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Keeping Your Cool In Nanaimo

Departure Bay Beach is popular with those who like to cool off by the seashore and find swimming in saltwater to be relaxing as well as refreshing. Unfortunately the plan to line the beach with Palm Trees got scuttled so you have to bring your own shade.

Swy-a-lana Lagoon in Maffeo Sutton Park which is the home of the new Spirit Square is another popular saltwater cooling off spot. The lagoon has groomed sand and is a safe enough place to swim, however, like most Nanaimo swimming spots there is no lifeguard on duty. So exercise caution and common sense.

Westwood Lake off of Jinglepot Road at the foot of Mt. Benson is one of the most popular freshwater swimming holes in Nanaimo. This lake does have a lifeguard on duty, but still common sense prevails. This lake is refreshing and does warm up in the summer to a pleasant swimming temperature.

Piper's Lagoon Park off of Hammond Bay Road is both a scenic and somewhat secluded spot for a seashore dip. The beach is lined with drift wood brought in on the fall high tides and you can see the BC Ferry coming and going from this vantage point.

Colliery Dam off of Wakesiah past the University is perhaps an underused gem among Nanaimo's city parks. The water here is more 'refreshing' than some of the other spots and offers deep and clear water for your swimming pleasure.

Long Lake in the Wellington area can be seen from the highway just past Country Club Mall, so on your way you can slip into your friendly Starbucks and grab a cooling Frappaa whatever you like. This is a popular freshwater swimming spot and the lake is home to power boats, floatplanes and water skiers. It is also popular with some local bass fisherman.

Divers Lake off of Labieux Road is more of a back to nature, off the beaten path place to go and hang out. I think it is more popular for fishing than swimming but still offers a refreshing break from the summer heat.

Newcatle Island has lots to offer if you want to take a 'mini' vacation without going too far from Nanaimo. In fact you can still see where you parked your car!. Hop aboard one of the colorful Pickle Boats docked at Maffeo Sutton Park, take a picnic lunch, blanket, umbrella, sunscreen etc. and have a delightful day on another island.


Things To Do In Nanaimo Jly 31 Aug. 1-2

Nanaimo Events and Activities

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Downtown Farmer's Market opens Friday,
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BC Day Long Weekend Weather Forecast

Holiday Weekend
Weather Spectacular!

The weatherman has outdown himself this BC Day Holiday Weekend with nothing but blue skies and hot temperatures in the forecast.

While the temperatures may not be as high as we have been experiencing this week they still will feel like the mid thirties with the humidex and the UV rating is still high.

So continue to drink lots of water, put on the sunglasses, sunscreen' a hat or an umbrella and enjoy the sun but be sensible about it.

Have a great safe, happy and relaxing long weekend. The weatherman is certainly doing his part, now the rest is up to you.


Plan Ahead & Drive Safely This BC Day Long Weekend

Tips to stay safe and enjoy the August long weekend

Summer is now in full swing and the roads are busy with visitors and residents alike. Wherever you plan to travel to enjoy your B.C. Day long weekend, the Province, police and ICBC encourage you to make smart driving decisions.

Over the B.C. Day long weekend, there are approximately 1,730 crashes in B.C. resulting in 510 injuries and three deaths.*

We all play a role in making B.C. roads safer. Here are five smart driving tips for the B.C. Day long weekend:

No. 1 – Plan ahead: Impairment starts with your first drink, not after you’ve had a few. It’s fine to celebrate a sunny long weekend with a few beers and friends but if your activities are going to involve alcohol, arrange for a safe way home. Make plans to have a designated driver, take a taxi, public transit or call a friend or family member for a ride home.

No. 2 – Be realistic: …about your travel times and check the road situation before you leave. Check for possible highway closures before heading out and allow extra time for delays that may occur, especially over the long weekend when more vehicles will be on the road. If you’re going to be later than you expected – deal with it. Take a deep breath and accept the delay. Relax… it’s a long weekend after all.

