Thursday, December 31, 2020

Virologist Warns Of Vaccine Risks


The Elderly Are At Risk!
The first striking observation made by Dr. Bhakdi was that the vaccine, “developed in partnership with US pharma giant Pfizer” was not tested on individuals that are most likely to die of the coronavirus: elderly people with pre-existing conditions. In fact, Dr. Bhakdi specifically points out that the test subjects were “young, healthy people”. Still, “half of them had fever, chills, muscle aches, aching limbs, headaches, and they felt sick,” said the doctor.

The narrator, Austrian journalist Michael Fleischhacker asked incredulously, “[S]o there weren’t enough test subjects with similar conditions to those who are receiving the vaccination now?” “None,” Dr. Bhakdi responded. “None of test subjects had pre-existing conditions,” he continued.

It does not take a rocket scientist to consider the extreme danger of administering a hastily-created, gene-altering vaccine to a health-compromised population, when there were marked side effects for “young, healthy people”.


Example Of Stolen Wealth

Reverse mortgages are when seniors pledge home equity, in exchange for debt. The senior then receives their debt in a lump sum or regular payments. It’s similar to a home equity loan, with repayment terms being the major difference.


Comment: This is an example of the hidden wealth transfer that is happening under the guise of public safety. People being forced to use their homes for credit once again putting real wealth in the hands of the bankers for nothing more than a credit note. This should be criminal.

This is equity and real wealth that should be the inheritance of the next generation, not being stolen by bankers for nothing more than an entry on a ledger. They don't actually risk anything. It is all smoke and mirrors.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Covid Measures Logic?

Logic Questioned By Restauranteur

As I walk into the grocery store with 30 other people at the same time, I think about my restaurant which allows parties of 6 total, and meticulously spaces out reservations by 10 minutes ensuring guests that aren’t from the same party do not arrive at the same time.

As I take a cart, that has had just the handle sanitized, I think about my restaurant which invested thousands of dollars (so far) on ink and paper to print disposable menus to ensure no two guests touch the same menu.

As I walk over to the produce aisle with 15-20 other people around me, I’m reminded of the strict “no mingling / no walking around the restaurant other than to use the washroom or enter/exit” policy we have in place and the 6ft distance between tables which has cut our capacity in half.

As I watch the woman next to me pick up apples with her hand, check them over closely and then put them back on the open pile and repeats this until she finds the perfect apples — the same thing that all other people that day who want an apple will then do and then put those apples into their mouths, I think about the two step sanitation process in place at my restaurant for all cutlery and dishes and glassware in between every single guest, and the sanitation of every surface guests touch (tables, chairs, salt and pepper shakers, etc).

As I watch the man in the next aisle over ignore or not notice the directional arrows on the ground, I think about my restaurant and the constant redirecting our staff does of guests - by locking certain doors, blocking areas off and the work my team does to simply not allow guests to walk where they are not supposed to.

As I walk down the cereal aisle, I see a person with their mask off so they can talk on the phone, and I’m reminded of my restaurant where our masking policy has lost us so much business.

As I check out at the cashier, I use my debit card to pay and see the plastic film covering the terminal. It was not sanitized after the person before me used it. I am reminded of the sanitizer used on the debit terminals in between each guest every time at my restaurant.

As I stand at a crowded exit trying to leave, I’m reminded of the detailed contact tracing in place at my restaurant that records the name, phone number, table number, arrival and exit time, as well as the server and section the guest sat in that is in place at my restaurant— not one of those pieces of information was taken from any customer here.

As I get into my car and watch all these people leave the store, I wonder which person will visit my establishment after contracting covid at this grocery store, and I wonder why on earth my restaurant will be blamed as the source.

Restaurants are being targeted as the “source” of Covid infections because we are one of the ONLY industries required to provide contact tracing.
Someone with Covid could have gone to Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, the Mall food court....any grocery store, etc. Yet it’s the restaurant that took their detailed information that will be forced to close and deemed responsible for the infection.

