Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is This A Sign Of A Healthy Or Sick Market?

Sells for $67,100 over list price in days!!!

The above picture was posted on Facebook by a local realtor obviously soliciting more listings for their company.

While it is good news for the seller and of course the agent didn't have to work too hard for a pretty sweet commission, it raises the question if Nanaimo is getting sucked into the house pricing crisis that Vancouver and Victoria are now dealing with?

Rock bottom interest rates and now a government willing to finance down payments might have you wondering if we aren't headed for, or are already in a housing bubble?

The other folk that these inflated prices can cause grief are those now facing increased taxes as a result of hyper inflated paper values of the home they don't see as an ATM but rather just a place to live.


YES Side Leaves Chamber In A Pickle

Chickens-out at the last minute

Tali Campbell of the YES committee has left the Chamber of Commerce looking a little bit silly by bailing out of tonight's debate on the Event Centre Referendum.

In a press release Campbell cites safety concerns and suggests the Chamber might not be giving the YES side a level playing field.

What is just as likely is the fact that Mr. Campbell and the YES committee are not fully prepared to present a defensible argument for their case.

I have suggested on Facebook that city councillor Jerry Hong might be a good candidate to take up the YES cause as he clearly supports that side of the debate. In fact, Hong should be one of the best suited to defend the YES case given his support of the $100 million project and all of the information he has been privy to by virtue of his position as city councillor.

If anyone should be able to present a cogent argument supporting the Events Centre Councillor Hong should be well equipped.


In spite of a last minute announcement by the individuals representing the “YES” side of the referendum question that they were pulling out of this evenings “Independent Forum & Debate”, the event will continue as a ‘Public Forum'. Up until yesterday afternoon we continued to communicate with the YES group providing details and an agenda for the evening. We have worked with both groups to ensure they were comfortable with the format. The announcement by the YES group at noon today came as a total surprise.

There isn't time to cancel the event without inconveniencing the community, so the Chamber will go ahead and present the event as an ‘Independent Forum'. We will make attempts to place other individuals who support the YES argument to come and speak. The NO side intends to be there since they’v been planning to attend for the past two weeks.

We apologize for this unfortunate turn of events that we have had no control over.

Kim Smythe
CEO Chamber of Commerce


Westwood Lake Drowning RCMP Investigate

Off Duty Mountie Attempted Rescue

An adult male has presumably drowned at Westwood Lake after a witness saw his canoe tip over then saw him fall into the lake. Despite efforts from an off duty Nanaimo Mountie and Nanaimo Fire and Rescue crews the male could not be located. The incident occurred at approximately 4:20 pm on Monday February 27, 2017. 

An off duty Nanaimo Mountie, who had just arrived,heard yelling then saw the male in the water near his canoe. The officer swam out a short distance towards him but due to the frigid temperatures he was unable to reach him before losing sight of him. City of Nanaimo Fire and Rescue were on scene within seven minutes and launched a rescue boat but were also not able to locate him.

Officers with the RCMP Dive team are expected to begin searching the lake in the morning of Tuesday February 28th and the investigation is continuing


Is Councillor Jerry Hong In Conflict??

Hong's Business Could Clearly Benefit From Event Centre
Screengrab from Google
Hong's Facebook profile picture update

Councillor Hong recently updated his profile picture on his Facebook page to display his obvious support for the $100 million event centre the taxpayer has yet to approve.

I would simply pose the question, given Hong's downtown business interest has he put himself in a position of a conflict of interest with his obvious support of the Event Centre project?

A Councillor expressing his support for a project involving 100 million tax dollars is a bit of an eyebrow raiser when they own a business that would clearly benefit from the project.

Whether or not any member of Council should actively align with a group driving a YES or NO vote is another eyebrow raiser for this humble scribe.

This council from the get-go seemed to have little concern for public opinion, given their own survey indicated 91% were not in support of a taxpayer funded event centre. This past Monday, before the result of a referendum is known staff were looking for another half million dollars to spend on a project that might not get taxpayer approval.

