Thursday, December 26, 2019

The New Economy???

8 Year Old Makes $26 million this year!!

Eight year old Ryan Kaji started a You tube channel where he would open toys and give his review of them. He now boasts 23 million subscribers to his channel which has morphed into a full blown children's channel.

He is listed as You Tube's top money earner, raking in a whopping $26 million this year.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What A True Leader Sound Like

Click Image To Listen To Entire Address

It was refreshing to listen to Queen Elizabeth address her Parliament with a clear, concise summary of the goals and objectives that she expects of her ministers.

I contrast that with the empty headed platitudes you will hear coming from our leaders, either locally, provincially or federally. The Queen actually sounds like she knows what she is talking about and that her depth greatly exceeds anything our system has produced thus far.

It is sad, that she really does not exercise any real authority over Ottawa as we are desperately lacking of any true leadership. We, the people really are not intelligent enough to govern ourselves.

God save the Queen.


Nanaimo Christmas Lights


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Greatest Gift Of All ...................

The Real Meaning of Christmas
Not what you think it is .........

Christmas is not about 'us' and the retailers bottom line which sadly in our generation is what it has been reduced to. We have taken the greatest happening in all history and reduced it to a commercial, self-serving, self-indulgent event.

Over two thousand years ago God Himself took on the form of a man, just like any of us. Born of a virgin in a lowly stable, God Himself came into this earthly realm and as the angels declared He set in place peace on the earth. That peace spoken of by the angels was not man to man or nation to nation but between God and man. That is the peace God's only begotten Son had come to declare and accomplish.

He accomplished this not by His life but by His death. His sacrificial death paid the price that righteousness demands for our sin against God. Our sin separates us from knowing the only true God, unless we accept the sacrifice provided for us by the death of God's only begotten Son we can not know God or enter His kingdom. Sin cannot enter heaven, and only the cleansing blood of Christ can wash away our sin, paying the price for our entrance into heaven itself.

Canada, as a nation has experienced the blessing that came with honoring God's only Son and sadly now, is experiencing the consequence of no longer giving Him place in our nation. We have followed the course of man like so many others that have gone before. 

The Gospel of Salvation

The Gospel of Salvation is the one that anyone living in North America has surely heard many times over. That Gospel declares that Jesus the Christ paid the price of our sin against God and that belief in Him gives us entrance into His kingdom. That is the only way, as He declared that no man comes to God except through Him. How we come through Him?? We repent of our sin and ask His forgiveness. As simple as that. He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven

For the past few thousand years the Gospel of Salvation is what has been preached which points the way for man to come back into right relationship with God through the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

Now is the time that the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is going forth which declares that Jesus the Christ is once again coming into the earth to forever establish His kingdom on the earth.

Unlike His lowly, meek and humble entrance on that first Christmas day, this time He will be coming in a blaze of glory that will shake the heavens as scripture proclaims:
"the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day." 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10

That day is rapidly approaching as we get ever closer to our total destruction at our own hands. If the LORD were not to return, there would be no life left on this earth as we are told two thirds of all people will perish in the days that are coming.

Today may be the day of YOUR salvation, you will never know how many days you will draw breath. Today, while it is called today, call upon the only Name by which any of us can be saved, ask His forgiveness of your sin and receive eternal life that only comes through Him.

That is the real meaning of Christmas, it is not about melting credit cards, emptying bank accounts or stuffing ourselves on a holiday that has become anything but a holy-day.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Just How Despicable ICBC & Lawyers Can Be

Claim Sarah Beckett Was To Blame

CTV reported: In ICBC’s statement of facts in the case, the insurance corporation accused Beckett of "failing to keep a proper or any lookout," "failing to see the Defendant's motor vehicle at a reasonable time," "failing to give warning by sounding the horn," and 11 other allegations of neglect.