No. 3 – Slow down and keep your distance: Slow down, especially if we get some unexpected rain, or if you’re driving on uneven roads. Always follow the posted speed limits in construction and playground zones. Weaving in and out of traffic is one of the top five high-risk behaviours that cause car crashes. Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt and keep your distance. Even with a lot of sunshine and favourable road conditions, you need to allow at least two seconds of following distance, and at least three seconds on high-speed roads. The latter also applies if you’re behind a motorcycle since it has a much shorter stopping distance.

No. 4 – Buckle up: If you don’t wear your seatbelt, you are 25 times more likely to be killed in a crash if ejected from the vehicle. In a 50 km/h head-on crash, a 150-pound adult not wearing a seatbelt will collide with other occupants, strike the inside of the vehicle or get thrown from the car with the same force as the weight of a 3½-ton truck.

No. 5 – Set an example: your children and other drivers by being courteous and safe on the road. Your smart driving decisions can have a significant influence on others. So set an example, whether you’re a driver or passenger.


Leaky Condo Loan Program Ends



Minister of Housing and Social Development Rich Coleman today announced that the reconstruction loan program will stop accepting new applications, effective July 31, 2009, and that the program will end with legislation expected in the coming months. The financial viability of the program has severely declined and can no longer be sustained.

The reconstruction loan program provides financial support to help with the cost of repairing homes damaged by water, which were built before July 1, 1999. The program is funded though a $750-levy charged on new residential construction. A recent slowdown in residential construction has resulted in less money collected to fund the program, causing the Homeowner Protection Office to reach its annual borrowing limit for 2009.

The program was launched 11 years ago to run for 10 years, and was anticipated to give out approximately $250 million in interest-free loans. To date, the province has approved more than $670 million in no-interest loans through the reconstruction loan program, helping more than 16,000 households repair leaky homes. The Province has also provided an additional $23 million in Provincial Sales Tax rebates on repairs.

To ensure it was in a position to fulfil all existing commitments for approved projects, the Province recently approved an additional $9 million for the program in June 2009, bringing the total amount borrowed from government to $83 million. The Province will ensure that all eligible applications received by July 31 will be funded.

In addition, Shayne Ramsay has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, replacing former CEO Ken Cameron. Ramsay was responsible for setting up the Homeowner Protection Office 11 years ago and previously served as its CEO. He will also remain CEO of BC Housing.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

BC Ferries Long Weekend Schedule Nanaimo

Departure Bay - Horseshoe Bay Sailings

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Current Ferry Schedule

To view current conditions at Departure Bay

or Horsehoe Bay Terminals

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Duke Point - Tsawwassen Sailings

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Current Ferry Schedule

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or Tsawwassen Terminals

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Click this link to Tsawwassen Terminal

To Make Reservations on BC Ferries

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A Summer's Eve In Nanaimo

The 'only' place to be for a four legged friend of the retrieving variety on a hot summer's night during the dog days of summer. "Now would someone please pay attention and through the stick, all ready!".

Making new friends is easy when you are of the four legged variety. Everyone is your friend, now if only we people could learn to be more like dogs.

The joy of the seashore on a warm summer's eve shared with friends who are equally entranced by the wonders the shore has to offer. The perfect way to top off an evening of ice cream cones and lots of laughter. The kind of night you never want to end.

Catching the last of the light as the summer's sun sinks slowly into the night sky, this 'surfer dude' hangs ten, Nanaimo style.


Really "Into" The News?

Times Colonist Really Beats The Heat

This fellow was spotted the other day at Swy-a-lana Lagoon demonstrating only one of a myriad of uses one can put the daily newspaper to.

Aside from keeping us informed of the day to day local events, and the day by day drama of our different levels of government, the newspaper can be used to wrap your fish and chips, swat a fly or line your bird cage.

In this case it also proves to be an effective means of keeping your cool by keeping the sun off of your head.

Someone should show him how to make one of those really neat pirate hats we used to make from the newspaper as a kid!


BC Ferries Top Brass Paid $3 Million

Ferries Boss Paid
$1,000,000.00 Per Year

An article in todays Times Colonist reports the salaries for the BC Ferries top five executives which totals over $3,000,000.00 per year.

The President and CEO David Hahn receives over $1,000,000.00 with combined salary and bonuses. The companies four vice presidents receive $500,000.00 for a combined pay packet to run the corporation of over $3,000,000.00.