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same in Nanaimo.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Festival Nanaimo Starts March 1

 Festival Nanaimo
Click image to view event schedule


Nanaimo Weather Forecast Feb. 28 - Mar. 4


Gary Korpan Throws Support Behind NO Side

Gary's Vote No Sign for our times

"Here's where I stand. If you hate wasteful spending of your hard earned tax money
you, too, will want to send a loud clear NO to the current greedy spendthrifts at City Hall.
If it is such a good deal, let the private sector pay for it.: Gary Korpan


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hometown Hockey Well Attended

Weather fully cooperates
Perfect weather all day Sunday

Parking lot was packed both days

The Rogers Hometown Hockey show transformed Maffeo Sutton park over the weekend which among other highlights featured Nanaimo during the intermissions of the NHL hockey game broadcast.

All reports would indicate it was a great family event with Free outdoor skating being popular as well as the zipline over the lagoon. The wait of up to an hour was said to be well worth it with one youngster immediately wanting to get back in line for another ride.

Perhaps the zipline could become a regular feature in the park year round which might entice enough people to make a go of more food carts, and perhaps a night market?? 


Friday, February 24, 2017

More Snow Coming For Nanaimo 5 - 10 cm

Special Weather Statement
Issued at 10:38 Saturday 25 February 2017
Heavy Snowfall over East Vancouver Island tonight and Sunday morning.

A low pressure system will track southward, just off the Coast tonight. As it approaches, mixed precipitation will spread across the South Coast this evening. Most areas will likely see precipitation start off as rain but then change to snow later this evening.

Along East Vancouver Island the snow is forecast to become heavy overnight. As usual, snowfall amounts will be highly variable. Immediately along the Strait of Georgia, wet snow will struggle to accumulate and amounts will likely stay below 5 cm. However, further inland and over higher terrain snowfall amounts will vary from 5 up to 15 cm tonight.

By Sunday morning, the heavy snow is expected to have shifted southward. Areas roughly south of Qualicum Beach and away from the immediate Coast, could see additional snowfall amounts of 5 cm or more before the snow ends near noon.


Jordan Bateman Weighs In On Event Centre

Quest of No Vote Society
Shares "the tale of two arenas"

As a Langely Township Councillor and a columnist with an Abbotsford newspaper Bateman has seen two different sports and entertainment centres with two different outcomes. The Langely Events Centre is described as a successful multi-partner venture while the Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre is described as a financial disaster.

In a letter sent to CTF members Bateman invites members to hear him share his experience in what he calls the tale of two arenas and why Nanaimo voters should be very skeptical of the City Council's $80 million plan that is too much like the Abbotsford experience.

Jordan is the guest of the No Vote Society sponsoring the event which will be held on Thursday March 2, 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Beban Park Social Centre, 2300 Bowen Road Nanaimo.


Rogers Hometown Hockey - Nanaimo Feb. 25 & 26

 Roger Hometown Hockey
Click image to see Hometown Hockey events in Nanaimo

 Hockey Schedule
Click image to view/download Sat. & Sun. schedule

 Outdoor Skate

Click image to view/download Free skating details


Thursday, February 23, 2017

BC Ferries Adds 24 Defibrillators

BC Ferries just announced that the company has installed an additional 24 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at minor terminals for customers to use in the event of a medical emergency. 

Today, heart disease and stroke take one life every seven minutes. February is the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s ‘Heart Month’, a key time to reach millions of Canadians and alert them to the risks of heart disease and stroke. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has supplied BC Ferries with the signage and cabinets for this potentially life-saving equipment through the BC Public Access to Defibrillation Program (BC PAD).

Now, 34 of BC Ferries’ 47 terminal locations are equipped with AEDs. The major terminals (Tsawwassen, Swartz Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Departure Bay, Duke Point, and Langdale) as well as the vessels have had AEDs available for use by BC Ferries’ Occupational First Aid Attendants for a number of years. The AEDs for Denman Island East, Denman Island West and Hornby Island terminals will be installed later this year due to construction on the waiting rooms, which will bring the number of terminal locations up to 37. BC Ferries was not able to install the equipment at some minor terminals that do not have a secure waiting room.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Events Centre Business Plan Published

 Event Centre Business Plan
Click image to view/download PDF

The City of Nanaimo has published a detailed events centre business plan to give Nanaimo citizens full access to information they may need to make a decision in advance of a March 11 referendum. The business plan provides extensive details around estimated costs, projected revenue scenarios as well as cost of borrowing and estimated economic benefits resulting from construction and the events centre’s ongoing operations. The business plan is a comprehensive summary of information that had been released in sections in earlier reports.