"The deceased, Const. Sarah Beckett, had a duty of care to the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, and to others using the highway," ICBC initially said in its response to the claim. "The act of colliding with the vehicle operated by the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, and owned by the Defendant, Kenneth Jacob Fenton, was a breach of that duty."
For those reasons, ICBC argued that it should not have to pay for Beckett's damaged Ford Crown Victoria. By early December, Fenton, the co-defendant in the civil claim, had not yet filed a response to the lawsuit.
ICBC only apologized and reversed their claim after CTV outed them  in a news report. This shows just how contemptible ICBC and their legal team are in their handling of insurance claims. It would make you wonder just how slimy they are when it comes to dealing with the average joe citizen claim?


Canadian Credit Card Debt $79 Billion

Canadian Illusion Keeps Growing

This article reveals Canadians growing debt: "Canadian credit card debt reached a new record high, and there’s few signs it’ll stop soon. The outstanding balance of credit card debt reached $79.17 billion in September, up 0.57% from the month before. Compared to the same month last year, this represents a 4.07% increase. It may not seem like much, but it’s an exceptionally fast growing segment of debt in Canada right now."


Monday, December 16, 2019

Canadian 'Prosperity' Just An Illusion??

Canadians Have Become SLAVES
and think it is just normal!!!

Following excerpt from the above linked article should cause all thinking Canadians to give their heads a good shake.

On top of this massive personal debt load our nation is running a massive debt and the current government intends to add at least another $100 billion to the debt over the next four years.

Consider: who benefits from all of that interest we have to earn money to pay for the cost of maintaining this illusion? It isn't common folk who have put their money into savings accounts over the years. So, who are we really slaves to??

Of course this whole article will just fly over the heads of most Canadians who can only focus on the fluff and stuff they are usually being fed.

Canadian households are racking up a lot of debt, but it’s the interest that should be in focus. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows a new record amount of interest was paid in Q3 2019. The mountain of interest paid every quarter is rising, and almost half of it is on consumer loans. When this much interest is being paid, it’s hard not to put a drag on the economy.

Canadians Paid Over $104 Billion In Interest In Q3

Canadian households borrowers paid an astronomical amount of interest to service debt. Interest payments reached $104.96 billion in Q3 2019, up 2.24% from the previous quarter. The total for the quarter works out to 11.02% higher than the same quarter last year. To give it a sense of scale, over the past year Caanadians have spent $405.32 billion on interest payments. That’s bigger than the GDP of Alberta, and a little under Quebec’s. If the interest paid by households was a province’s GDP, it would be the third largest in Canada.


Monday, December 09, 2019

Canadian Recession in 2020??

Click image to read full article

In fact, like it or lump it, good relations with the U.S. is one of Canada’s two most important assets. The other is the country’s spectacular resource endowment. And Trudeau has degraded the value of both these assets to the detriment of all Canadians. This will all prove to be very expensive as the country heads into a recession due to a worldwide slowdown combined with the damage inflicted on the country’s oil industry.

Canadians currently owe about $2.2. trillion in total debt, up by nearly a trillion dollars in just the last decade, Rosenberg said. “This drag on debt service, just for the household sector is going to drain GDP next year.


Friday, December 06, 2019

Canadian Economy Showing It's Weaknesses

While our Prime Minister fiddles ........
Click image for Bloomberg article

Not to worry though, we do have a balanced cabinet based on gender, rather than merit. That was the same type of cabinet we had for the past four Liberal years whose biggest accomplishment was adding another $100 billion to the debt.

In BC we lost another 25,800 jobs in November which now means in 5 of the last 6 months, BC has been losing jobs, across all sectors.

According to Better Dwelling  Statistics Canada (Stat Can) released gross domestic product numbers for Q3 2019. The numbers show healthy growth for the economy – until you dive into them. A single-industry represented more than half of quarterly growth – real estate transactions.

Meanwhile to the south, that despised Trump and his policies just seem to keep adding to their economic job growth by leaps and bounds. It is reported the US economy added nearly 300,000 jobs in the month of November.


Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Answer To High Cost First Home Ownership

All it takes is some political willpower
Click image to view full video
49 Fully serviced homes on 5 acres

This is a project to provide housing to US veterans who are finding themselves either homeless or in danger of being homeless. Hats off to a group of veterans who felt government simply wasn't doing enough for those who have serviced their country. Canada could take a lesson.

While this project is to aid veterans it is a model that could easily provide low cost, first time home ownership to people just getting started. It could also provide affordable housing for seniors trying to fit housing into a limited fixed income. Seniors with equity in their family home could sell that home and move into this type of housing and then not have to decide between taxes, heat or food. This project not only puts 49 houses on 5 acres but it includes a large community center which houses medical services among other amenities.

It could be done if those in 'leadership' were to simply make the necessary zoning changes to allow for this type of development. All it takes is a little bit of common sense and very little bureaucratic interference ................... I must be dreaming.


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

LGBTQ Groups Opposed to The Salvation Army

Click image for Forbes article

Collateral Damage in the LGBTQ war??

Militant LGBTQ groups have been successful in getting the US restaurant chain Chick-fil-A to quit donating funds to the Salvation Army as the Army supports traditional marriage. A view that LGBTQ see as a threat to their view of same sex marriage.

This is the time of year the Salvation Army ramps up it's 'kettle campaign' to raise funds to support the work they do helping those in need of assistance. The collateral damage inflicted in the LGBTQ war will be those the Salvation Army would be able to help if their funding wasn't impacted by this action.

The tactic of simply trying to label and shout down anyone with an opposing view is all too common among those in the LGBTQ camp. In fact Nanaimo has some first hand experience of this tactic a few short years ago. Councillor Pattje was successful in getting the council of the day to oppose a Leadercast event at our conference centre because of a Chick-fil-A connection. It brought Nanaimo some national attention we could have done without.

Those in the LGBTQ quarter have every right to make their case for their opinion as do those with opposing views based on their faith and interpretation of what their scriptures say about marriage. In a civilized society rational open debate is the way to address differences, but shouting down and intimidating others who oppose you does nothing for civil society.

It will be difficult to determine what kind of damage this LGBTQ action will have on the Salvation Army fundraising, but it will no doubt have a negative impact.


Monday, November 18, 2019

Your Nanaimo Tax and Spend Council

Hang on to your wallet
this bunch still has two more terms
Screengrab News Bulletin click image for complete article

Nanaimo taxpayers wanted change last civic election (for good cause) and have given the city purse to a council that only exists to spend. They will justify every increase while never reflecting on the true cause of the never ending tax increases. The true cause you ask?? Well in my humble opinion the fact that CUPE 401 has controlled city hall for decades and now has a union friendly council in place there will be no limit on the creative ways they will invent to spend tax dollars. Bureaucracies serve a purpose in the beginning, but sooner or later become a malignant, ever-increasing growth that sucks the life out of it's host.

Couple that with an inflated sense of their purpose as a city councillor (climate crisis, homelessness, drug addiction, social planning etc. etc.) when their real mandate is to supply taxpayers with services for their tax dollars. Taking on problems which should be dealt with by senior governments (Island Health keeps getting a pass on their role with drug addiction, Social services needs to be dealing with inadequate housing funding etc. etc.). This council needs to be providing the citizens of Nanaimo with water, sewer, roads and public safety at a price the average taxpayer can AFFORD without trying to fund all these grandiose programs that may soothe their egos, all the while going well beyond their pay grade and skill sets.


Friday, November 01, 2019

NDP Economic Philosophy In Action

Premier Horgan explains socialist economic philosophy to trick or treaters. He takes all their candy for redistribution, and gives each one 30% back.


Thursday, October 31, 2019

British Columbia Families Hosed At The Pump

Canadian Gas Prices Oct. 31/19

Calgary .90/l
Toronto 1.09/l
Nanaimo 1.47/l

Prices have been rounded up to reflect a whole number for comparison.

Put simply, every 100 litres of gasoline you buy in beautiful British Columbia will cost you a whopping $57.00 more than it would in Alberta. It will also cost you $38.00 more than it would in Toronto.

