Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Too Funny --

Came across this on Facebook couldn't see who put it together but thought it was actually quite an accurate depiction of our area.

I am sure all sorts of copyright is being infringed upon, but for now it is good for a chuckle.

I am sure if someone took the time they could find several other characters that represent Nanaimo quite well, especially our local politicos.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Canadian Gas Prices - Out of Control

That $1.25 Toronto gas price looks pretty good when you consider what we in British Columbia keep having to fork out for at the pumps.

Our fearless premier is striking some kind of task force to investigate the high cost of gasoline in this province. Perhaps there is some merit to the taxpayer group that are offering to send Mr. Horgan a mirror, to help him discover the reason for our high gas prices.

Mr. Horgan's logic does seem a bit sketchy when you consider he is suing to stop a pipeline on the one hand, and then threatening to sue if a pipeline doesn't supply BC.

Canadian political 'leadership' is perhaps one of the biggest crisis we have faced in our nation, since confederation.


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Nanaimo Town Hall - Meet Your New Council

Screengrab from Facebook
Inventing New Ways To Increase Your Taxes!!

The previous city council could best be described as the gang that couldn't shoot straight. They were however able to hold the line on tax increases albeit in what could best be described as one huge gong show.

The city taxpayers had enough of that group of city clowncillors and so they kicked them out and brought in a whole bunch of fresh faces, with the exception of longtime Nanaimo politico Mr. Krog.

It is safe to say that CUPE was delighted to once again have a union-friendly group controlling the city purse strings and the quickly signed union agreement was proof of that fact.

City taxes are set to increase by a whopping 5% this year which of course is not the only tax increase taxpayers will have to choke down. Of course the Regional District, School District, NRGH and the library will all be coming looking for increases as well.

The 'Climate Emergency" recently declared by the Tax 'n Spend Specialists at city hall is just one more creative way of getting deeper into the local taxpayers pocket. Just a sign of the rarified air folk start breathing once they become members of city council. Now, they are going to address the climate emergency.  Anyone else notice they are having trouble keeping the garbage picked up on time lately??

This is just the first year for this bunch and they are just getting warmed up. Hang onto your wallets, it's going to be a tough four years.