The full report, as well as other reports and background information, can be viewed at nanaimo.ca/eventscentre.


Chamber Sponsors Events Centre Public Debate

Public Debate & Discussion Feb. 28 - VICC

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce is presenting an evening of community discussion and debate on both sides of the Events Centre Referendum Question Tuesday, at 6:30 pm on February 28 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.

According to Kim Smythe, Chamber CEO, “The intent is to provide a forum for both sides to come together in a non-political environment, and respectfully present their side. We want to appeal to undecided voters especially. We’re providing a platform for the community to publicly and openly question each side, remembering we are friends and neighbours first.”

The YES and NO side of the ballot question have formed leadership groups and have confirmed that their representatives will attend this presentation which will include a traditional, moderated debate, information session in advance, and a Q & A period to follow.

“After several City-sponsored information events, Chamber members still urged us to generate further independent discussion on this $80 million subject”, Smythe stated.The Chamber is the appropriate organization to act as an independent third party and offer opportunities for further community discussion.“

Since the Events Centre proposal surfaced, the Chamber has committed to a role as an information conduit between both sides and the business community. This strategy has been repeatedly reported in the Chamber’s weekly e-newsletter “NewsLine”, published online every Friday.

A Chamber survey on the Events Centre is planned for March 3 with publication of the results of members’ opinions on March 6 so that the business community’s thoughts can be known prior to the March 11 vote.

There is no charge for admission to the Events Centre Debate at Vancouver Island Conference Centre on February 28. More details will be released as available. 


Jazz Birthday Party Celebration

Sunday, February 26


Port Theatre, Nanaimo
7:30 p.m.

Ticket Prices: $30
$25 for Nanaimo Jazz Festival Members
$15 for University or Diploma Students
$5 for High School and Younger Students

You're invited to a birthday party celebrating the first jazz recording - made on this day 100 years ago! Nanaimo may be the only place in the world to celebrate this birthday. What do you say to that, New Orleans, Chicago, New York . . . ? Featured are James McRae's Black-Lister-McRae Trio; Andrew Homzy's Nola NightHawks; and Nanaimo Jazz Jam, Inc.
Buy Tickets
Online www.porttheatre.com
Telephone the Ticket Centre 250-754-8550
Fascinating Rhythm, 51 Commercial Street, Nanaimo
Become a member of the Nanaimo Jazz Festival


Events Centre Open Houses - One New

Nanaimo residents wishing to learn more about a proposed events centre located on the downtown waterfront at 1 Port Drive are encouraged to attend one of four remaining open house events, including an additional event scheduled at Vancouver Island University. 

Each open house allows residents to get involved in this decision-making process by asking questions and examining the information that has been made available. The remaining open houses are scheduled for the following dates and locations:

February 23 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the Harewood Activity Centre

March 1 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Beban Park Lounge

*NEW* March 7 from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Vancouver Island University, Royal Arbutus Room


Nanaimo Events Centre Analysis

 Analysis of events centre

This article appears on Nanaimo Net, which is a Nanaimo news site published by well known journalist and past councillor Merv Unger. Mr. Weikum has appeared before council on a number of occasions expressing his concerns about the proposed Events Centre. During his most recent appearance he did give a brief summary of his extensive work history which I believe gives much weight to his analysis expressed in this article.

It is a lengthy and in-depth analysis and should be required reading for anyone wishing to make an informed decision come March 11 when you will be asked to give the City borrowing power for $80 million.


Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Cruise Ship Season - Vancouver Island

Nanaimo Cruise Ship Schedule 2017
6 ships at Nanaimo terminal

Victoria Cruse Ship Schedule 2017
220+ ships at Ogden Point this year
 victoria crusie ships 2017
Click image to view complete 2017 schedule

It comes as no surprise that Victoria's cruise ship business continues to boom while Nanaimo's cruise ship business barely seems to sputter.

Since opening, the Nanaimo cruise ship terminal has never hosted as many ships as we did when they had to anchor in the harbour and bring passengers in via tender. This could have nothing to do with the terminal itself, but rather the fact that as much as we don't like to hear it, Nanaimo may simply not be a very attractive tourist destination.