Do the math ...... if you buy 200 litres of fuel each month you will have $114.00 less in your pocket in B.C. than in Alberta, and $76.00 less than if you lived in Toronto.

How many families living in B.C. would notice a big difference if they had an extra $100.00 or so to spend each month??

Ask your local NDP MLA how much of the pump price is directly related to government taxes and policy. 


Canadian Gun Law Logic Explained

[Shitpost] The two Bobs inquire about gun control from r/canadaguns


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Terrible Price Was Paid Yesterday

For what we so casually handle today

It is the veteran, not the preacher who has given us freedom of religion. 
It is the veteran, not the reporter who has given us freedom of the press. 
It is the veteran, not the poet who has given us freedom of speech. 
It is the veteran, not the campus organizer who has given us freedom to assemble. 
It is the veteran, not the lawyer who has given us the right to a fair trial. 
It is the veteran, not the politician who has given us the right to vote. 
It is the veteran who salutes the flag, who serves under the flag and whose coffin will be draped by the flag.

While we all enjoy the blessings that have come to our country we seem blind to the gradual erosion of those freedoms once held dear, once paid for with the blood of the brave.

Perhaps it is the fact the current generations have paid nothing for these freedoms they are handled so lightly. No longer honoring and giving place to the God who has kept our land and freedom is another cause behind our current decay.

I wonder if those in Flanders Field are resting, in light of what we have done with the freedoms they so dearly paid for??


Friday, October 25, 2019

Identity Theft Scam Via Canada Post

Official looking Revenue Canada Form

A friend of mine got the above package in the mail, looking very much like an official Revenue Canada document.

It came partially filled out with name and address and a request for some 'missing information' which includes SIN and birth date. It also comes with a handy self addressed and stamped return envelope.

These type of phishing documents are pretty common via email, but I don't think they are as common via Canada Post. So, beware!


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What Qualifies ANY of These Folk To Lead Canada??

Now that the election is behind us
can anyone explain why ANY of these people
were qualified to lead our country?


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Liberals Promise another $93.9 Billion Debt

Promise to run Canadians another $93,900,000,000.00 in debt over next four years

That is a campaign PROMISE which means it might be on the low side, but not the high side.

As reported in the National Post
The Liberals released their costed platform on Sunday, and it comes with big promises — and big spending. The party plans to run a $27.4 billion deficit in 2020-21, and then follow it up with deficits of $23.7 billion, $21.8 billion, and $21 billion in the following years. The Liberals do not have a plan to balance the budget;

Cost of Debt

As reported in the Financial Post
In 2016/17, interest payments on the federal debt will total $25 billion, which is more than what Ottawa plans to spend on transfers to Canadian families in the form of children benefits ($22 billion). It’s also equivalent to the federal government’s planned budgetary deficit ($25 billion). Put differently, in the absence of federal interest payments, Ottawa could wipe out its deficit this year, despite its marked increase in program spending.

Enslaving future generations

Perhaps Canadians have been blinded to the long term evil of deficit financing, as most households couldn't run without their credit. Credit actually makes slaves of us all and the debt we are running up will be an anchor around the neck of our great grandchildren.

With all the focus on the boogieman of climate change, the slight of hand artists wanting to run Canada are being allowed to steal from future generations.

Using credit cards to make credit card payment???

How long would you be able to use one credit card to borrow money to make the monthly payment on another card?? Sooner or later you will go broke.

There is no difference with national debt. This Liberal government plans on running deficit of $27.3 billion in their first year. The interest on the national debt is $25 billion. You don't need to be a finance wizard to realize that we are now paying interest by borrowing more money.

It is a fool's game.


Monday, October 14, 2019

NDP Vote Means Justin Trudeau PM

If you want another four more years of the Liberals then a vote for the NDP will insure that happens.

Sadly, during this election the Canadian voter has little real choice for change. If you are concerned about the spiraling deficits under the Liberals (past four years $20 billion/yr deficits) and four more years of planned deficits, you are faced with very little real choice. A vote for the NDP will just insure another four years of Liberal deficits and the only clear way to avoid that is to vote in a Conservative majority, which is highly unlikely in Canada.