Needless to say this revealtion is not sitting well with most politicians on either side of the house, calling the salaries 'shocking' and wondering if BC is really getting the best bang for the buck.

Hahn was quick to defend what he and his team have accomplished since taking over the helm of the BC Ferries which was in a real mess after the government spent nearly $500,000,000.00 on the ill fated Fast Cats which never did run right and wound up being given away for less than $20,000,000.00.

The thirteen member board ( the chairman is paid $154,000.00 and members paid $48,000.00 plus $1500 a day to attend a meeting in person and $750 a day for a teleconference) were quick to defend Hahn's salary saying they had studied other corporations top brass salaries and found Hahn to be in the mid-range.

Board member David Miller says that Hahn has done a 'super job' turning the corporation into a highly efficient company which has brought in new assets and new terminals etc.

Editor's Comment:
I have yet to see any hard comparisons as to the fuel cost per passenger to cross the Straits in these new super class ferries. Whether the top brass is really worth their salary is debatable, although these days there seems to be no end to corporate greed at all levels. BC Ferries should not be expected to be any different.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yes 34 Celsius Is VEERRYY HOT

34 Celsisus The Same As
93 Fahrenheit

Just in case you are visiting from the USA or if you are a fossil like me who stills thinks in Fahrenheit here's a few comparisons between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Today at 1:30pm the official temperature reported at the Nanaimo airport was 34 degrees Celsius which is the same as 93 degrees Fahrenheit. With the humidex factored in it actually feels like 38 degrees Celsius which is the equivalent of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before anyone goes off on a global warming rant, I can remember summers in Ontario as a boy when temperatures would exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and that was just considered a normal mid summer day.

So take a long cold drink, pick up a bucket of your favourite chicken and find a nice cool shady spot to relax and enjoy. We will be complaining about the rain soon enough! :^)


Nanaimo Bike Route Brochure Available

Nanaimo's Popular Bike Routes

The City of Nanaimo Parks and Rec announced the arrival of a new bicycle route brochure available online and at City recreational facilities, City Hall and Tourism Nanaimo.

It is the hope that this new brochure will help people get out and have safe fun on the trails and bike routes available to Nanaimo cyclists.

To view the online version of the new City Bike Route Brochure use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Light Show In The Heavens

The Master's Light Show

On Saturday night like most of Nanaimo my wife and I went to see the Fireworks Spectacular being put on by the good folks at Quality Foods.

We went up on the hill next to St. Peter's Church where we had a great view over the city onto the harbour and beyond.

As spectacular as the Quality Foods Fireworks display was, it was a poor cousin to the Real Fireworks Display which was put on in the Heavens.

I guess man could still learn a thing or two from the Master, if only he would take the time to listen.


Paper Apologizes For False Story

Telegraph Journal
Editor & Publisher Removed

It used to be that few people believed the sensational, made up stories that graced the front pages of the tabloids at supermarket checkouts. You know aliens in the White House, that sort of thing.

Well it would seem that previously considered 'news' papers aren't above publishing made up sensational stories either. A current example is the 'wafergate' story that was first published by the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal and then immediately picked up by the rest of the fifth estate.

Turns out that the story written by the two reporters covering the event, made no reference to the 'pocketed' wafer at all. That lie was apparently added in the 'editing' process and should never have seen the light of day.

The newspaper is not commenting further on the story, but it would be reasonable to presume that reporting only the truth is obviously not a standard held by the paper's editor or publisher.

Sadly, you have to wonder what standard is held by members of the fifth estate anymore, when you see the level of what passes for journalism these days. Most newspapers are more interested in selling advertising than in informing the public with accurate, unbiased reporting.


Tanning Beds Increase Cancer Risk

Labeled "Carcinogenic to Humans" by
International Agency for Research on Cancer

An article in the Sun reports that the IARC have moved ultra-violet emitting tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category after ruling they are more dangerous than previously thought.

Previously the agency based in France had classified sunlamps and tanning beds as 'probably' carcinogenic to humans.

Research published in the latest edition of The Lancet Oncology medical journal found tanning beds could increase the risk of cancer by 75%, particularly if used by young adults or children.