We are just kidding ourselves if we think we can honestly compete with Victoria as a destination location for vacationers wanting to see beautiful British Columbia. We have/had a clean, interesting little downtown to stroll through, but hardly anything to write home about. Yes, we do have a waterfront walkway, but it really does pale compared to the Victoria inner harbour. Those with understanding of the cruise ship business realize you need more than a state of the art dock if you are going to gain reputation as a 'must-do' place in the cruise ship business.

With the upcoming referendum on building an $80 million event centre one has to wonder if the comparisons made with Victoria might be as invalid as comparing our cruise ship business with Victoria.

Just an idle thought, from an idle mind.


Clerk Threatened With Syringe - Robbery Attempt

Suspect caught minutes later

A 22 year old male is in police custody following an attempted robbery involving a syringe. No one was injured during the incident although several employees of the business were traumatized. The incident occurred at approximately 2 pm on Sunday February 19, 2017 at the Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns located on Wesley St.

Police were called by an employee of the business after a male entered carrying a syringe and demanding money from the till. Before receiving any cash, the suspect panicked and fled on foot. Numerous police officers were on scene within minutes and managed to locate the suspect in the area of Commercial St and Bastion. When found the male appeared to be in medical distress from a possible drug overdose and was immediately transported by attending paramedics to local hospital. Later that night, the suspect was cleared to be released from hospital and was turned over to waiting officers who arrested him for breaching the terms of a Recognizance from a previous robbery file. The actual robbery incident is still under investigation and the 22 year old will be making an appearance in Nanaimo Provincial court later today.

The Nanaimo RCMP Victim Services has been engaged and is actively assisting employees of the business who witnessed the ordeal


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cities Can Ban The Sale Of Pot

Can refuse business licence and ban sale
This CBC article reports a BC Supreme Court judge ruling that municipalities can regulate pot dispensaries through the use of bylaws which can deny a business licence and ban the sale of pot.

A few highlights from the judge's findings:

  • Pot can be regulated by a lower authority (Federal regulation does not negate this)
  • Federal laws don't guarantee access to medical pot through dispensaries

It would seem that our local governments can now quick ducking their responsibilities for not allowing illegal businesses to operate within their jurisdictions. Wonder if our Council will now finally step up and do something or will they keep their heads firmly planted in the sand?


Friday, February 17, 2017

Earth 'Shift' Causing Climate Change?

Visit Nanaimo Info Blog To View Video
Inuit Warn NASA and The World
"the Earth has shifted"
Climate change is not due to global warming, but by a shift in the earth.

Note: not speaking the language, I can't verify the subtitles that are being added, but it does seem these folk would know a lot more about weather patterns than the hired guns working on the carbon tax agenda.


Rogers Hometown Hockey Comes To Nanaimo

Welcome Rogers Hometown Hockey
to the Harbour City

Outdoor Skating rink opens Saturday Feb. 18 and will be open until Feb. 26. FREE admission, check the schedule HERE.

The zipline will open February 18, 19, 25, 26 from 10am - 5pm. Donations will be accepted by the local chapter of Kidsport February 18 & 19 and Loaves and Fishes Food Bank February 25 & 26.

In less than two weeks, Rogers Hometown Hockey will arrive in Nanaimo and we need your help giving them a warm welcome to the Harbour City!  Ron MacLean and Tara Slone are travelling coast-to-coast, making 24 stops in various communities across Canada. Nanaimo is one of the lucky ones this year, getting the opportunity to celebrate our love of hockey with several events leading up to their visit.

Paint the Town Red - This tradition started last year as a way to welcome the tour to each host city. Decorate your store displays and front doors, put posters in your windows, hang Canada flags, put those red Christmas lights back up or whatever other fun ideas you come up with to welcome the tour. In honour of Paint the Town Red, the Italian fountain (in front of Port Place Mall) and the HBC Bastion will have red lights shining until the end of the month.

Jersey Day - Mayor McKay will sign a proclamation on February 17 declaring February 24 to be Jersey Day! Wear your team jersey to celebrate hockey in Canada while you participate in the many events happening in Nanaimo in celebration of the tour stop.