You want to blame restaurants for the spread after thousands of dollars investing in equipment, training and stricter policies than ANYWHERE ELSE?!



Thursday, December 24, 2020

What CHRISTmas is All About

The Real Meaning of Christmas
Not what you think it is .........

Christmas is not about 'us' and the retailers bottom line which sadly in our generation is what it has been reduced to. We have taken the greatest happening in all history and reduced it to a commercial, self-serving, self-indulgent event.

Over two thousand years ago God Himself took on the form of a man, just like any of us. Born of a virgin in a lowly stable, God Himself came into this earthly realm and as the angels declared He set in place peace on the earth. That peace spoken of by the angels was not man to man or nation to nation but between God and man. That is the peace God's only begotten Son had come to declare and accomplish.

He accomplished this not by His life but by His death. His sacrificial death paid the price that righteousness demands for our sin against God. Our sin separates us from knowing the only true God, unless we accept the sacrifice provided for us by the death of God's only begotten Son we can not know God or enter His kingdom. Sin cannot enter heaven, and only the cleansing blood of Christ can wash away our sin, paying the price for our entrance into heaven itself.

Canada, as a nation has experienced the blessing that came with honoring God's only Son and sadly now, is experiencing the consequence of no longer giving Him place in our nation. We have followed the course of man like so many others that have gone before. 

The Gospel of Salvation

The Gospel of Salvation is the one that anyone living in North America has surely heard many times over. That Gospel declares that Jesus the Christ paid the price of our sin against God and that belief in Him gives us entrance into His kingdom. That is the only way, as He declared that no man comes to God except through Him. How we come through Him?? We repent of our sin and ask His forgiveness. As simple as that. He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

For the past few thousand years the Gospel of Salvation is what has been preached which points the way for man to come back into right relationship with God through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

Now is the time that the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is going forth which declares that Jesus the Christ is once again coming into the earth to forever establish His kingdom on the earth.

Unlike His lowly, meek and humble entrance on that first Christmas day, this time He will be coming in a blaze of glory that will shake the heavens as scripture proclaims:
"the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day." 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10

That day is rapidly approaching as we get ever closer to our total destruction at our own hands. If the LORD were not to return, there would be no life left on this earth as we are told two thirds of all people will perish in the days that are coming.

Today may be the day of YOUR salvation, you will never know how many days you will draw breath. Today, while it is called today, call upon the only Name by which any of us can be saved, ask His forgiveness of your sin and receive eternal life that only comes through Him.

That is the real meaning of Christmas, it is not about melting credit cards, emptying bank accounts or stuffing ourselves on a holiday that has become anything but a holy-day.

2020 has been a year that should cause all people to come face to face with the reality of their own immortality and the certainty that their lives are but a fleeting moment.

Those who have been gripped with fear of a virus are only filled with dread because they are not right with God.

There never would be a better time to get that most important detail of life sorted out.

If you are not at peace with God, simply repent and turn to Him. Ask the forgiveness of your sins that is available to all in the Name of Jesus Christ.
If you do that sincerely, the Lord will make Himself known to you, and you will no longer live in fear.


Monday, December 21, 2020

Granola Council Adopts Doughnut Economics

Communist City Council
first Canadian city to adopt Doughnut Economics

It comes as no surprise that a council made up primarily of communist leaning members has demonstrated why they are big on virtue signalling, and short on actual economic skills. Nanaimo taxpayers will be paying the price of this folly for years to come.

The councilor who championed this bit of nonsense proudly proclaims Nanaimo is the first Canadian city to adopt doughnut economics. The concept is explained as challenging economies to meet and exceed MINIMUM global living standards!

What kind of goal is that? To meet or exceed MINIMUM global living standards! What kind of economic goal is that, you might ask. You might also ask what is a MINIMUM global living standard?? 

People have come to Canada from all over the globe because our living standards are beyond anything they could hope for in their native country. Now setting as our goal to meet the MINIMUM global living standard sounds like the kind of dogma that usually precedes a nations decline into full on communism. 