This new ranking puts tanning beds in the same risk category as asbestos, arsenic and tobacco products.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Week Of Sunshine For Nanaimo

Blue Skies &
High Temperatures Forecast

Nanaimo will be basking and baking under clear skies and lots of sunshine for at least another week as we enjoy an unusual heat wave.

The temperatures are forecast to reach the high twenties and likely low thirties, however if you notice the humidex you will see the temperature will feel more like the mid thirties, and that is HOT!

Now is a good time to remind all of us to drink lots of water, put on the sunscreen, sunglasses and wear a hat if you are out in the direct sun for any length of time. The UV index is rated as 8 which is Very High and means unprotected skin can be damaged quickly. If you can avoid the sun between 11 am and 4 pm that is when it will be at it's hottest.

Make something cold for supper like salads and maybe cold cuts or cold meat and head to your favourite swimmin' hole and stay there until the sun goes down!

In the meantime enjoy this great summer weather, just be smart about exposure to the sun during the hottest time of the day.


Affordable Housing Helps 20 Nanaimo Residents



NANAIMO – Low-income adults now have greater access to affordable housing with the opening of 20 new rental units in Nanaimo, announced Ron Cantelon, MLA for Parksville-Qualicum.

“Having access to stable, affordable housing is a necessity when it comes to building healthy and prosperous lives,” said Cantelon. “The Province is creating housing solutions to give low-income British Columbians a chance to do this, which is why we provided funding to help open these new affordable housing units in Nanaimo.”

The Province provided a $1.7-million grant from the Housing Trust fund and $2.4 million as a mortgage through the Provincial Homelessness Initiative, a program that integrates support services with housing to help people move beyond temporary shelter to more secure housing, greater self-reliance and appropriate employment. The City of Nanaimo provided a 60-year lease for the land valued at $294,000, as well as waiving on- and off-site servicing costs.

“Providing safe affordable housing to people on small incomes is critical to the healthy social development of our community” said Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan. “The City of Nanaimo is committed to working with our provincial partners and local builders to support these kinds of projects throughout the community.”

Through the involvement of the Canadian Homebuilders Association (CHBA), contractors and suppliers who worked on the project have pledged over $100,000 in donations, which will reduce the overall cost of the project.

The Canadian Homebuilders Association – Central Vancouver Island are pleased that we could work with Nanaimo Affordable Housing, BC Housing and the City to help to bring this new affordable housing to our community," said Chris Erb, spokesman for CHBA Central Vancouver Island.

The Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society (NAHS), an advocacy group for affordable housing in Nanaimo, will operate the development.

Nanaimo has always had a high proportion of single adults living on a fixed or low income but there have not been very many options for affordable housing available to them,” said Jim Spinelli, executive director, NAHS. “Nanaimo Affordable Housing was pleased to take on the responsibility for this project and we are committed to ensure that the project will always be a place that the tenants can proudly call their home.”

The development meets the Province’s sustainability commitment of reducing the impact on the environment, by constructing the development to meet the Canadian Homebuilders’ “Built Green – Gold” standard. Through the program, homebuilders, suppliers and manufacturers are trained to develop homes that can be officially certified as Built Green. As well, the program educates the public on the value of a home that meets Built Green standards.

The Province has committed to creating more than 4,000 new housing units under the Provincial Homelessness Initiative. In 2009-10, the Province’s budget for shelters and affordable housing is over $469 million – more than four times what it was in 2001.

Editor's Comment: Hooray for Nanaimo and the Province for providing affordable housing for low income people. It is about time! Now, perhaps someone in the fifth estate (local NEWSpaper) could do some investigative reporting to explain why a one bedroom apartment, on leased land with all service charges waived by the city and with donations from local builders cost $230,000 per unit to build? You can buy decent two bedroom, two bath condos in Nanaimo for less than $200,000 each. So once again, is the taxpayer really getting a good bang for the buck when government gets into projects they are not qualified to manage? Why not simply buy some of the exisitng condos and subsidize the rent for these people?

Does 'affordable" housing refer to the cost to the end user to rent, or the cost to the taxpayer to build?