Cheer Like Never Before Contest - Upload a video of your hockey team's cheer to win big with Rogers Hometown Hockey. The top five teams with the most votes on the Hometown Hockey website will be invited to take part in the festivities when the tour visits Nanaimo. The winning team will be in the running to win the ultimate NHL experience including a playoff viewing party hosted by a surprise NHL Alumni.

Many groups have come together to offer a list of events happening throughout the city to celebrate Rogers Hometown Hockey, including an outdoor skating rink, zipline over Swy-A-Lana Lagoon, a ball hockey tournament downtown, and more. For a full list of events please visit the link below.


Pianist Sarah Hagen - Port Theatre Feb. 21

Tuesday, February 21

The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music and the Port Theatre present

Port Theatre, Nanaimo
7:30 p.m.
 Adults $32 | Members $28
Students $15 | eyeGO $5

Known for interpretations that exude passion and expressiveness, Sarah is performing Rachmaninoff’s complete Preludes Opus 32, a powerful, undiluted set of thirteen preludes composed in 1910 and rarely performed as a complete set. This incredible show is 90 minutes of music and insightful artist talk back.




Help first responders do their job safely 

The Nanaimo RCMP would like to remind the motoring public to Slow Down and Move Over when approaching emergency or official vehicles stopped on roads in British Columbia.

On January 1, 2015 the law was amended to require motorists to Slow Down and Mover Over, for all vehicles stopped alongside the road, which have flashing red, blue or amber lights. This change under the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations enhances safety for people working on roadways, such as police officers, paramedics, and fire crews. The laws also apply to maintenance crews, tow truck operators, or any other people authorized to work along roadways and utilize emergency lights.

Drivers must decrease their speed when approaching and passing a stopped emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated. Further, if there are two lanes in the same direction, drivers must move into the lane farthest from the emergency vehicle, if it is safe to do so. This gives emergency workers as much space as possible to complete their duties.
On a two lane roadway (single lane in each direction) motorists must slow down and pass the emergency vehicle only when it is safe to do so (motorists must yield to oncoming traffic).
Where the speed limit is 80 km/h or higher, drivers must slow to 70 km/h; where the speed limit is below 80 km/h, drivers must reduce their speed to 40 km/h. (Hint: think of it as the 70/40 rule.)
"We are worried for our safety every time we stop roadside,” said Steve Blunt, a local tow truck operator. “We can only assume motorists don't realize the law also applies to tow trucks. Cars and trucks keep blowing by us forcing us to always be looking back. We’re always wondering if one of the passing vehicles will side swipe us or run into. It’s just not right. “said Blunt.
City of Nanaimo Fire and Rescue Chief Craig Richardson added “First responders are at risk on a daily basis. Citizens of Nanaimo can help protect us by slowing down and moving over so we can help others more safely.”
Constable Wayne Vaughn of the Nanaimo RCMP Municipal Traffic Unit sees it all too often. “Just recently I stopped to assist a family whose vehicle, which was pulling a boat trailer, had blown a tire and as a result, were stranded roadside. I blocked the shoulder lane the best I could with all of my emergency lights on, including my direction arrow. I needed a safe pocket to get the tire repaired. Even then, there were vehicles squeezing past the broken down vehicle and my marked police car, honking their horns and not dropping to the 70 km/h zone. Some were well over 100 km/h.”  


$1800 Gold Bracelet Stolen

Thieves make off with high end jewelry

On Wednesday February 15, at approximately 3:30 pm a gold bracelet valued at $1800 was stolen from a north end jewelry store. 

The two suspects entered the business and asked the lone clerk to remove various pieces of jewelry from the display case. While the clerk was distracted, one of the suspects pocketed the bracelet. The theft was not realized until the two had left the business. 

The suspects were of Eastern European descent and had strong accents. Both were dressed all in black and one wore a traditional Russian fur hat with flaps that fold down. One suspect was approximately sixty; the other in his 30's and they said they were father and son.