I am old enough now, that I believe I am seeing the end of any semblance of true democracy in this country. On the upside, I won't have to endure it for that many more years. As governments rely more and more on voters who actually believe campaign promises and are now eyeing the 16 year old vote, unfortunately it would appear that Canada will be getting exactly the kind of government we deserve. 

God have mercy.


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Climate Change Lies You Likely Believe

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The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.



Image: Sher Falls DragonFlyDreams88


Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Making British Columbia Number ONE

Photo credit:

GREENdp Leaders make BC #1
Highest Gasoline Prices in the Nation

Halifax NS 107.2
Ottawa Ont. 106.9
Toronto Ont. 104.9
Calgary Ab. 93.9
Vancouver BC 140.9
Duncan BC 144.9
Comox BC 139.9
Nanaimo BC 133.9

They did however spend some tax dollars on a bogus study of why we lead the nation in gasoline prices. Does anyone remember the conclusions or recommendations that came from that non-study??


Satire ...... Makes A Valid Point

Click image for complete article

Click image for complete article


Monday, October 07, 2019

Global Warming/Climate Change/ Climate Crisis

What's really behind the climate change crisis HYSTERIA??
 Images play an important role
Responsible Adults Should Be Ashamed

What is actually behind the whole Global Warming / Climate Change / Climate Crisis hysteria that is gripping the youth of the world can be summed up this way:

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

All governments embrace a narrative that will allow them to keep increasing taxes with virtually no push back from the poor old goose. After all, how can you possibly be opposed to saving the planet?

It is not surprising this can be sold to the impressionable youth who form opinions from tweets and other in depth forms of communication. It is also a noble cause to embrace by a generation that pretty much has no real compass or purpose for life.

Shameful Adult Driven Hysteria

Those adults who pretend to be leaders should hang their heads for the hysteria they are allowing to be whipped up in this youthful generation. People who are supposed to be leaders screaming an end to the planet in six to twelve years should be ashamed of themselves. They are acting totally irresponsibly for personal gain in the political arena.

Is the climate changing? It is always changing and has been since the ice age. Governments using this narrative to support increasing taxes offer no real plan that will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels which produce CO2 (which is NOT a pollutant), increased taxes at the pumps won't reduce consumption nor will it cause people to quit heating their homes. It will however give governments more and more tax dollars they can figure out how to spend.

At the same time keeping us distracted from how poorly we are actually being governed. Imagine a country as wealthy as Canada with a central government spending $355,000,000,000.00 annually and we still have pensioners making a choice between heat and food? More and more young people being lost to drugs and alcohol. A poorer and poorer working class that can't survive without a credit card and line of credit with the bank, and a car loan, and a first and sometimes second mortgage ............... why is that possible in such a wealthy land??

Never mind that, let's just focus on the climate boogeyman and people won't address the real issues facing Canadians.

It is an old fashioned notion we Canadians have relegated to the dust bin, but consulting with the One that created this place in the first place and giving Him place will solve all of the perils confronting mankind in this present hour.

Rather than resorting to that absurdity we will sooner consume Gore's KoolAid and wring our hands and whip up a hopeless youth with fear of impending doom.

It bears repeating:

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.


Thursday, October 03, 2019

Nanaimo Crime Stats September 2019

Image Crime Map City of Nanaimo website

The above screengrab from the City of Nanaimo Crime Map for the period Sept. 1 - Oct. 3 2019 would seem to indicate that crime is well distributed across the city. This image shows the area generally considered to be the downtown district bounded by Comox Rd., Pine St., Nicol St. and Front Street.

Click on the above image to visit the Crime Map to see what type of crime may be occurring in your neighbourhood.

By the numbers

Break and Enter 61 incidents
Theft 108 incidents
Theft from vehicle 276
Theft of vehicle 22
Mischief 249
Shoplifiting 65

These are city wide incidents totalling 781 for the period.


