Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hell's Angels Forfeiture Appeal Denied

Hell's Angels Appeal Dismissed

It is reported in today's Province the B.C.'s highest court has upheld the seizure of the Nanaimo Hell's Angels clubhouse located on Victoria Road.

The clubhouse was seized in 2007 and includes the two lots the building is situated on. Since the seizure the building has sat, unused behind a security fence.

The Province article did not make clear if the property can now be sold with the net proceeds going to the Crown?


Fender Guitar Raffle Helps CDA and Theatre

Celebrity Signed Fender Guitar Raffle

Be a Diabetes Champion with a chance to win this guitar!

The Canadian Diabetes Association, in partnership with The Port Theatre, is selling raffle tickets for an acoustic Fender guitar signed by musical greats Colin James, Oscar Lopez, Johnny Winter, Pavlo, Jesse Cook, Weird Al Yankovic and many more!


CHEK TV Give and Go Nanaimo

CKEK TV Give and Go Nanaimo
Wed. Dec. 1   5:00 - 7:00 pm
This annual event helps raise cans, clothes and cash for Nanaimo's less fortunate at this time of year.

CHEK TV will broadcast live from the event at 2575 McCullough Rd. in front of the Daily News building.

So load up the car (volunteers will unload your donations) help support the Salvation Army, stop and enjoy this popular local event which helps those in need in our community.


Nanaimo 4.2% Tax Increase Is Not Enough

Click Any Image To Enlarge  
Basic Infrastructure Not Being Financed!

At the FPCOW meeting on Monday Nov. 29, the new city manager Mr. Al Kenning said he did not feel the 'looming' shortfall in infrastructure needed to be dealt with at the present time. Saying he felt the needed tax increases might be easier for taxpayers to swallow (paraphrased) if they are increased at a later date. The logic for the postponement was not really clear other than not wanting to upset taxpayers with a higher tax increase.

With the exception of councilor Pattje no one on council including the Mayor seems the least bit troubled with the fact that even with current tax increases we are not actually budgeting to pay for water and sewer infrastructure in the city of Nanaimo.

What Are We Doing?

When a city is no longer taking care of it's basic infrastructure such as sewer and water how long do you think it will be before we hit the wall or to put it more colorfully until the s_ _t hits the fan! Given the current sewer infrastructure shortfall that could literally be the case!
The above charts, taken from the Asset Management document posted on the city website have been presented to council on two occasions by Mr. Hickey who is the director of Engineering and Public Works. It graphically shows that in years to come the basics of sewer and water will have been underfunded drastically! I have asked city council to put a dollar figure on this shortfall trying to see what our tax increases 'should' be in order to avert this shortfall.

In other words the current budgeted tax increase of over 20% and the budgeted increase in water rates of 25% is NOT ENOUGH to maintain the basics of sewer and water!

It is bad enough we have spent our grand kids money without asking, but now it seems we are not even going to be leaving them with anything but a failing infrastructure!

A cynical mind might think that current staff and council would just as soon avoid telling the average taxpayer how much their taxes really should be going up, in the hope they will no longer be responsible when the S_ _T does hit the fan!

Government Is Too Important To Be Left To Politicians
Get Informed               Get Involved


Downtown Parking In Nanaimo

Click Image To Enlarge
Nanaimo Downtown Parking

The above map shows the location of the off-street public parking in downtown Nanaimo.All lots in orange with the exception of the Pioneer Parkade are owned by the city of Nanaimo who contracts with Robbins Parking to patrol parking in the downtown area.

Rules Regarding When To Pay for Parking

There is not just one simple rule governing downtown parking (simple is not what citys do) so the following will try and clear up where and when you have to pay to park downtown.

 On-Street Parking
All 'un-metered' downtown parking stalls are free but are limited to 2 hours Monday - Saturday.
All metered downtown parking stalls are paid parking Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Off-Street Parking Lots
Civic Arena (aka Maffeo Sutton Park) Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm first 3 hours are free.
Wallace/Wentworth Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bastion Parkade Mon. - Sun. 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Harbour Front Parkade 24/7.
Port of Nanaimo Centre 24/7.
Cavan Street parking lots Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00 pm
Prideaux/Franklin Free.

To review all the information about downtown Nanaimo parking you can visit the city of Nanaimo website by clicking here.