It was later confirmed the two had visited several other jewelry stores throughout the day in Nanaimo. If you have information on this crime or the identity of the two suspects, contact the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at www.nanaimocrimestoppers.com text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Share Care Break and Enter Suspect Sought

The male shown in the above photo is suspected of breaking into Shar Kare Feed and Pet Supplies, located at 870 Bruce Ave. At approximately 5:00 am on Wednesday February 15th, the front door to the business was smashed open. Once inside, the suspect took various merchandise then left in the white pickup, shown in the attached photo.

Video surveillance from the business shows the male driving into the parking lot of the business at 4:45 am then leaving 15 minutes later. If you have information on the identity of this person, you are asked to call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at http://nanaimocrimestoppers.com/ text 274637, keyword Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


Stolen Mountain Bike Recovered

Thanks to Project 529 Garage

 project 529
Click image to visit Project 529

A Nanaimo resident recently found out why it is important to report to stolen bicycles to the local police department.

In September 2016, while visiting Kelowna, Kathy Gonzales, who has allowed her name to be released, had her locked, high end mountain bike stolen from the bike rack mounted to her vehicle. She reported it to the Kelowna RCMP but had little hope it would be ever be found. She monitored all the used selling sites for months but never came across her bike. 

After returning to Nanaimo, Kathy saw that the Nanaimo RCMP and the City of Nanaimo were encouraging people to register their bikes with 529 Garage529 Garage is a website and phone app which allows cyclists to register details and photos of their bikes online.  When a bike is reported as stolen an alert is sent out to other users in the area. Police can use the database as an additional resource to help locate the rightful owner when a bike is found.

"I didn’t think anything would come of it but I reported my bike as stolen to 529 Garage, I figured everything helps," said Kathy.  In late January 2017, a diligent bike shop owner in Vancouver had some reservations about a bike that had been brought into their shop. The bike owner decided to check the bike out on the 529 Garage database and matched the bike to Kathy's reported stolen bike.  The bike shop immediately contacted the Vancouver Police Dept who attended and seized it. Kathy was then contacted and the bike was returned to her. 

"I’m thrilled to get my bike back. The process was so easy and the more people use it the better it will be" says Kathy. 

"Stories like these are the reason the Nanaimo RCMP and the City of Nanaimo chose to support 529 Garage as a local bike registration system.  Engaging local cycling enthusiasts and the community is essential to reducing bike thefts. 529 Garage provides a tool which allows for cross jurisdictional searches which increases the likelihood of having stolen bikes returned to their rightful owners" says Nanaimo RCMP spokesperson Gary O'Brien.   

All bike owners are reminded to register their bikes by downloading the 529 Garage app for free or visiting www.529garage.ca/nanaimo

Local bike shop owners are supportive of 529 Garage and will assist with registering recently purchased bikes. In addition to registering their bikes, bike owners should invest in a secure lock for their bike. Cable locks are not secure and can be easily defeated by bike thieves. Follow the Nanaimo RCMP twitter account @nanaimorcmp and Facebook account for upcoming local bike registration events.   


The Answer To Mental Health Issues In Nanaimo?

Are local authorities equipped to deal with rising mental health issues?

An opinion piece in the Province raises some serious questions about how we are not properly funding mental health issues and dealing with them properly.

You don't have to spend too much time downtown and you can see symptoms right here in our own little city. People with drug and or mental health issues are not candidates for the local lock-up and must present a challenge for local law enforcement who have to deal with them on a regular basis. The psych ward at NRGH at best is a stop gap measure but is limited in their ability to treat chronic mental health issues. When it comes to drug and alcohol fueled problems as a society we don't really seem to have much to offer either.


Events Centre Battle Heating Up

The battle for an $80 million Multiplex, rebranded as an Events Centre is beginning to heat up as referendum day draws closer. A quick look around local social media pages highlights some of the graphic messages being used to make a point.  The first graphic was created by local artist Dale Schulz and pretty much speaks for itself.

If creative graphics are any guage of how the vote will go, it looks like the NO side has it. Of course it is far too early in the process to be making any predictions as to the outcome. Taxpayers who remember the conference centre story will be forgiven if they are a little nervous when city hall is asking for the public purse to be opened to the tune of $80,000,000.00.

There are several public open houses hosted by the city between now and referendum day so try and attend one nearest you and make an informed decision on referendum day. Whether it will be the $80 million saviour as some are hoping, or another drain on tax dollars won't be known for years to come, so take your civic duty seriously before you vote.


