Monday, November 30, 2020

Biden Is Not President Elect

 Until Electoral College Votes

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on Sunday declined to refer to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as president-elect, saying that while Biden’s team now has access to transition funds, the title will only be formalized after the Electoral College votes next month due to contested election results.


Friday, November 27, 2020

Adamson BBQ Etobicoke Ontario

 Restaurant Owner Tried To Save His Business

And Support His Family

Walmarts, Home Depots, Liguor Stores Etc. Still Open
Independent Restaurant Owner Tries To Save His Business

Province comes down hard with massive police presence.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

PCR Test Is 99% False

 Covid 19 Test Is Fraudulent 


Covid Death Statistics - Just The Facts


Do The Statistics Support
The Society-Crushing Covid Measures???

Canadian Population


Active Covid Cases


Total Non Infected Canadians


B.C. Population


Active Covid Cases


Total Non Infected


Total B.C. Covid Deaths


Total B.C. Non- Covid Deaths



Saturday, November 21, 2020

Doctors Oppose Sweeping Lockdowns

Lockdowns Destroy People

“From a medical perspective, COVID, COVID, COVID all the time has distracted us from the care that we provide for everything from cancer to other critical diseases like tuberculosis, which is making a comeback in this country now, because it’s just not on our radar screen.”

“It should be incumbent on people who suggest that all these things should be closed down to give us real, cast-iron proof as to why,” he said.


Friday, November 20, 2020

Canadian Company Closes Offices - Suspected Of Voter Fraud

This interview with Sidney Powell raises concerns that should infuriate any lover of democratic freedom.

These systems can be programmed to alter the vote count as the data is entered. In other words it doesn't matter what the choices are on the ballot, as the count is tabulated by the computer, the program can alter the actual count.

One simple example of how this can be done is for every vote for CANDIDATE A the software records 1.25 votes, and for every vote cast for CANDIDATE B the software records .75 votes.

This is not a crime in just the recent USA election, this Dominion system has been employed worldwide to basically fix election results in what is a huge criminal enterprise.

It will be interesting to see what kind of influence this fraudulent system may have had right here in Canada. The building in which Dominion was located in Toronto shares space with the infamous Mr. Soros, who incidentally has association with our own Mr. Trudeau and Ms. Freeland.

Does anyone know if the election in BC has any association with this vote-rigging software???


Monday, November 16, 2020

Elon Musk Questions COVID Test Accuracy

Takes 4 tests ..... 2 positive, 2 negative!!

Billionaire Elon Musk tweeted early this morning that he was tested four times in one day for the coronavirus — “same machine, same test, same nurse” — and received two positive and two negative results.



Saturday, November 14, 2020

34,708 Canadian Consumers Were Insolvent Q3 2020


Canadian Insolvencies Rise 7.9% In Q3

Insolvencies are climbing as lockdowns ease, although they haven’t gone above last year’s levels. There were 35,535 insolvencies filed in Q3 2020, up 7.9% compared to the previous quarter.
Of the 35.535 insolvencies, 34,708 were consumer insolvencies and the balance of 827 were business insolvencies.

Behind every 'statistic' is a personal story

When statistics like this are published it is easy to only see them as 'numbers' in some economic abstract. However, behind each of those insolvencies is a human story of struggle, huge emotional turmoil, stress that turns the stomach and makes sleep impossible, family upheavel, alcohol and drug abuse, spousal violence and on and on the list goes.

If our 'health officers' consider the collateral damage they are causing with their myopic approach to health care it will be interested to see the outcome when they are being held accountable for their decisions.


Canadian Society No Longer Tolerates Disagreement

"The days of raising strong children who would not allow 
words to 'break their bones' are gone," writes Leslyn Lewis.

This radical movement to suppress dialogue, speech and even beliefs is often supported by the media, which dictates what is and isn’t fact. Reported news is replaced by opinions and commentaries. Once these unsubstantiated facts are planted in the mind, they form a belief system that becomes very difficult to change: the connection to the belief and those who agree with it creates an emotional attachment to a warped version of reality, similar to how cults recruit and hold adherents.

Canadian society has sped quickly towards an echo chamber, in which the occupants no longer tolerate the slightest disagreement. Rather than debating another person’s opinion, it is now acceptable to refute an argument by claiming it is “false,” a “lie” or “unscientific.”



Friday, November 13, 2020

Household Debt In Canada Climbs Sharply


Household debt to GDP made a sharp climb, as households borrowed while GDP fell. The ratio reached 115% in Q2 2020, up from 101% the previous quarter. The same quarter last year came in at 97%. Even last year’s level is very, very high. However, it’s dwarfed by the increase over the past few months.



