Thursday, May 28, 2020

CMHC Forecasts Huge Drop In BC Real Estate Prices

CMHC expects real estate prices to decline starting later this year and won't find bottom for a year or two. 

CMHC used typical risk forecasts with upper and lower bounds for price movement. The upper bound is where prices head if recovery is swift while the lower bound is where prices head if the recovery takes longer.

B.C. is expected to see one of the largest drops in the country. The upper bound sees the average price bottom in Q2 2021 down 14.33% from the past March. The lower bound forecast would see the average bottom one year later in Q2 2022 down 22.69%. The province underperforms the rest of the country generally in either scenario.

B.C. is expected to see a much longer recovery timeline than the rest of the country. In the upper bound prices would still be down 9.52% at the end of 2022. In the lower bound prices are still down a staggering 21.74% at the end of 2022.


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Council Sets Record For Tax Increases

15% Tax Increase In Two Years

I realize that the total tax increase consists of the City, RDN, School District, NRGH and a few others, but under this council we have seen two consecutive increases that are double of any previous council's.

Increasing Taxes Requires Creative Spending

When a council can't supply the community with the services they are paying for within acceptable levels of inflation, they need to be replaced.

Take a look around Nanaimo and list all of the improvements you, as a taxpayer are seeing for your ever-increasing taxes. Now make a list of them and post them in the comments below.

Councillors Live In A Different World

They somehow think that from their seats of power they can solve all of societies ails. Homelessness, drug abuse are two that make the top of the list all the time. 

These are two areas of governance that the city keeps allowing the senior levels of government to download on city taxpayers. I think that taking on these areas gives councillors a sense of importance that really goes well beyond simply seeing citizens get the services they are paying for.

The wage paid to councillors, for basically a part time gig is equal to what many Nanaimo taxpayers have to live on. Add the income from their 'real' jobs or pensions and you have a group that thinks 5% tax increases on top of 'fee' increases are ONLY a few more dollars, and who can't afford that??

The current covid crisis is clearly showing how weak the Canadian economy has become. A great deal of that weakness is the mind set of council's just like we have in Nanaimo.

Imagine, taxes have now come to a point where this council feels they might have to borrow $52 million to handle cash flow issues if citizens can't pay their taxes. If the city does in fact have to rely on those borrowed funds, being unable to control spending ............ the city would technically be insolvent.

This Council's Hypocrisy

When it comes to loading more tax increases onto the backs of Nanaimo taxpayers, a common refrain from most of council is " it is ONLY $$$(fill in a number).

So, when this council was elected, due to a change in taxes levied on city councillors, what did they do?? Did they just suck it up and dig a little deeper (like they expect taxpayers to do)?

No, instead of digging into their own pockets, they got together and voted themselves a RAISE equal to the amount of extra taxes they would have had to pay.



Moderna Vaccine has 20% 'Serious' Injury Rate In High Dose Group

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 
Chairman, Children's Health Defense

Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitious “warp speed” time line. Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waived ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no specific health data from its mouse studies). That appears to have been a mistake.

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab. Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies, acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention.”

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”. That is the threshold that Gates has established for ending the global lockdown.

Moderna did not explain why it reported positive antibody tests for only eight participants. These outcomes are particularly disappointing because the most hazardous hurdle for the inoculation is still ahead: challenging participants with wild COVID infection. Past attempts at developing COVID vaccines have always faltered at this stage as both humans and animals achieved robust antibody response then sickened and died when exposed to the wild virus.

Moderna’s press announcement heralded “Positive Interim Phase 1 findings”. I have forwarded that claim to my colleagues in securities law; FTC rules restrict the amount of lipstick public companies may slather on bad donkeys.

“© [Article Date] Children’s Health Defense, Inc. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of Children’s Health Defense, Inc. Want to learn more from Children’s Health Defense? Sign up for free news and updates from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense. Your donation will help to support us in our efforts.