This is the council that has set records for tax increases, year after year. Demonstrating how out of touch they are with the reality of Nanaimo's economic condition. Instead of actually holding the line on taxes and giving the taxpayer a much needed break, they are still looking for creative ways to spend tax dollars.

Now they are adopting some airy fairy economic plan that is nothing more than virtue signalling with it's goal to meet MINIMUM global living standards!! What is next comrade?

It should come as no surprise that a Granola Council would adopt Doughnut Economics.

Lord have mercy on Nanaimo.


Young Hockey Player Runs Afoul

More Co VID Madness

Depending on which news account you read last week some young fellows in Calgary were out on a frozen rink playing some hockey. Go figure??

Then along comes the bylaw officer (full of himself ?) who tells the young fellows it is time to go home. Since it was still daylight, I am presuming they suggested he find something better to do with his time.

This would have led to the bylaw officer then calling the Calgary police to come and enforce the 'time to go home' order. I presume the heavy handed co vid measures have something to do with it.

The police arrive on the scene at which point the usual conflict ensues. The police don't charge the guy with not wearing a mask or being in an outdoor park playing hockey. They try to get him to comply and he still thinks in Canada he should be able to play hockey in the great outdoors.

The cops of course can't just walk away now, after all duty and ego kick in and it all ends with the tazer being threatened and the two police officers finally wrest the fellow to the ground. They did show their lack of hands on skills given the difficulty they had and having to resort to threatening to tazer the young fellow.

The world some years ago was infected with Mad Cow disease. It seems now the world has been infected with Mad CoV disease.

From Saner Times



Sunday, December 20, 2020

Nanaimo City Council Hires Consultant

In keeping with their latest approach to city business, Mayor Krog's council has directed staff to see if Homer would be available as a consultant to help guide the city forward.

The lofty goal that Krog's council has set for itself is to meet or exceed the minimum global standard of living. That is correct, meet or exceed the minimum global standard.

You can't make this stuff up!



Saturday, December 19, 2020

Humans Are The Lab Rats

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Adverse Reaction To Vaccine

A hospital in Illinois halted COVID-19 vaccinations after four workers suffered adverse reactions.

The workers at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville suffered tingling and an elevated heartrate, Advocate Aurora Health said in a statement to news outlets.

Read more on Epoch Times 



Virologist Explains What's In the Vaccine

Dr. Carrie Madej Virologist 

Explains the dangers of the vaccine

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Following is a short clip, quality is not great but the message is chilling.


B.C. Human Rights Commisioner

 Exemptions to mandatory mask order

The poster clarifies that you do not have to wear a mask if:

  • you are under 12 years old
  • you are unable to wear a mask because of a health condition or physical or mental impairment
  • you are unable to put on or remove a mask without help from another person

People who are able to wear a mask, but who choose not to as a matter of preference are not exempt. People who are not exempt but refuse to wear a mask in an indoor public setting could be subject to a fine.

The poster advises business owners that:

  • If a person claims a mask exemption, take them at their word. Proof should not be required.
  • Business owners cannot be fined for allowing people without masks to enter their place of business.


Friday, December 18, 2020

The Fear of Death is ........

 The Power of the pandemic

The power of the pandemic is not the fear of sickness, but rather it is the fear of death. The reason we fear death, is because we are not at peace with God. That is sad.

We go through this life pretending that we are immortal. Ignoring the fact that we all will face death.

A worldwide pandemic has brought into sharp focus the fact we are going to die and we are filled with fear.

The fear of death has such a grip on us is because we have not heard the good news of the Gospel. That good news is the fact that God's only Son died in our place so that we would not have to die and go to hell. That is how much the God who created us loves us.

The Son of God became flesh and blood and lived like any one of us in this fallen world. Yet he was without sin. His life was given as a ransom for all of mankind, that all who will receive Him need never perish but come to eternal life in heaven, in the presence of God.