Adding to the confusion, you will find that downtown also is home to several private parking lots which have totally different rules as to when you have to plug the meter.

The short answer, if you are not sure and do not want to risk a parking ticket, you should plug the one armed bandit anyway.

Note: I did not post the requirements for parking in the Pioneer Parkade as that is controlled by the Port Authority who have not returned my call with the information. If I ever hear, I will post it here.


Monday, November 29, 2010

Woman Sexually Assaulted

A 26 year old female from Nanaimo was sexually assaulted early Sunday morning and police are asking the public for their assistance in finding her attacker.

The female was taken to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital late Sunday afternoon by her mother and treated for injuries sustained in the attack. She was later released from hospital.


Charges Laid In Meth Lab Bust

Picture of a meth lab.Charges have been laid and a crystal meth lab has been shut down after its discovery on Friday by members of the Nanaimo Property Crime Unit.

Six individuals face charges ranging from Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking(PPT) and Production of a Controlled Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). Three adults, two males and one female, were released from custody on Saturday on Promises to Appear, however, this morning charges were formally laid against the three. Three other adults including the property owner were held in custody and will be making an appearance in Nanaimo Provincial court later today.


Mount Washington Opens Early This Year

That little bit of snow we got down here, has meant that up on Mount Washington they have received enough of the white stuff to open early this year.

They will be opening on Friday Dec.3, 2010. For more information click here.


Distracted Driving Reminder

RCMP are reminding all citizens of new legislation that prohibits the use of hand-held devices and cellular phones while driving. As of January 1st, 2010 the new BC laws states that drivers cannot:

 - send or read text messages or e-mails
- make or receive calls unless using hands-free device
- hold or operate any electronic device
- operate hand-held OR hands-free cellphones if a learner or novice driver (in GLP)

“Using” an electronic device includes:- holding the device in your hand
- operating one of its functions (i.e. press buttons)
- talking on the device
- watching the device
(only required to be doing one of these actions to commit an offence)

What is an “electronic device” ?
- cell phones, Blackberry, and other hand-held devices that have telephone capabilities and on which you can send text messages or emails
- Ipods and other music players
- GPS systems
- hand microphones
- televisions
- other handheld electronic devices


Port Theatre Nanaimo Nov. 29, 2010

Xentel DM and the Gizeh Shriners of BC present
Monday Nov. 29 7:00 pm


Nanaimo FPCOW Meeting Nov. 29, 2010

Special Finance/Policy Committee of the Whole Meeting
Board Room, City Hall
2nd Floor, 455 Wallace St. Nanaimo
Mon. Nov. 29, 2010 4:30 pm

The purpose of the Special Open Council Meeting is to deal with items related to the 2011 - 2015 Financial Plan.

Mr. Hickey will provide a presentation regarding the Engineering and Public Works Department budget.

Mr. Clemens will provide a presentation regarding the Finance Department budget.

To view the agenda for this meeting use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Singing Christmas Tree Nanaimo

For More Information About Show Times 
and Free Tickets Click HERE


Bastion Officially Reopen

Crowd Gathers Under Blue Skies For Reopening of Bastion
Bell is rung To Mark Official Reopening of Historical Bastion
Dignitaries Address The Crowd
Example Of Some Of The Wood Joinery Used In Restoration

Historic HBC Fort 
'Bastion' Officially Reopened Nov.27, 2010

Under brilliantly clear and blue skies the 157 year old Bastion was reopened before an enthusiastic crowd assembled to mark the historic occasion. Among the crowd were dignitaries from local historical societies, civil politicians, Provincial and even Federal government representatives were on hand.


Things On The Net That Makeya' Smile

"Anybody can move a piano, no need to call a professional mover . . . . . . . . ooopppss!"


Glen Clark Discusses Big Idea

Independent Business Watchdog
Needed To Evaluate Projects

In today's Globe and Mail in a promotion article for an upcoming interview with Glen Clark who served as B.C.'s Premier for three years, Clark is quoted as saying:

"before City Council spends your tax dollars on major capital projects, an independent business watchdog should weigh up the financial pros and cons first. And despite council's final decision, the business report should be made public."