Monday, July 27, 2009

BC Ferries Adds Sailings For Summer

BC Ferries Adds More Sailings
For Remainder of Summer

Starting with the B.C. Day long weekend, BC Ferries is adding even more sailings on its two busiest routes right through to Labour Day.

For the month of August, extra sailings are being added from both Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay at 8 pm and 10 pm on Fridays and Sundays. In addition, extra sailings are schedule on the Horseshoe Bay – Departure Bay route on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

BC Ferries posts on its website a calendar of historically busy long weekend travel times for its major routes. This calendar is a tool customers can use when they are planning their ferry trips.

If passengers desire a specific sailing as part of their travel plans, BC Ferries recommends making a reservation for the Lower Mainland – Vancouver Island, and Horseshoe Bay – Langdale routes. Reservation space can become fully subscribed on long weekends so BC Ferries advises to book in advance.

BC Ferries reminds customers its mid-week CoastSaver fares are currently offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from now through September 3. Pay just $39 for a car and driver one-way on the three major routes between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

For full schedule details and reservations, use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Another Great Marine Festival In Nanaimo

(To view larger image click on photo)
2009 Marine Festival &
Great International Bathtub Race
Another Roaring Success

Thanks to all the hardworking guys and gals at the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society and the countless community minded volunteers the Festival and Bathtub Race were better than ever.

The four days of entertainment, fun and excitement the rest of us take for granted would not be possible without the support of the local businesses who sponsor this event every year. You notice that everything we enjoy does not cost a penny!

So once again hats off and kudos aplenty for everyone who made the Bathtub Race and Marine Festival a smashing success.


The HST Is Good For You - - - Honest!

Who Are Those Guys
Behind Those Clever Disguises?

So, it is the summertime and we all know that Canadians like good geese everywhere have absolutely no interest in getting excited about anything in the good ole summertime.

Yes, the Premier of British Columbia did just recently get re-elected without saying one word about introducing a new tax if he was re-elected. In fact if you check the record, I think you will find him saying that taxes would not be raised. He also said he would never go into deficit financing either, even passed a bill to that effect.

The other cleverly disguised fellow has nothing really to say about the latest move to collect more taxes from Canadians, even though it is supposed to be against his core beliefs.

The 'Two Amigos' have simply introduced another clever way of removing more feathers from the goose and the goose so far, is not even paying attention.

On the off chance you are unfamiliar with the 'goose' reference it comes from the statement that ' taxation is the art of extracting the maximum number of feathers from the goose, with the least amount of hissing'.

So far the goose, and even those guardians of the public good (the fifth estate) seem to be responding in the typical Canadian summertime fashion. Snooze!


Free Parking For Bathtub Days


This sign was posted on the 'cash register' at Maffeo Sutton Park on Sunday morning, I presume it had been there for the length of the Marine Festival.

On Saturday I went downtown to see the Sailpast on Wheels Parade and parked in the Bastion Street Parkade, dutifully plugged the meter for two hours parking which cost a reasonable $1.

Many other people did the same thing. There was a family standing by the ticket machine trying to decide how long to pay for when a Robbins (I presume) attendant happened by and told them the lot was free for the Festival.

He also informed them that the lot behind the Howard Johnson was also free for the Marine Festival but that all other lots would still require payment to park in them.

Question, actually two questions; 'why was there no sign like the one above on the Bastion Street bandit?' Two: if you take your paid parking receipt into Robbins will they give you a refund?

If you think it is worth pursuing, let me know how you make out. Also ask why the free parking wasn't broadcast ahead of time?


Sunday, July 26, 2009

2009 Nanaimo Bathtub Race Winners

2009 Great International
Bathtub Race Winners

Follows are the first five contestants to finish the grueling Nanaimo Bathtub Race for 2009. As of this post, these times are unoffical but barring some unusual happening they should stand.

Racing conditions turned out to be more difficult than first thought with rough seas taxing all contestants and stretching their stamina and skill to the limit simply to finish the course.

Shawn Lamoureux, Nanaimo 1:20:33
Aaron Froates, Nanaimo 1:20:47
Nathan Barlow, Nanaimo 1:26:41
David McHardy, Surrey 1:30:23
Angie Gignac, Nanaimo 1:34:48

Times are shown in hours, minutes and seconds, for example first place was completed in 1 hour, 20 minutes and 33 seconds.