Before dying on a cross to redeem mankind, He was beaten without mercy to the point he no longer looked like a man. By that beating, by those stripes all of mankind was healed. Sickness and disease have no place in those who believe.

If this pandemic has gripped you with fear, you need to repent of turning away from God and run to Him and He will recieve you with loving arms wide open.

Simply confess with your mouth that you have sinned and fallen short and ask Jesus to forgive your sin and make Himself known to you.

If you do that from a sincere heart the Lord Jesus will make himself known to you and you will know you no longer need to fear death.

That is the true meaning of Christmas.


Health Worker Hospitalized After Vaccine

Two health care workers have reaction to vaccine

The unnamed health care worker, an employee at the Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, Alaska, had to be hospitalized overnight for the severe reaction.

The worker, a middle-aged woman, reportedly had no history of allergies and never experienced anaphylaxis. The woman was initially treated with antihistamines, but later received an emergency injection of epinephrine.

The outlet reported that the worker's symptoms abated, but returned, forcing physicians to place her on intravenous epinephrine and took her to the ICU for overnight observation.

U.K. regulators say that people with history of allergic reactions to medicine or food should avoid the COVID-19 vaccine following the reaction.


Thursday, December 17, 2020

B.C. Health Officer Reveals Startling Stats

 Only 2 deaths were not in long term care
all the rest were in care

What is Dr. Bonnie Henry doing to save patients in long term care?

In this report Dr. Henry notes that of 28 deaths, only 2 were not in long term care facilities. This raises the question of how are people in care being treated when suspected of having covid? Are these people actually dying 'from' covid or are they dying 'with' covid? Are these people already at the end of life and do they have comorbidities? 

When someone in care is suspected of having acquired SARS CoV2 what is the treatment protocol? Dr. Zelensky and others in the USA have published a high success rate by using HCQ with zinc and one other medication, even with aged patients.

Anyone having lost a loved one in care, needs to find out just how that person was treated when covid was suspected? Early treatment is the key to a good outcome, waiting for people to get sick enough and then treating them in hospital borders on medical malfeasance.


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hot Mic Catches Ontario Doc Telling Truth

 Ontario Health Official Tells The Truth

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Ontario's top doc is caught on a hot mic telling the truth about the covid updates they are delivering to the good folk of Ontario. Some time ago these same people told another under-reported truth when they said the covid 'test' was returning 50% false positives! Remember?

It is clear someone is scripting what our government officials are telling us about the SARS CoV2 pandemic as they are all singing from the same songsheet.

When this is all over, I hope for another trial at Nuremberg to hold accountable all those responsible for so much death and suffering.

Deliberately withholding known effective treatment until hospitalization is necessary is a crime against humanity.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

True Covid Statistics - Nonsense Of Child Vaccine

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Covid fatality rate much lower than we are being told. The number of infections has been understated, which drives up the mortality rate.


US Election Fraud Testimony

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Clearly Trump won the election, and clearly it is trying to be stolen. This should trouble anyone regardless of which party you support. If elections can be corrputed this easily, the very foundation of democracy is in trouble.


Saturday, December 12, 2020

Health Canada Issues Vaccine Warning

TORONTO -- Health Canada is warning individuals with allergies to any of the ingredients in Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to not receive the shot.

In a notice Saturday, the health agency said they were issuing the recommendation following news that two vaccinated individuals in the U.K. experienced severe allergic reactions to it.

The anaphylactoid reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine occurred on Dec. 8 – the first day the U.K.’s vaccine program – and affected individuals who had a history of severe allergic reactions and carried adrenaline auto-injectors.

COMMENT: the warning is to people with allergies to any of the ingredients in the Pfizer Covid vaccine, not to take the shot.

Question??? Are they going to supply a list of ingredients so one can determine if they are allergic? If you have not be exposed to an ingredient, how do you know if you are allergic??

It would seem prudent to do some serious research before taking this vaccine. Remember Thalidomide was considered to be perfectly safe at one time.