Severe Outlook For Canadian Mortgage Defaults

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Canadian Mortgage Delinquencies Expected To Rise 200%

In the severe scenario, they expect the mortgage market will be hit fairly hard. By Q3 2020, they expect mortgage originations to drop by 43%. Average balances rise by 20%, as people stop aggressively paying off balances. Most interesting – the delinquency rate could rise 200%. The end of the third quarter would be around when the surge in mortgage deferrals begin to expire.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Covid Daily Death Count Drama


As of May 26 BC had 161 Covid Deaths

While all life is precious (if you don't count infanticide and doctor assisted suicide) the total death toll in BC now stands at 161. The first death I believe was near the end of January in the province.

That means the total death toll of 161 averages out to about 40 deaths per month. We have come to hear Dr. Henry and Minister Dix nearly daily bringing us up to the minute numbers of new cases, recovered cases and deaths.

Tonight May 26 after reporting no new deaths Dr. Henry commented it made her happy to report and that the trend continues so that families will not have to deal with the lose of someone they love.

What about the thousands who have died not covid related??

Using the 2015 provincial stats (last year that is posted on the government website) during the four month period of Feb. - May a total of 11.539 deaths were recorded in British Columbia.

It would seem logical to assume the number of deaths this year would be about the same which makes you wonder how 161 deaths are getting so much airtime, while 11.000+ deaths get no airtime at all??

$10,000,000.00 to fund sexual assault victim help

On the same day another branch of government announced they are putting ten million dollars into organizations who help victims of sexual assault. It is noted that during these times of being shut-in that there are more cases of sexual assault and hence the need for more funding.

This is just one small example of why our approach to dealing with this virus may not have been the best route to take. Protecting the most vulnerable could be accomplished without destroying an economy and way of life that has taken decades to establish.

The idea a switch can just be flipped and all is back to normal is folly. Canada has been financially injured in a fashion that it will take years to recover, if even then.

Putting the future of an entire nation into the hands of a few medical doctors without the input of social scientists and economists will likely prove to be one of the greatest blunders in Canadian history.


Defending Children's Health


"The greatest crisis that America faces today is the chronic disease epidemic in America's children" - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Government Approved Mask

I am King of Kanada
and I approve this mask


Monday, May 25, 2020

Now Told To Wear A Mask In Public

Don't wear a mask .... wait a minute .. wear a mask
Trust me I am a doctor

It is reported by Canadian Press on Wednesday, Dr. Theresa Tam, the chief public health officer for Canada, recommended Canadians wear non-medical face masks in public when they aren't sure they will be able to physically distance. This is a reversal of her instructions seven weeks ago when she said people who are not sick should not be wearing a mask at all.

 If Canadians want to avoid more pandemic-induced lockdowns, they need to do their part in keeping an expected second wave of COVID-19 infections under control by wearing masks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

Another Opinion

The former lead researcher Whittmore Peterson Institute stated the following on social media sites:

“The masks on walks outside and while driving in your car is mind blowing to me. Do you not know how unhealthy it is to keep inhaling your carbon dioxide and restricting proper oxygen flow? I honestly cannot believe how non-logical we have become! We as a society seem to just listen to (perceived) authority without question. I don’t see a whole lot of critical thought happening here, I’m sorry to say “Why I opt NOT to wear a mask. Well, let me break it down for you. The body requires AMPLE amounts of oxygen for optimal immune health. Especially during a so-called “pandemic”. Proper oxygenation of your cells and blood is ESSENTIAL for the body to function as it needs to in order to fight off any illness.

Masks will hamper oxygen intake. Unless you are working in a hospital setting, it is NOT necessary. But go ahead and hold onto to your security blanket if it makes you feel better. I do not listen to the government when it tries to instruct me on how to maintain health, nor do I trust their ‘stats” (which we know are based on unconfirmed numbers).