Canadian Media Rebranded

Is Liberal $600,000,000.00 media bailout
paying off in non-coverage of real issues?

Some appropriate logo redesigns?

When was the last time 'reporters' asked any real questions of this Prime Minister? His four year fiscal record is being eclipsed by his proposed deficits over the next four years if re-elected.

He is refusing to engage in any meaningful televised debates and is engaged in the age-old practice of promising goodies for everyone, of course he doesn't care that our great grandchildren are being robbed without any input.

That said, the other parties are engaged in the same tactic of promising the moon and stars if they are elected. Of course the boogeyman of climate change has been used effectively to stir everyone up over an emotional issue, no one can control. All the while no one has to deal with tough issues like the Canadian economy and out of control federal spending, landlocked natural resources, foreign investment leaving our country in droves and arguably a disastrous four years of incompetent government.


Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Port Alberni Mini Vacation

Stamp Falls
Bear Looking For Dinner
MV Frances Barkely
Early Morning On The Canal
Bamfield Coast Guard Station
Humpback Show Time

Port Alberni Mini Stacation

If you are looking for something to do in October might I suggest a short stay with our friends in Port Alberni. 

The Lady Rose Marine is offering a half price sale on their sailings to Bamfield for the month of October. For $40 you can enjoy a day long return trip from Port Alberni to Bamfield. This offers west coast scenery at it's finest and the MV Fances Barkely provides a comfortable trip regardless of weather. The galley onboard puts up reasonably priced good eats from breakfast through lunch fare. You can also buy beer and wine onboard.

The trip from Port Alberni to Bamfield offers a variety of wildlife from eagles, bears, sea lions and humback whales to name a few.


A visit to Stamp Falls Park is always enjoyable where you can watch migrating salmon battle up the falls in their final quest to provide the next generation. The fish ladder provides and 'easier' path for those that find it.

Further up river from the falls we were treated to the site of Mama bear fishing to feed herself and her set of triplets, all of which could be seen at one time. A lone male was also spotted further up the river also trying his luck as an angler. While we observed neither bear were successful in their quest for a salmon dinner.

It is a good way to spend a couple of days and I'm sure a little input into the local economy would be appreciated as currently the big payroll in town is still behind a picket line.


Why Is Trudeau Ducking Public Debates???

Are selfies and photo ops 
all it takes to be elected in Canada????
This National Post article chronicles the number of public 'events' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated in back in 2016 when riding the crest of his public approvals.

Now after demonstrating his leadership these past four years, it begs the question of why he is ducking meaningful public debates, which are down from 5 during the last election to 2 or 3 (with one in French) where he could be held accountable based on his track record.

Click image for complete article

National Post article claims the Canadian public is being denied the opportunity to see Justin Trudeau defend his foreign policy record in a forum that provides substantive and sustained fashion.

Buying Votes With More Deficit Funding
This National Post article shows the cost of the Liberals promises which include running deficits in excess of $20 billion in each of the following four years. This seems to have abandoned the last election promise to balance the budget by 2019.


Monday, September 30, 2019

Youth Hold Pro-Life Rally???

The above image accompanied an article in the Nanaimo Bulletin. While I did not read the story, I was encouraged to think the youth are finally standing up for the life of all children.

Now I will happily carry on with my day knowing there is hope for the next generation who understands the evil of killing the most vulnerable among us.


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Canada Gun Violence - False Narratives??

Promises to ban 'assault' style weapons .....
Valid point or just election talking point??

Recently Justin Trudeau promised to give cities the option of banning handguns and on a national level would ban all assault style military weapons. Other party leaders I am sure will offer similar promises as one more blank in their platform.

It would seem to make sense if the homicide rates in Canada could be linked to the possession of AR 15 style firearms. 

Do the facts support the narrative??

These numbers all come from Statistics Canada for the year 2017.

Total homicides = 666
By shooting 267
By stabbing 203
By beating 108
By strangulation 27
By other means 61

Of all homicides 163 were gang related which means 25% of all homicides are gang related.