Polyethylene Glycol Likely Cause of Vaccine Reaction

Two Anaphylaxis, One Allergic Reaction
After Taking Vaccine

A mass vaccination campaign that targeted frontline workers to receive the vaccine began on Dec. 8. Within 24 hours of launching the campaign, MHRA acknowledged two reports of anaphylaxis and one report of a possible allergic reaction.

Reuters reported late yesterday afternoon that an investigation into the anaphylactic reactions by MHRA has identified polyethylene glycol, or PEG, as the likely culprit.



Friday, December 11, 2020

Canadian Taxpayer Will Compensate Anyone Injured By Vaccine

People who are vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID-19 and experience an adverse event after the immunization will be eligible for compensation, the federal government says.

The announcement of the no-fault program is part of Canada's preparations to roll out coronavirus vaccines, beginning with the Pfizer-BioNtech version that will start to be administered next week.

Comment: Why are the Canadian taxpayers going to be on the hook to pay for vaccine injury to anyone who suffers an 'event' after taking this vaccine? Why are the manufacturers of the vaccine, who have tested their vaccine before releasing it to the public not the ones responsible for adverse side effects?

Anyone considering taking this vaccine, which has been hurried and given emergency use approval by the FDA needs to know exactly what all the potential side effects from this vaccine could be. They should also find out how many people have actually taken the vaccine and how long they have been observed.

Any serious side effect may not be known for years, which is why vaccine approval usually takes a number of years and not months, as in this case.

You should also research what the side effects could be of being injected with MRNA which is similar to GMO in food.



Thursday, December 10, 2020

More Covid Truth

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Vaccine Not Safe For Under 16 Years Old

Canadians under the age of 16 are not authorized to use the newly-approved coronavirus vaccine, Health Canada officials said on Wednesday.

This is because of a lack of data on how Pfizer’s injection affects younger Canadians, Health Canada’s chief medical advisor explained.


Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Some People Should Not Take Pfizer Vaccine

Media outlets are reporting that two individuals who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine developed severe anaphylactic reactions following the injection.

England’s National Health Service (NHS) warned Wednesday that people “with a history of a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food” should not be given the COVID-19 vaccine developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech. UK’s Medical and Health products Regulatory Agency, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, reminded health-care workers that vaccinations should only be carried out in facilities where resuscitation measures are available.


Signs of the times in CANADA



Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine Treatment Being Withheld

Not treating positive cases early, is medical malfeasance and a crime against humanity says Dr.Peter McCullough.

Not treating a covid patient early with known drug protocol but telling them to stay home until they need to go to hospital is something these Doctors just can't understand.


Monday, December 07, 2020

Epidemic of Depression?

One Third Of Americans
Suffering Depression

A doctor on the Dr. Oz program made the comment that one in three Americans are now suffering from one form of depression or another. It can range from being lethargic and just unmotivated through to being suicidal.

If one third of the population were suffering from SARS CoV 2 can you imagine the headlines and the call for leaders to DO SOMETHING!!

Those occupying the ivory towers ie: Health Officers, Premiers and members of government from Municipal through to Federal have not had their lives impacted at all by this virus and the draconian measures being employed to combat it.

None of the Ivory Tower dwellers have gone farther and deeper into debt, risk their homes and cars being repossessed as banks start to look for payments which until now have been waived, have seen their jobs just simply disappear and their businesses destroyed under the weight of these 'measures'. They aren't relying on the food banks to put food on the table. Nothing in their world has changed one iota.

One can speculate as to whether local health authorities have any real say in the measures or whether the World Health Organization is playing the tune they all are dancing to but there is a huge difference in the impact on 'regular' people and Ivory Tower dwellers.


Is Dr. Henry Guilty Under Criminal Code?

Dr. Bonnie Henry

Is Dr. Henry Guilty?