You want to be healthy, then make sure to apply it to all aspects of your life. Stop smoking, change your diet, stop consuming alcohol, turn off your wifi and cell phone, stop getting injected with neurotoxins, stop taking toxic medications, stop using so many chemicals in your everyday life, practice proper hygiene (WASH YOUR HANDS). Most importantly, go outside and BREATHE DEEPLY, get some sun, drink plenty of (filtered) water, sleep well and learn to LISTEN to your body.”


If we want to eliminate ALL traffic fatalities
it's as easy as one, two, three

Reduce Speed Limit To 5 kmh
Problem Solved!

Sound ridiculous??

It is the same logic that has been applied to the current covid crisis and it would eliminate ALL traffic related deaths. Of course, our world would grind to a halt, much like the result of the panic response to covid.



June 3 will see Departure Bay - Horseshoe Bay Sailings 
Resume  On Reduced Schedule

Sailings from Departure Bay 10:30 am, 12:50 pm, 2:30 pm and 4:50 pm

Sailings from Horseshoe Bay 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, 2:50 pm and 6:50 pm

Ferries will limited the number of passengers to 50% of capacity and engage extra cleaning protocols  and other measures to mitigate covid 19 impact.


Many Canadian Mortgages Soon Underwater

A few highlights
  • CMHC warns first time buyers to be extra careful in the amount of debt you are taking on. Even a small downturn could be serious.
  • 12% of insured mortgages are on deferral, expected to increase to 20%
  • Homea are expected to fall quickly in value which would be amplified by forced sales
  • CMHC forecasts decline in prices of 9 - 18% in the next 12 months
  • House prices not expected to recover until 2022 at the earliest
  • A lot of mortgages will be greater than the market value of the home meaning those mortgages are now 'under water'


Saturday, May 23, 2020

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Violent Offender - May Be Hiding On Vancouver Island

Jack Lincoln Kelly

Wanted on 10 Canada-wide warrants

Jack Lincoln Kelly, 34, facing two counts of sexual assault, two counts of unlawful confinement, two counts of assault and several breach of probation charges.

Kelly is six feet tall with several tatoos. Anyone with information can call crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency 250-754-2345.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ad calls for second medical opinion of shutdown

The Job Creators Network runs an ad in the Wall Street Journal
"Dr. Fauci, we'd like a second opinion"
The ad consists of a letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, urging him to consider the voices of other medical professionals who are raising the alarm about the broader negative health consequences of the lockdown.

You can read the entire letter HERE.

Comment: perhaps we Canadians should be asking the same thing of Dr. Tam.


Doctors Concern For Continued Shutdown

Continued shutdown "mass casualty incident with
exponentially growing health consequences"

Fox news reports: "More than 600 doctors signed onto a letter sent to President Trump Tuesday pushing him to end the "national shutdown" aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus, calling the widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and kids home from school a "mass casualty incident" with "exponentially growing health consequences."

The letter outlines a variety of consequences that the doctors have observed resulting from the coronavirus shutdowns, including patients missing routine checkups that could detect things like heart problems or cancer, increases in substance and alcohol abuse, and increases in financial instability that could lead to "poverty and financial uncertainty," which "is closely linked to poor health."

"We are alarmed at what appears to be the lack of consideration for the future health of our patients," the doctors say in their letter. "The downstream health effects ... are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error."


Death Certificates Explained

Doctor explains 'best guess' often listed as cause

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Dr. Birx patients 'with' are counted regardless

Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus task force stated that they are continuing to count 'suspected' Covid-19 deaths and are not following the method other countries are using. For example if someone has a heart or kidney condition and they also have Covid-19 other countries are not counting Covid as the cause of death, but rather the heart or kidney condition.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sunday, May 17, 2020


We Are ALL In This Together .............. Or Are We??

Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan, Minister Dix

"We have to be all-in 100%"
Say British Columbia Leaders

Questions for Dr. Henry, Premier Horgan and Minister Dix

  • Do you have to count on $500/wk from Ottawa to replace your lost paycheque?
  • Are you worried your job won't be there when the quarantines are lifted?
  • Are you worried about not paying your rent or mortgage?
  • Are you worried that the business you have built with blood, sweat and tears will have been destroyed in a moment?
  • Are you worried about putting food on your family's table?
  • Have you had to plow your crops under, kill your livestock or throw out your milk?
  • Are you worried your business won't be able to re-open or survive when you have to implement the new health measures?


Saturday, May 16, 2020


Stress Effects The Human Body

It's not all 'in your head'

Effects on the body are very real and varied and harmful

Any of the medical information provided here comes from the website Healthline (Healthline’s physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patient advocates help ensure that the information you receive is accurate, evidence based, current, and trustworthy).

Anxiety is a normal part of life, for example speaking in public, a job interview etc. are all normal times anxiety can manifest. However if it becomes excessive or persistent it can have a devastating effect on your physical and mental health.

Stressful life experiences can lead to an anxiety disorder of which there are several identified by the mental health community. Some of these disorders include: generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder,PTSD, OCD,phobias and panic disorder.

Central Nervous System
Long-term anxiety and panic attacks can cause your brain to release stress hormones on a regular basis. This can increase the frequency of symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and depression.

When you feel anxious and stressed, your brain floods your nervous system with hormones and chemicals designed to help you respond to a threat. Adrenaline and cortisol are two examples.

While helpful for the occasional high-stress event, long-term exposure to stress hormones can be more harmful to your physical health in the long run. For example, long-term exposure to cortisol can contribute to weight gain.

Cardiovascular System
Anxiety disorders can cause rapid heart rate, palpitations, and chest pain. You may also be at an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. If you already have heart disease, anxiety disorders may raise the risk of coronary events.

Digestive System
Anxiety also affects your excretory and digestive systems. You may have stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. Loss of appetite can also occur.

There may be a connection between anxiety disorders and the development of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) after a bowel infection. IBS can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Respiratory System
Anxiety causes rapid, shallow breathing. If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may be at an increased risk of hospitalization from anxiety-related complications. Anxiety can also make asthma symptoms worse.

Immune System
Anxiety can trigger your flight-or-fight stress response and release a flood of chemicals and hormones, like adrenaline, into your system.

In the short term, this increases your pulse and breathing rate, so your brain can get more oxygen. This prepares you to respond appropriately to an intense situation. Your immune system may even get a brief boost. With occasional stress, your body returns to normal functioning when the stress passes.

But if you repeatedly feel anxious and stressed or it lasts a long time, your body never gets the signal to return to normal functioning. This can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viral infections and frequent illnesses. Also, your regular vaccines may not work as well if you have anxiety.

Questions to ponder in light of the current pandemic

How many people have been subjected to extreme stress these past two months with the measures implemented by the pandemic response. Losing your job, not being able to put food on the table or paying your rent probably rank high on the stress inducing scale.

According to Healthline stress can impact both your respiratory and immune system which likely increase your chances of a bad outcome should you contract some virus (covid-19 or not).

Are the health authorities both in British Columbia and nationally taking into account what the long term health impacts are likely to be, based on the current course of 'treatment'?



Confirmed Cases, Recovery and Deaths

Note: the above numbers are sorted by the total number of cases in reporting countries. Whether all nation's reporting is the same or can be relied upon is a question for another day. Variables in testing are significant based on protocols and medical infrastructure and data gathering ability in each nation. It may be assumed that Canada and the US have similar protocols and reporting methods in place. That said the US has led the globe in the number of tests being administered and they likely have a very robust reporting system in place.

Canadian Mortality Rate 7.5% United States Mortality Rate 6.0%

Canada and British Columbia covid - 19 cases

Whether each Canadian province has the same testing protocols and capacity in place is another question for another day. The above stats show a national mortality rate of 7.5% deaths nationally, and 5.8% provincially.