During this same time period nearly 4,000 people died by suicide.

Type of firearm used and number of deaths

Handguns 130, rifle or shotgun 50, sawed off shotgun 13, other types 30. The last category can include nail guns, flare guns and pellet guns.

The facts simply do not support the notion that we need to ban AR15 style firearms which in the hands of law abiding citizens are an effective means of self defense. In Canada high capacity magazines are illegal and in fact an AR15 style firearm can only hold five rounds unlike the 40 rounds you hear about in the USA.

Handgun use is already pretty much banned

As for banning handguns, the fact is they are pretty much banned in the way they can be legally used now. In Canada you can not even legally carry a handgun if you are out walking in the bush in bear country, a fact few people know. The only legal place you can discharge a handgun in Canada is on a range at a gun club. Effectively handguns might as well be banned given the highly restrictive regulations governing their use.

False sense of security??

With politicians at all levels calling for more gun controls there is the sense that will somehow make us safer. Fact or false security?? The stats clearly show that you are more likely to be stabbed or beaten to death than you are to be shot. You have nearly a zero percent chance of being shot with an 'assault' (AR15) style rifle, yet that is where all the focus is with political talking points. Assault rifles just sound more dangerous so banning them sounds as if you are really doing something to protect the public.

If you are one of the 666 homicide victims there is a 40% chance you will have been shot a 30% chance you have been stabbed and a 16% chance you will have been beaten to death. Put another way 46% of homicides are from stabbing and beating, while 40% are from firearms.

You are also fifteen times more likely to commit suicide than you are to be killed by a firearm.

Street checking
a real crime deterrent
Image Toronto Sun Article

Back in 2013, when the controversial practice known as carding was increasingly coming under fire over racial profiling concerns, Toronto Police conducted 196,907 street checks — a year that saw 22 gun murders.

In the five years that followed, street checks dropped precipitously — first to 17,001 in 2014 and virtually none in subsequent years.

The city’s cops simply all but stopped doing street checks.

The short version of the Toronto Sun article (I would encourage you to read) after a dramatic rise in murder in 2005 the Toronto police started a serious crackdown on guns and gangs. They used street checks to keep an eye on known trouble makers.

Within a few years the murder rates dropped to levels not seen in decades. The intelligence gathered during these checks was very effective at deterring and solving crime. To the point senior commanders ordered more of these checks which peaked in 2013 with nearly 200,000 checks being done in the year.

The following year members of marginalized communities and Black Lives Matter were successful in getting the media onside and eventually the program was scrapped.

The increase in crime, since is undeniable.

Police Association
says banning handguns pointless


Banning handguns in some cities will make criminals out of law abiding citizens who have handguns for the sport, and personal protection in their homes. The laws in place already covering handguns makes them all but banned already. The gang members on the street did not acquire their weapons through legal channels in the first place and will continue to be armed regardless of laws.

Banning AR type firearms will have absolutely zero impact on crime rates as they are not being used now in crimes.

Proactive policing is proven effective and should be encouraged if there is any real desire to make society safer from the ever increasing criminal element in our midst.


Monday, September 23, 2019

Todays Most Insidious Addiction - INFORMATION

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Media today more interested in being first whether it is true or not!

Are you using your device
or is your device using you?

"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed,"
"If you do read it you are misinformed."


Friday, September 20, 2019

A Very Timely Sign Of The Times


Understanding the Bank of Canada

Few Canadians have any idea how their governments finance their ever growing debts. The Bank of Canada could finance all government debts with INTEREST FREE loans if there was the political appetite to do so. Instead much of Canadian debt is held by foreign interests (25%+/-) which means Canadians are paying interest they should not have to pay, to the tune of over $33 Billion annually for the federal debt alone.

Click the above image for a very thorough examination of why the Bank of Canada should be restored to it's originally intended purpose. That is not going to happen without a lot of resistance from the whole central banking system which keeps nations in bondage regardless of who is elected.