Thursday, May 31, 2018

Nanaimo Tent City or Discontent/Malcontent City

Nanaimo City Council Fumbles Again
failure to lance the boil will just guarantee an infection.......

What started out as yet another group of malcontents looking for free housing is quickly growing into a downtown disaster, courtesy of Mayor McKay and this inept city council.

When this infection first started Mayor McKay (or should I say Magoo) is quoted as saying it seemed like a good alternative for now, and even said the city would be supplying toilets........... in other words "Welcome to Nanaimo all you homeless, layabouts who aren't looking for affordable housing, just free housing so they can enjoy their 'lifestyles' which includes not working and doing as they please whenever they please.

Clearly this city hall has a track record that is abysmal by any standard and this latest episode is just the icing on the cake. Failure to immediately have these people removed from city property is allowing yet another reason to avoid downtown Nanaimo.

as vagrants flaunt the law and give the finger to city hall
The city property that used to house the 'unsightly' pallet farm has quickly become home to at least 50 'campers' who have barricaded the entrance to the area denying access to police, fire or ambulance.

These trespassers cut their way through the fence originally and protested when the city removed the locked gate so police, fire and ambulance could have access to the area in case of emergency.

While Mayor Magoo and this council dithers this problem is exploding making a laughing stock of the 'authorities' who are supposed to be running the city.

Once again Mayor and Council are putting Nanaimo on the map...................