Voter Fraud Reports Are Credible

In a recent interview, FEC Chairman Trey Trainor said reports of fraud in some battleground states are credible “otherwise they would allow the [poll] observers to go in,” referring to reports of some polling areas refusing to allow GOP observers to check on the process on Election Day and the days after.



Thursday, November 12, 2020

Survival Rate Much Better In The USA

 Canadian Mortality Ranks 31 Of 35 Countries

Of 35 reporting countries Canadian mortality rate of 3.9% puts it in position 31 with only four other countries with higher mortality rates. Only the UK, Italy, Iran and Mexico ranked higher. To be clear, ranking higher is not a good thing.

Compared with the mortality rate in the USA Canada's 3.9% compares with 2.3% in the USA. This clearly means your survival rate is considerably higher if you are being treated in the USA. 

A Closer Look At British Columbia Covid Case Numbers

For comparison at Sept. 9/20 from the start of the covid crisis (5 months) BC did 404,714 tests which produced 6591 cases resulting in 213 deaths, 32 hospitalizations and 12 ICU patients.

Two months later as of Nov. 8 there had been 888,593 tests which produced 17,149 cases resulting in 275 deaths, 104 hospitalizations and 28 ICU patients.

Putting this in perspective for the 5 months ending in Sept. 1.6% of people tested were positive and of those 3.2% proved fatal. The vast majority of these deaths occurred in care facilities among the elderly.

Two months later 1.9% of those tested were positive  and of those 1.6% proved fatal.

During the first 5 months the province was testing on average 80,942 people per month, assuming each test was for one person and not multiple tests on the same person. The number of tests per month from Sept. to Nov. was ramped up to 241.939 tests per month.

Do the stats support the society crushing measures that Dr. Henry has been advocating?

Considering that less than 2% of those tested result in a positive result (remembering the PCR test has a high false positive rate) it would seem hard to justify the extreme social impact the 'treatment' is having on society as a whole. That impact seems something Dr. Henry and other un-elected officials seem to completely ignore. A troubling fact since they are supposed to oversee public health which is much broader than dealing with one virus.

From the start of the year until Nov 8 BC is attributing 275 deaths to Covid which when compared to drug overdose deaths seems insignificant. During this same period how many have died from cancer, heart attack, stroke, drug and or alcohol abuse, suicide etc.

How many people's lives have been destroyed due to business failure, loss of employment, failed mortgages, facing homelessness and credit card and other debt that is simply over whelming.

You have to wonder if Dr. Henry and others in government are really totally unaware of the hardships these 'treatments' are causing or if they aren't actually engaged in a plan to destroy the Canadian economy and way of life making way for a completely new form of government? That form of government can be seen in many other countries around the world where communism rules the day. 

It could explain actions which don't seem to make sense for any other reason.


Monday, November 02, 2020

CANADA Breaks Faith With Those Who Died


Remembrance Day 2020

The year CANADA 

broke faith with those who died

“To you from failing hands we throw

The torch be yours to hold it high

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders field”

In WWI 66,655 Canadian lives were lost and another 172,950 were wounded.

In WWII 42.042 Canadian lives were lost and another 54.414 were wounded.

These brave lives were lost for freedom from tyrannical forces wishing to enslave mankind.

This year 2020, Canada has decided to no longer resist the forces of tyranny that seek to enslave mankind once again. We are throwing up our hands and welcoming our oppressors as we cower in fear.

In WWII the enemy was very visible and his tactics obvious. In 2020 the enemy is neither visible nor his tactics obvious.

Instead of subduing nations with military force and might, the enemy has employed a most subtle and diabolical weapon of warfare.

The weapon the enemy of our soul is using is FEAR, the same weapon with which he has held captive men for centuries. It is the fear of death that keeps man captive and that is the same weapon being currently employed in Canada today.

Inflated numbers and constant propaganda are being used to make a nation so fearful of dying, it is welcoming  it’s oppressor with open arms.

The global elites wishing to enslave all of mankind are proceeding with their undeclared war on humanity and most of humanity is cowering in fear.

A disease even with inflated numbers has a survival rate of more than 99% and the vast number of those dying are well on in years and have other health issues contributing to their deaths. That combined with what can be called criminal negligence in the medical community for denying known cures has resulted in a terrified nation willing to embrace tyranny.

This Remembrance Day while we cower in our homes and watch some virtual, token event, give remembrance to the thousands of Canadians who have given their lives so we could live in Freedom. A Freedom we have so casually and cowardly thrown away, to our hurt.

We CANADIANS have broken faith with those who died



Sunday, November 01, 2020

Open Letter To President Trump

  Warns of the Great Reset

In his letter the Archbishop states "A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations."

The Archbishop's letter in full can be read following this LINK.