Friday, September 02, 2016

That's All Folks

Taking the month of August away from the drama of Nanaimo politics and the repetition of the same series of events every year has proven to be habit forming.

I believe the last civic election brought some positive changes to city hall with the exception of the choice for Mayor and the division I feel he engendered on this council. That gave us the continued waste of tax dollars at the Colliery Dam Park, much bickering and backroom brawling that has not been healthy for the community. A city councillor threatening the rest of council with legal action over the choice of a new city manager which gave rise to many wasted tax dollars spent on legal opinion.

In my opinion there are many positive changes at city hall but will take more time to see the full benefit of those changes. Those changes are being resisted by different political forces in the city who have been accustomed to controlling that big fat purse at city hall for many moons now. Whether they will be able to recapture their position come next election will be a drama worth watching.

In the meantime, I have become quite comfortable with having a mind not consumed with the goings on at city hall and now am turning my attentions to more pleasant and rewarding endeavours.

This blog will be left in place for some time perhaps serving as an archive of city events in some small way.