Monday, September 30, 2019

Youth Hold Pro-Life Rally???

The above image accompanied an article in the Nanaimo Bulletin. While I did not read the story, I was encouraged to think the youth are finally standing up for the life of all children.

Now I will happily carry on with my day knowing there is hope for the next generation who understands the evil of killing the most vulnerable among us.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Canada Gun Violence - False Narratives??

Promises to ban 'assault' style weapons .....
Valid point or just election talking point??

Recently Justin Trudeau promised to give cities the option of banning handguns and on a national level would ban all assault style military weapons. Other party leaders I am sure will offer similar promises as one more blank in their platform.

It would seem to make sense if the homicide rates in Canada could be linked to the possession of AR 15 style firearms. 

Do the facts support the narrative??

These numbers all come from Statistics Canada for the year 2017.

Total homicides = 666
By shooting 267
By stabbing 203
By beating 108
By strangulation 27
By other means 61

Of all homicides 163 were gang related which means 25% of all homicides are gang related.

During this same time period nearly 4,000 people died by suicide.

Type of firearm used and number of deaths

Handguns 130, rifle or shotgun 50, sawed off shotgun 13, other types 30. The last category can include nail guns, flare guns and pellet guns.

The facts simply do not support the notion that we need to ban AR15 style firearms which in the hands of law abiding citizens are an effective means of self defense. In Canada high capacity magazines are illegal and in fact an AR15 style firearm can only hold five rounds unlike the 40 rounds you hear about in the USA.

Handgun use is already pretty much banned

As for banning handguns, the fact is they are pretty much banned in the way they can be legally used now. In Canada you can not even legally carry a handgun if you are out walking in the bush in bear country, a fact few people know. The only legal place you can discharge a handgun in Canada is on a range at a gun club. Effectively handguns might as well be banned given the highly restrictive regulations governing their use.

False sense of security??

With politicians at all levels calling for more gun controls there is the sense that will somehow make us safer. Fact or false security?? The stats clearly show that you are more likely to be stabbed or beaten to death than you are to be shot. You have nearly a zero percent chance of being shot with an 'assault' (AR15) style rifle, yet that is where all the focus is with political talking points. Assault rifles just sound more dangerous so banning them sounds as if you are really doing something to protect the public.

If you are one of the 666 homicide victims there is a 40% chance you will have been shot a 30% chance you have been stabbed and a 16% chance you will have been beaten to death. Put another way 46% of homicides are from stabbing and beating, while 40% are from firearms.

You are also fifteen times more likely to commit suicide than you are to be killed by a firearm.

Street checking
a real crime deterrent
Image Toronto Sun Article

Back in 2013, when the controversial practice known as carding was increasingly coming under fire over racial profiling concerns, Toronto Police conducted 196,907 street checks — a year that saw 22 gun murders.

In the five years that followed, street checks dropped precipitously — first to 17,001 in 2014 and virtually none in subsequent years.

The city’s cops simply all but stopped doing street checks.

The short version of the Toronto Sun article (I would encourage you to read) after a dramatic rise in murder in 2005 the Toronto police started a serious crackdown on guns and gangs. They used street checks to keep an eye on known trouble makers.

Within a few years the murder rates dropped to levels not seen in decades. The intelligence gathered during these checks was very effective at deterring and solving crime. To the point senior commanders ordered more of these checks which peaked in 2013 with nearly 200,000 checks being done in the year.

The following year members of marginalized communities and Black Lives Matter were successful in getting the media onside and eventually the program was scrapped.

The increase in crime, since is undeniable.

Police Association
says banning handguns pointless


Banning handguns in some cities will make criminals out of law abiding citizens who have handguns for the sport, and personal protection in their homes. The laws in place already covering handguns makes them all but banned already. The gang members on the street did not acquire their weapons through legal channels in the first place and will continue to be armed regardless of laws.

Banning AR type firearms will have absolutely zero impact on crime rates as they are not being used now in crimes.

Proactive policing is proven effective and should be encouraged if there is any real desire to make society safer from the ever increasing criminal element in our midst.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Todays Most Insidious Addiction - INFORMATION

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Media today more interested in being first whether it is true or not!

Are you using your device
or is your device using you?

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed,"
"If you do read it you are misinformed."


Friday, September 20, 2019

A Very Timely Sign Of The Times


Understanding the Bank of Canada

Few Canadians have any idea how their governments finance their ever growing debts. The Bank of Canada could finance all government debts with INTEREST FREE loans if there was the political appetite to do so. Instead much of Canadian debt is held by foreign interests (25%+/-) which means Canadians are paying interest they should not have to pay, to the tune of over $33 Billion annually for the federal debt alone.

Click the above image for a very thorough examination of why the Bank of Canada should be restored to it's originally intended purpose. That is not going to happen without a lot of resistance from the whole central banking system which keeps nations in bondage regardless of who is elected.