Nanaimo Weather Outlook

The Weather Network


Nanaimo Spring Break Activities

Day Camps And Special Events Planned
Spring break March 21 - 31 in Nanaimo

Looking for an activity for your kids during Spring Break? Look no further! The City of Nanaimo has many day camp options for kids between the ages of three and teen. Who doesn't want to take a Mysteries of Science or Art Attack Camp? There are full day and part day camps available to keep your kids active and smiling during their two week break from school.

Throughout Spring Break, the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre will host the following special themed swimming sessions: Twisted and Tie-Dyed Tuesdays and Freaked Out Fridays. The Nanaimo Ice Centre will host special afternoon Everyone Welcome sessions complete with the 'Game Zone' for recreation hockey along with $2 admission and free rentals. Also happening during spring break is the St. Patrick's Day Everyone Welcome skate session on Friday, March 17 sponsored by Ryan Vending. 

 Activity Guide

A listing of Spring Break camps can be found on pages 32-34 in the current Fall and Winter Activity Guide. Registration for Spring Break camps is available now by calling 250-756-5200 or online at ireg.nanaimo.ca.

"We have so many great options for parents to chose from this year, and flexible registration in some programs as well, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone" - Grace Bell City of Nanaimo 


Symphony Community Days - FREE Event

Saturday, February 18




Free events!

11:00 a.m. – 12 noon Try the instruments of the Orchestra at the Musical Instrument Zoo (Ages 6+)

11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Meet Composer Marcus Goddard!

12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Adults and children, come see what happens at a Symphony Rehearsal.

Complimentary Tickets must be booked for this Symphony event through the Port Theatre Ticket Centre 250-754-8550.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RCMP Shut Down Marijuana Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensary Beside Daycare
Shut down by Nanaimo RCMP

The Nanaimo RCMP has shut down a marihuana dispensary in its 3 day of operation.

On Monday February 13th, Nanaimo RCMP officers attended to Leaf Labs dispensary located at 679 Terminal Ave. A compliance check was conducted by officers and evidence was observed which they believe contravened the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).  Enforcement action was taken which involved the arrest of a 24 year male allegedly operating the dispensary. This male was then transported to the Nanaimo RCMP Detachment. The dispensary was closed and secured by officers until such time a search warrant was granted to enter the premises. The search was carried out later that same evening and approximately 1.5 pounds of marihuana was seized.

There is no legal mechanism in Canada which allows for medicinal marihuana dispensaries or compassion clubs to sell marihuana to the public, regardless of whether or not the purchasing individual(s) have licenses to possess marihuana or whether or not the vendor has a license to produce marihuana.

Businesses and/or individuals operating in contravention of the CDSA and Health Canada regulations may be subject to investigation and criminal charges in accordance with Canadian laws.

"The RCMP is guided by the existing laws and legislation. We recognize the current complexities surrounding the potential for future legislative changes, however, the RCMP is mandated with enforcing the laws of Canada as they exist today," says Superintendent Cameron Miller, Officer in Charge of the Nanaimo RCMP.

The investigation remains active. “The Nanaimo RCMP sets enforcement priorities through continued and ongoing consultation with local government, our municipal partners, the citizens of Nanaimo and the RCMP in British Columbia." said Superintendent Miller. One of many factors involved in the enforcement action taken today was the presence of a licensed daycare facility operating adjacent to the dispensary. The daycare was not open today due to BC Family Day but is expected to re-open on Tuesday February 14th.

The 24 year male was arrested for Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking under the CDSA, and was released on a Promise to Appear with his first court date set for July 10, 2017.


Second Salish Class Ferry Sets Sail

Salish Eagle Sailing To BC

VICTORIA – BC Ferries’ Salish Eagle, the second of three new Salish Class vessels, is on its way. The vessel departed Gdansk, Poland on February 11, 2017, for a 10,440 nautical mile journey bound for its new home in British Columbia.

The Transatlantic voyage will take approximately 45 to 55 days, depending on weather. The journey will include stops for refuelling in Santa Cruz, Canary Islands and Panama City, Panama, after transiting the Panama Canal and sailing up the west coast of North America to British Columbia.