Tests and results by Province

The above shows the total number of tests and the results by Province. It shows the total number of tests administered and the number of tests that have not been processed (waiting for results) followed by the total number of people who are in hospital which includes the number in ICU, For example in BC there were 118,335 tests taken, of which all have been processed and at the time of this data there is a total of 51 people being treated in hospital of which 12 are in ICU.

All data is taken from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates: CANADA at 7:28AM 05/16/20.


Friday, May 15, 2020

Nanaimo 147th Empire Days Celebrations

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A look back in the Nanaimo Info Blog Archives
The 147th Empire Day Celebrations In Nanaimo


Cruise Ship Visits May 12 2014

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A look into the Nanaimo Info Blogs archives
May 12 2014 Cruise Ship Visitors to Downtown


Nanaimo Cannon Now A Restricted Weapon In Canada

Trudeau 'Assault Military Style Weapons Ban'
Renders Nanaimo Cannon An Illegal Weapon?


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Covid-19 - very tricky virus

Ever notice how Covid-19 is really, really smart?
It won't contaminate you at the government liquor store, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Costco, Saveon Foods, Thrifty's etc. etc.
But that sneaky little bug will get you at hair salons, barber shops, restaurants, churches and nearly all small businesses.
Smart little bastard, isn't it?
Or is it?


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

New Canadian News Website

 Canadian Sentinel

A new source of reliable alternate views and opinions you will not likely see on the mainstream media.

Visit and sign up for the email subscription feature and you will receive your free copy direct to your inbox.


Friday, May 08, 2020

City Hall Logic -- An Oxymoron?

We will raise taxes this year, because next year people might have a harder time paying them ...... say some members of council.

We better give ourselves the authority to borrow $52 Million in case taxpayers can't pay their taxes ...... says all of council.

Lets' save $40K closing a downtown policing office .... says most of council

Let's spend $400,000 removing a lane of parking on Front Street and adding a bikelane leading to a boarded up downtown ..... says most of council

Any who have followed Nanaimo Info Blog over the years will know that observing, reporting and commenting on what goes on at City Hall is pretty much what I have been all about.

Following the election of 2015 which pretty much changed council entirely and resulted in a new manager at city hall it was hoped things would change for the better.

However the council which reined under Bill McKay was just as disastrous as previous ones with the failed multi million dollar arena bid being the crowning touch.

The bunch under McKay pissed off enough people and shook up enough of the union control at city hall that the local NDP and union supporters rallied to the cause and saw the tax n spend council we now have at the helm. They have never seen a dollar they wouldn't spend and will NEVER consider putting a lid on out of control wages and benefits at city hall.

This bunch I believe has set a record for the number of consecutive tax increases in their term. They also immediately after getting elected voted themselves a wage increase to offset an increase in taxes they would have to pay on their earning.

The idea they feel the need to perhaps borrow $52 million so they can keep spending even when taxpayers can no longer pay, speaks volumes as to the type of thinking that controls this council.


Monday, May 04, 2020

Nanaimo RCMP Warn Of Late Night Prowlers

Keep your car lockeddon't leave any valuables in your car

The Nanaimo RCMP are warning Nanaimo residents of a jump in late night prowlers in two areas of Nanaimo.

They have been prowling carports and checking car doors looking for something they can steal. This is usually in the early hours of the morning between 2:30 - 4:30 am.

The two areas most recently targeted were Departure Bay and areas around the hospital.

You are reminded to make sure your car doors and windows are secure and that no valuables are left in your vehicle. Wallets are often forgotten and their loss can be quite costly. Not only can you loose your cash, but your credit cards and identity are then at risk.

If you notice anyone or vehicle that seems suspicious you are advised to call the non emergency police phone number 250-754-2345.