As of this posting a total of 29 racers had completed the course and there were still 12 racers to finish the race. Of those 12 apparently 5 had dropped out for one reason or another.

Congratulations to all of this years racers and we hope to see you all again next year.


Nanaimo Bathtub Race Start 2009

2009 International
Bathtub Race Underway

At precisely 11:00 am as the official starting vessel crossed the start line and the Howitser was fired the 2009 Bathtub Race got underway.

Balmy temperatures and favourable light breezes greeted the brave souls who challenge the sea and fellow competitors pushing their own abilities to the limit.

The race will finish in Departure Bay again this year in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Given the great ocean conditions this year, a new worlds record is not out of reach.

Check back later for complete details of this years exciting race.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Nanaimo Marine Festival July 24 - 26 Off To A Great Start Under Sunny Blue Skies

Spirit Square at Maffeo Sutton Park is a popular spot with all those fortunate enough to not have to work Friday afternoon. There were lots of young'uns and lots of old'uns enjoying all the Marine Festival has to offer.

The Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific entertained the crowd with a whole medley of favourites and certainly were a real crowd pleaser.

Crowds sitting in the shade surrounding the Lion's Pavilion enjoying the music of the Naden Band of Maritime Forces Pacific.

There is lot's of fun things for the kids to do and flying down this slide is just one of the more popular things on the list.

The Marine Festival Food Fare has a 'carnival' atmosphere to it, and I mean that in a good way. There is something for every taste bud, from the ever popular hot dog and cold pop, to popcorn, candy floss, shaved ice, Hungarian food, Mexican food, you name it . . . . . it's here!

A trip to any Festival is just not complete unless you can load up on some deliciously spun sugar, also known as Candy Floss. A timeless favourite with kids of all ages.

Swy-a-lana Lagoon offers a welcome relief from the afternoon heat as these kids can tell you. The clock just stands still for kids on a hot summers day when there is a great place to keep cool.

HMCS Nanaimo comes into the harbour and ties up at the visitor's pier. There will be an open house on Saturday from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

If you like the shade or if you are a sun worshipper, you will find just the right spot in Maffeo Sutton Park to suit your taste while you enjoy all the Marine Festival has to offer.
Be sure to get down to the park at least once over the next couple of days, and don't forget the big fireworks show tomorrow night, put on by Quality Foods. Of course remember to get downtown on Saturday morning by 10:30 for the 'Sailpast on Wheels' parade.


Nanaimo Bathtub Race, Parade, Fireworks

Nanaimo Marine Festival
July 23 - July 26

The Nanaimo Marine Fesitval officially kicks off tomorrow with the ceremonial cutting of the Official Nanaimo Marine Fesitval Cake at Quality Foods in Northridge Plaza. The public is invited to come, have a piece of cake and a Pepsi and a free Bathtub Race poster.

Four fun filled days are planned for all age groups with most activities taking place in Maffeo Sutton Park. There will be bands, singers and entertainers as well as lots of fun activities for the young and the young in heart.

There will be the 'Sailpast on Wheels' parade downtown on Saturday morning with the lineup starting at 8:30 am, parade starts at 10:30am. Come early to get a good spot and don't forget the suncreen and some water to drink.

The HMCS Nanaimo will be tied up at the visitor's pier in the harbour downtown. Don't forget the daily cannon firing at noon beside the Bastion.

Quality Foods Sponsored Fireworks
Saturday July 25 10:00PM

The night before the big race there will be a spectacular fireworks show set to your favourite Broadway musical soundtracks.

Don't even think about getting a parking spot in the park, come early and find a good place to take in this great show.

Look in the Tuesday edition of the Nanaimo News Bulletin for their Bathtub Special Edition for a complete schedule of events


Things To Do In Nanaimo July 24 - 26

Nanaimo Events and Activities

The Nanaimo Things To Do Directory has over 160 different contacts for every interest from Air Cadets to Windsurfing and everything in between. To visit this directory click the banner above or Nanaimo Info LINK.