For those who want to join the voyage “virtually”, customers can track the ship’s progress including course, position and speed at www.vesselfinder.com.


Monday, February 13, 2017

CedarWeekend Break and Enters

Two Cedar Village Mall Businesses Hit
Coco Cafe & 49th Bargin Bin Thrift Store

The Nanaimo RCMP is investigating two commercial break and enters, reported within minutes of each other, on Saturday February 11, 2017. The incidents occurred at 4:51 am and 4:53 am at the Coco Cafe and the 49th Bargain Bin Thrift Store respectively. Both businesses are located in the Cedar Village Mall, 1840 Cedar Road.

Officers arrived on scene at the Coco Cafe approximately 15 minutes after the alarm was activated and found the back door smashed in and an interior door forced open. The only item reported missing was a small amount of petty cash. The break in to the 49th Bargain Bin Thrift Store involved the front glass door being smashed open and cash registers forced open. No cash was on the premises and nothing else appeared to be missing.

"Given the two businesses are in close proximity to each other, it safe to say the two occurrences are most likely related," said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Investigators have been able to obtain video surveillance from one of the businesses and are currently reviewing it. If anyone saw any vehicles, including bicycles or persons in the immediate area between 4:30 am and 5:00 am on Saturday February 11th please call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at www.nanaimocrimestoppers.com text 274637, text Nanaimo or call 1-800-222-8477.


Unsolved Nanaimo Crimes Jan. 30 - Feb 9 2017

1.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3025 Sometime between mid-December and January 30, a brown Honda LTDMC scooter was stolen from Channel View Marina located at 566 Stewart Ave. The BC Plate attached is U12677

2.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3223 On Wednesday February 1, a small black case containing refrigeration tools fell out of the back of Domino's Pizza delivery vehicle. The tools were marked with "Testo" and are believed to have fallen in the 400 block of Machleary St.   

3.   Nanaimo file # 2017-3262 On Wednesday February 1, mail boxes located in the mail room of 1680 Dufferin Crescent was broken into. Locks were jimmied and Canada Post was advised. Remaining mail was removed by management and held for safe keeping.

4.   Nanaimo RCMP file #2017-3299 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 2, the Nanaimo Parks and Rec operations yard on Prideaux St was broken into.  Taken were propane torches and a 2016 orange and white STIHL handheld leaf blower, with serial # 508767306. 

5.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3708 On Friday February 3, a BBQ with tank and a case of Canadian beer were stolen from the backyard of a home in the 200 block of Milton St.

6.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3487 On Saturday February 4, a backpack was stolen from Value Village in the University Mall. The owner was trying on shoes when the theft occurred and the theft was confirmed through video surveillance. The suspect is a white male, 5 ft. 10, sporting a beard and wearing a dark grey hoody, baggy light pants and light coloured baseball hat.

7.   Nanaimo file # 2017-3552 Sometime overnight on Sunday February 5, a break in was reported at 375 Harewll Road. Taken were two grey Mac Book pros, small black laptop, Traftor Control S5, Pioneer HDJ- 2000  headphones , a Playstation and an I-phone 7 plus.

8.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3712 On Tuesday February 7, a break in was reported at 54-1000 Chase River Rd (Petroglyph mobile home park). The padlock to the front door had been broken off and taken was small change from several glass jars.

9.   Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3906 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 9, a break in occurred at A&B Alternators and Starters, located at 3357 Island HW south. The front door was smashed open and phone lines cut. All the computers in the business were taken.  

10. Nanaimo RCMP file # 2017-3940 Sometime overnight on Thursday February 9, a vehicle parked in the 300 block of Seventh St was broken into. Taken was a wallet containing personal ID and a Chinese passport.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Canada Will Lose Revelance In 21st Century

Once 7th Largest Economy, Now 17th Headed for 22nd

A Huffpost article cites slow population growth as one reason for our fall from relevance on the world's economic stage.

The recently released population growth rate for Canadian families shows the average Canadian family only has 1.6 children. It is not rocket science to see we are simply not even replacing ourselves at the current rate let alone growing our population.

Factors not addressed in the article for our declining status may be as simple as becoming less and less friendly to business with ever increasing regulation and taxation perhaps being driven simply by ideology rather than sound policy.