Friday, May 01, 2020

Gun Ban Offers False Security

Familiar Safety Promise
Supports Liberal Agenda
Does Nothing For Public's Safety

Banned firearms account for less than 9% of Canadian homicides

Despite facts to the contrary, the Trudeau government has dropped the hammer on many law abiding Canadian gun owners under the guise of public safety. The firearms being banned account for less than 9% of all homicides committed in Canada in 2018.

Using the tragedy in Nova Scotia to bolster their talking points this government holds out the false promise of increasing public safety. Specific to the horror in Nova Scotia , this gunman did not have a permit to purchase or own firearms. The weapons he used were all illegally secured. This latest move would do nothing to have stopped this horrific mass shooting. Suggesting this will do anything is a testimony to this government's lack of any meaningful measures that would make Canadians safer.

Just the facts ma'am just the facts .........

Statistics are from Stats Canada for the year 2018

Total Homicides 651
Total by firearm 249
Number that were gang related 157

Number of non-gun related homicides 402 which would have been by stabbing, beating, strangulation and 'other'.

Breakdown of type of firearm used in the 249 cases
143 Handgun 
 56 Rifle or shotgun 
 18 Sawed off shotgun 
   2 fully automatic 
 30 Unknown type 

Only 8.6% of all homicides committed by banned firearms

The above data demonstrates that of a total of 651 homicides 38% were committed by firearms, 62% were committed by other means (stabbing, beating, strangulation). Of the total firearms related homicides 63% were gang related and 37% were not gang related.  It further shows that only 14% of all homicides were non gang related firearms homicides.

Of the total firearms related homicides 56 were by rifle (undefined as to platform type ie: AR) for a total of 8.6%.

The thrust of the Trudeau order is to make Canadians feel safer by banning 'assault type weapons' when in fact only 8.6% of all homicides fall within the rifle or shotgun category. 

Telling Canadians that removing firearms that account for only 8.6% of homicides is somehow going to make Canadians safer is simply a false statement. Their inability to bring about meaningful steps to stem violence is not comforting given they are governing as if they had a majority.


Canadian Approach To Public Safety

Borders on insanity

In Nanaimo the RCMP report that a 28 year old woman living on Glenayr Drive as stabbed by a knife wielding man demanding money. She resisted and he fled the scene.

The RCMP attended and were able to locate the suspect who was in possession of several knives at the time. He was charged with assault with a weapon, robbery and uttering death threats.

When he appeared in court he was released and won't appear until his next court date of July 21. RCMP spokesman said people charged with crimes are often released because of a concern they may encounter covid-19 in custody.

The victims injuries were described as serious but not life threatening and she was treated in hospital. Meantime the suspect has been set loose in the community so that he maybe won't get sick. Really?? This guy didn't steal a can of soup he was charged with assault with a weapon, robbery and uttering death threats.

It makes you wonder just who the courts think they are supposed to be protecting.

Meanwhile In Ottawa

The PM is planning on spending more money to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

Seizing on the tragedy in Nova Scotia Justin Trudeau is using the moment to remove lawfully obtained firearms from duly licensed, law abiding citizens.

The government is going to 'buy back' these firearms in the interest of public safety, even though it will do nothing to make anyone any safer. It is really a choking point with many when a government says they are going to buy back your legally purchased gun .............. with YOUR money!!

The tragedy in Nova Scotia was committed by an unlicensed person who used illegally obtained weapons. Trudeau's latest move will do nothing to make the streets any safer as gangs don't follow the law.

These kind of moves are not surprising coming from the man who tried to overthrow the last election by trying to get unfettered tax and spend power without parliamentary oversight.

Disarming citizens is one of the first things done by socialist/communist governments before they bring in their real agendas. God help Canada.

Spending a few billion tax dollars on a program that will do nothing to make anyone any safer perhaps may deflect for a moment from the fact his government has managed to run up a deficit this year of $252 Billion. Normally it would have taken Trudeau 12 years to run up that kind of debt.