Fri. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Sat. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Sun. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Port Theatre events calendar use Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Movies Guide use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Western Edge Theatre use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Theatre Group use Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Art Gallery use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Arts Council info use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Minor Baseball info use Nanaimo Info LINK.

Youth Soccer Club info use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Pirates Baseball info use Nanaimo Info LINK.

Weekend weather forecast use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Downtown Farmer's Market opens Friday,
more info.

Weekend Garage Sales use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Neighbourhood Farmers Market Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Timbermen Sr. A. Lacrosse Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Timbermen Sr. B Lacrosse Nanaimo Info LINK.

Nanaimo Timbermen Jr. A Lacrosse Nanaimo Info LINK.

Art in the Park 2009 use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Rocket Richard Exhibit use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Brigadoon Dance Demonstration use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Marine Festival & Bathtub Race use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Bathtub Race Weekend Weather

Marine Festival Weather Fantastic

Another weekend of sunny skies and warm temperatures are in store for Nanaimo again this weekend. Making for perfect conditions for the many activities over this exciting weekend in Nanaimo.

The weatherman is predicting temperatures that will feel like the mid 30's over the weekend, so be sure to stay hydrated and keep your cool.

The big race of course is on Sunday and Saturday is the 'Sailpast on Wheels' parade and of course there is the Quality Foods Spectacular Fireworks on Saturday night.


Taser Use In BC To Be Severly Restricted


Effective immediately, all police, sheriffs and corrections officers in B.C. have been directed to severely restrict the use of conducted energy weapons (CEWs), commonly known as Tasers, in accordance with recommendations from the Braidwood Commission, Solicitor General Kash Heed announced today.

Heed issued the directive in accepting all 19 recommendations of Justice Braidwood’s report, Restoring Public Confidence – Restricting the Use of Conducted Energy Weapons in British Columbia.

Among other actions, the Province will immediately:

  • Significantly raise the threshold for use of a CEW to match Justice Braidwood’s recommendations.
  • New regulations will require that CEWs will only be deployed when all of the following criteria are met:
  1. When an officer is enforcing a federal criminal law, and
  2. The subject is causing bodily harm or will imminently cause bodily harm, and
  3. No lesser force option has been or will be effective in eliminating the risk of bodily harm, and
  4. De-escalation and/or crisis intervention techniques have not been or will not be effective in eliminating the risk of bodily harm.
  • Work with police to ensure all officers equipped with CEWs have acces to the use of defibrillators.
  • Continue to work with the federal government during ongoing contract negotiations to incorporate Braidwood’s recommendations with respect to CEW usage into RCMP policies and standards.
  • Request that the federal government add CEWs to the list of items covered by the Hazardous Products Act.
  • Require police to report all use-of-force incidents to the Province.
  • Require all CEWs to undergo regular testing.

“I want to thank Justice Braidwood for perhaps the most comprehensive examination of CEWs anywhere in the world,” said Heed. “Adoption of these recommendations builds on the work already underway to strengthen the standards for use, review and oversight.”

Over the past two years, government has been working on a number of

issues that were subsequently raised by the Braidwood inquiry including:

  • Development of standardized police training curricula for CEW use, crisis intervention and responding to emotionally disturbed people.
  • Development of an electronic reporting system of incidents (including CEWs) called the Subject Behavior Officer Response System.
  • Overhaul of the police audit and inspection process.
  • Tabled amendments to the Police Act to improve the police complaint process.

In addition to changes underway or in development, during the course of this review the Solicitor General ordered all X26 and M26 model Tasers pulled from service and tested, a use-of-force co-ordinator position was created, and police chiefs were instructed to limit use of CEWs to circumstances that threaten the safety of an officer or the public.

On Nov. 19, 2007, the Attorney General ordered a public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Robert Dziekanski and a review of the appropriate use and policies currently in place in B.C. with respect to CEWs.

The report was delivered to Attorney General Michael de Jong June 22 and reviewed by cabinet. It was tabled with the clerk of the legislature today by the attorney general. The full report has been released.

Phase II of the Inquiry, which is looking into the all the events and circumstances of Mr. Dziekanski’s death, began in January 2009 and is scheduled to resume in the fall.

The entire report can be viewed using this Nanaimo Info LINK.