The criminal code of Canada clearly states:

176(2) Every one who wilfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

It would be interesting to see the outcome if churches in B.C. were to swear out a complaint against Dr. Henry under this section of the Criminal Code. Then she would have to explain why church assemblies are more dangerous than going to Costco, or a restaurant or the liquor store.


Pathologist Seeks Halt Pfizer Vaccine

“Until an accurate count of COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated and placebo groups has been determined for vaccine efficacy evaluation, we are asking the FDA to stay its decision regarding the emergency use authorization for this vaccine,” said Dr. Lee, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.



Sunday, December 06, 2020

Vancouver Island Covid Data

The above info comes directly from the BC Government website showing data for Vancouver Island from Jan. to Nov. 27 2020,

In that time there have been 125,752 tests performed which resulted in 571 cases which means 0.45% of those tested were positive. There has also been less than one death per month reported during this time.

This data really begs the question if the society crushing response coming from Dr. Henry's heavy handed response can be justified.

Why were 125,752 tests done? What kind of symptoms did someone have to present with in order to be tested? Did a runny nose or sore throat justify these questionable, and expensive tests being done?

It is noted that the PCR test being relied on is known to produce extremely high false positive results and that this test was never meant as a diagnostic tool.

Consider the economic and emotional damage that has been caused by the 'covid measures' and perhaps it is time to listen to some opinions other than what Dr. Henry is offering.

This sickness has been treated with near perfect success rate using HCQ as prescribed in the Zelensky protocol. Why is that not being used??



Friday, December 04, 2020

Doctor Explains Dangers Of Rushed Vaccine

 Dr. Carrie Madej

Clearly explains the danger of the rushed vaccine


The Great Reset Is Trudeau's Ideology

Dismissing an argument or concern as a "conspiracy theory" is often a tactic used to silence the inquirer. We’re seeing that play out right now with disagreements over "The Great Reset," and what it means. What we know is that governments around the world have adopted the concept into policies which tout the "Reset" or "Build Back Better" slogans.

The "Reset" debate emerged from the book COVID 19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab, the founder and former Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret. The authors pose the simple question: what kind of post-COVID world do we want to create?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau virtually delivered a speech in September at the United Nations in which he outlined the kind of Canada he envisions, using language that clearly was inspired by the book or, at a minimum, its philosophy.

"This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems," the prime minister explained. Fast forward to November, and the prime minister deflected questions about his language choice, choosing to make the case that if people raised concerns about his wording, they were embracing conspiracy theories. This seems like an odd approach to take, since in the lead-up to the prime minister’s speech to the UN, in August 2020, the Bank of Canada also put out an economic document titled "The Great Reset: Supporting the transition to a greener, smarter economy."


Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Vaccines Approval Usually Takes Two Years

Those Tested Only Followed For Two Months

Prof. Yossi Karko, director of the clinical research unit at Hadassah-University Medical Center, has warned that the data published by Moderna and Pfizer about their coronavirus vaccine candidates is limited.

Karko noted that the safety data is “very short” – only spanning the period of about two months from inoculation.

“The FDA has a mechanism of approving drugs and vaccines for emergency cases. What this means, is that the FDA has initial safety data. But if this was a usual situation, the researchers would have followed the volunteers for at least two years before the vaccine was approved,” he said.




CANADA Becoming A Police State?

This past week, the respect for law enforcement and the thin blue line took a body blow as a massive police force was deployed in Etobicoke Ontario and in Northern Manitoba as the strong arm of an oppressive government was on full display.

A sandwich shop owner in Etobicoke trying desperately to save his failing business and support his family was subjected to a police presence you would expect to see in a communist dictatorship but not in CANADA.

Meanwhile in northern Manitoba an RCMP force was present to block church goers from attending a drive in service where they would have to stay in their cars. They chose to pray on the road.

These are two examples of what Canadians can look forward to as democracy becomes just a fond memory as those in power piss all over the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Make no mistake, the next step will be a form of forced vaccination complete with anti-propaganda propaganda coming from the Canadian Forces.

Is it too late for Canadians to WAKE THE HELL UP??