Canadian Deficts - Out of Control???

Note: For 2016 & 17 the bold figures are the actual figures, the light numbers are the budgeted figures. For the years 2018 & 19 the only figures available are the budgeted amounts.

Deficits are not used to fund capital infrastructure expenses like airports, roads, bridges etc. but rather the day to day cost of running the government, which includes giving funds to other countries etc. Deficits are funded from borrowing funds on which interest must be paid, currently the annual interest cost to fund the accumulated Canadian deficits is in excess of $33,000,000,000.00 each year.
Over simplified this means that about 10% of every dollar the government takes in in taxes goes to pay the interest on our debt resulting from continually spending more money than what is coming in. Put another way, your income taxes could be reduced by 10% if it were not for the debts government has run up on your behalf.

Sadly in Canada that is also the way many of our households are being run as well. We use mortgages, reverse mortgages, consumer loans, lines of credit, student loans etc. etc. to fund things we simply can't afford based on our income levels. 

Put another way, the deficits we keep running up are as is we are giving our grand children the bill for the steak dinner we are eating today.

One of the big differences in political philosophies is the fact that conservatives used to think balanced budgets were a good thing, while all other parties don't mind spending your grand children's money to pay for the promises of today to get themselves elected.

And the Canadian electorate seem to think that is OK.

Canada's Federal Debt 1840 - 2011
  Source: Stats Canada Table 385-0010

The actual federal debt is now $700,000,000,000.00 which puts that red line at the very top of the above graph.


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Asian Hornet Nest In Nanaimo

Near Robbins Park Harewood, Nanaimo

Screenshot and following report appeared on Facebook, Sept.19/19
The post appears on the 'I Love Harewood' public group on Facebook.

John Holubeshen

Moufida and I found a Giant Asian Hornets nest in the Robin's Park area in Nanaimo last night. This is in the area of all the confirmed Vancouver Island sightings.

Conrad Berube, Peter Lange, Moufida Holubeshen and I went back after dark and eradicated the colony (Conrad did most of the work, with the rest of us merely supporting him).

I took one sting to the chest and Conrad took four to his legs - these stings are very painful!

Hopefully we caught this before any new queens were released and hopefully this was the only nest on Vancouver Island (or in BC)!


Friday, September 13, 2019

Nanaimo Family Fun Day On Victoria Crescent

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Come - have fun - and celebrate the first weekend of Fall with the FREE Victoria Crescent Street Fair in downtown Nanaimo the last weekend of this month.

On Sunday, September 29, there will be a giant slide for the kids, bouncy castle, a big blow-up dart board, basketball hoops, slap-shot hockey, a 60-foot obstacle course to swerve, climb and maneuver through and much, much more. Children can play games, colour or get animal-shaped balloons.

The circus troupe Vesta Fire will be on hand to entertain with their juggling, stilt walking and hoola-hooping - and it's all FREE.

So come-on down to Victoria Crescent Day in downtown Nanaimo, Sunday, September 29. The fun starts at 10 am.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

NDP ALR The Rusty Rake Closure

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The recent forced closure of a small business in Nanoose points to the lunacy that permeates our bureaucracy these days. Overpaid folk with a degree that have no idea about the benefits of small business making lofty decisions that are killing this country.

The fact the ALR has dealt so harshly with this small family business is enough to turn your stomach. You will notice it is the 'ALR' that makes the decision, instead of the actual faceless, nameless bureaucrats that have an exaggerated sense of their own importance.

Make no mistake, this decision did not have to go the way it did and as the above video clearly demonstrates it shows the hypocrisy of our government. If you are upset let your local MLA know about it.

Wouldn't it be lovely if enough people cared about this issue to demonstrate on the lawn of the legislature and call out the nameless, faceless ones who can change this decision.


Monday, September 02, 2019

British Columbia Gas Prices Highest In Canada

Recent Gas Price Study Proved Nothing
Hamstrung by GreeNDP's Horgan & Weaver

Prices from Gas Buddy Sept. 2/19

It is hard to imagine that the average price for gasoline is cheaper in the Northwest Territories than in the province of British Columbia.

The recent study of gas prices in BC was just another GreeNDP bit of flim flamery as they try to explain why BC enjoys the highest gas prices in all of North America. 

The investigators were not allowed to consider what impact government taxes and government policy has on the cost of fuel at the pumps in BC.

Gas Prices in the USA
Average $.90 CAD per litre
 (adjusted for US gal. & currency exchange)

On Sept. 2 2019 according the AAA the average price in the USA was $2.57 per US gallon.

To compare with Canadian prices takes a bit of head scratching. At $2.57 US per US gallon (3.785 litres) and an exchange rate of $0.752 it would cost $3.42 CAD to purchase one US gallon at today's rate. In other words in the US $3.42 CAD would purchase 3.785 litres of gasoline for a per litre cost of $.90.