornography and any other perversion one can imagine.

Our 'word' means nothing and we engage wordsmiths to craft contracts complete with loopholes, so that we do not have to honor our word.

We are reaping what we have been sowing these past decades. We have done everything we can to remove God from our midst and are reaping the result. We have created a nation that makes it near impossible for God to bless, although that is His True Heart more than we can imagine.

There is an answer to the current calamity the world is facing and it requires nothing more than bending the knee and calling out to God in repentance.

The fact God wants nothing more than to embrace all mankind is evidenced in the extreme measure He took to restore ourselves to Himself.

Our sin and our knowledge of our sin, has separated us from God. The penalty for our sin being death, which we all deserve.

The penalty for OUR sin was paid through the life, beating, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of God's only begotten Son.

His Name is Jesus and all those who believe upon His Name shall be saved and all who do not believe shall be damned.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Cash Crawls With Virus

Stay away from crowds, wash your hands, wear a mask, don't shake hands and on and on the list goes.

But the most contaminated, filthy source of germs are in your wallet, your purse or your pocket. That germ laden means of exchange is crawling with the potential to bring sickness and disease.

When was the last time, those in authority told you to handle cash with the same concern as you deal with a shopping cart??

Something worth pondering during this time of viral turmoil is whether or not it will cause Canada, as a nation, to turn back to the God who blessed this nation in the first place. In case we have forgotten, His Name is Jesus.


Nanaimo Gas Price Gougers

Gas Price Games In Nanaimo

A few days ago gas was being pumped for $1.20 in Nanaimo. It then jumped to $1.40 a few days ago and with the tumbling oil prices that have affected prices worldwide the local gougers dropped the price to $1.30 amid claims of having dropped prices by .10/litre. What a bunch of bull.

Canadian Gas Prices Mar.14 at noon from Gas Buddy

Nanaimo (and most of the Island) $1.30
Vancouver $1.16
Calgary $.76
Toronto $.76

Thanks Mr. Horgan and the rest of the green screamers claiming that extra taxes are going to have an impact on global temperatures. What a bunch of nonsense, to think giving politicians more money can reduce the temperature of the planet.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Israel Takes Strong Measures To Stop Covid Spread

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Meanwhile in Canada

The Prime Minister is quoted in this article as saying: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said "knee-jerk" reactions to the outbreak will not keep people safe as he defended Canada's decision not to close its borders to foreign nationals coming from regions where the outbreak is spreading.

Given this governments record of mishandling the economy, it's inability to enforce the rule of law etc. Their ability to properly deal with this current threat stretches credulity.


Saturday, March 07, 2020

Gold and Silver And Toilet Paper

The new hedge against a global crisis

The coronavirus has even kicked the climate change calamity off the front pages for a day or two. Even in Nanaimo, except for some out of work folk occupying a local bank in their misguided attempt to save the planet.

The local supermarket I frequent had nearly bare shelves where usually all brands of bum wipe are in great abundance. I commented to the clerk on my way out that they seemed to be 'wiped out' in the toilet paper aisle. She told me there had been a mini riot at the local Costco the night before and they had to even engage security in the tissue aisle.

Costco was my next stop, as I have found that first thing Saturday morning is a good time to avoid the crowds at this popular shop. I was mildly surprised at the number of cars already in the yard at my arrival, and the length of the lineup of folk waiting for the doors to open.

Inside navigating the larger than usual crowds, which also seemed to be more purpose driven than normal, hardly anyone was not loading up on the next great commodity .............. bum wipe. I even observed one fellow with the large flat commercial cart loaded as high as it could be with the valuable commodity.

It seems that it takes little to panic the herd these days. One thing I find a little curious if you are wanting to plan for supply chain shortages and prepare for a health issue, wouldn't it make more sense to be loading up on non perishable food stuffs and cold and flu medication??

I am not joking when I tell you on a local Facebook site someone was offering three packages of Costco bum wipe for the FIRM price of only $500.00.

If you haven't already done it, you might want to sit down with your financial adviser and decide how much of your investment portfolio should be in those three apocalypse-hedging commodities ...... gold, silver and toilet paper.


Wednesday, March 04, 2020

We are ALL Gonna' DIE !!!!

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

H. L. Mencken

The person who compiled the above list of hobgoblins forgot to mention, the threat of global warming/climate change which is the current government sponsored threat, used to extract more and more of YOUR wealth to support their elitist ideals.

When I was growing up, people were building fallout shelters in their backyards, and stockpiling food because of the immediate threat of a nuclear war.

Keeping the general population on edge and fearful is not some new tool governments use to keep people frightened and in a state of concern all the time. It is an effective method to divert attention from government incompetence on all levels.