The topic is the point of discussion between Glen Clark and Globe reporter Ian Bailey on Monday November 29 at 1 p.m.  when they discuss the latest One Big Idea.

If you would like to read the transcript of this interview with Mr. Clark click here.

Comment: Coming from someone who clearly must know the inner workings of government and how decisions are made, Mr. Clark I am sure has some sound reasoning for his One Big Idea. I don't imagine that either councils or city staff would embrace such a suggestion, I do think the average taxpayer could be well served by implementing such an idea. What do you think? Use the 'comment' button below to voice your opinion.


Another 'Millennium' Project In Trouble

Millennium 'Evelyn' Properties Owe $75 Million

It is reported in today's Province newspaper that another 'Millennium' company is not making payments on their loans of more than $75 million.

This is a development in West Vancouver that was backed by Peoples Trust Company, bcIMC Construction Fund Corporation and bcIMC Specialty Fund Corporation, who have filed petitions in B.C. Supreme Court against Millennium Evelyn Properties Ltd., Millennium Development Corporation and Shahram Malekyazadi one of the brothers who own Millennium.

This includes $71 million owed to two backers and another $4 million owed to another mortgage holder. The $71 million loan is racking up interest at the rate of $12,000 per day. The backers are looking for the court to appoint a receiver to sell the property to help recover their loans.

Comment: This is the same 'Millennium' that previous Mayor Gary Korpan, and retired ex-city manager Gerry Berry agreed to pay over $3,000,000.00 to with the understanding they would construct a hotel downtown next to the convention centre. The city of Nanaimo is currently in court seeking to recover the $3 million from Millennium 'Nanaimo' Properties.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Rural Meth Lab Dismantled

A rural property on Munroe Rd located off of Jingle Pot Rd, is currently the subject of a search by members of the Nanaimo RCMP Property Crime Unit and members of the E Division Clandestine Lab response team.

Officers with the Property Crime Unit,armed with a search warrant, entered the property around 7 PM last night to search various outbuildings for suspected crystal methamphetamine. Five individuals were encountered by the officers and taken into custody without incident. Later that night the registered owner, a 33 year old male, drove onto the property and was also arrested and taken into custody.

While the property was being searched one of the officers involved detected a chemical odour coming from a barn on the property. The building was not entered and officers contacted the EDiv Clan Unit in Vancouver relaying the information they had. Based on the information provided to them,they attended to the property late last night and commenced with shutting down the lab.The premises were secured and guarded for the night. This morning the members re-commenced iwith their search and are still searching and dismantling the chemical lab.

Currently the six individuals, five males and one female are still in custody ,arrested on charges of Production of a Controlled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act(CDSA). Three of these individuals are from Nanaimo, two from Surrey and one resides on Salt Spring Island. No decision has been made to date on what charges, if any, the six face. Upon completion of the search ,an updated release will be prepared and released.


Port Theatre Nanaimo Nov. 28, 2010

Literacy Central Vancouver Island presents:
Sunday November 28, 2:00 pm


Black Friday Code For Shopper Insanity?

Lines Outside a Walmart in Buffalo NY

The above photo which appears in today's Toronto Star I am sure looks like good news to retail executives, but personally I find it just a little bit creepy!

Is it just me, or do the shoppers look more like animals being herded and led to a slaughter? Note the partitioned barricades that clearly control the number of people at any one time being allowed through the doors, desperate to snap up the ten foot television for $10, or whatever other 'specials' are used to entice people to behave like crazed beasts.


BC Ferries CoastSaver Fares During 2010 Holidays

30% Discount Promotion Back This Winter

BC Ferries is offering $39.95 CoastSaver fares starting December 29, 2010 through January 5, 2011 on three major routes between the mainland and Vancouver Island.

The CoastSaver fares will apply on the Tsawwassen - Swartz Bay, Tsawwassen - Duke Point and Horseshoe Bay - Departure Bay routes over the holiday season. The cost of passenger vehicle and driver will be $39.95 and the cost for adult passengers will be $9.95 during the eight day period.

For more details about BC Ferries schedules, fares and reservations click here.


Things To Do In Nanaimo Nov. 26 - 28

Nanaimo Events and Activities

The Nanaimo Things To Do Directory has over 160 different contacts for all interests from Air Cadets to Windsurfing and everything in between. To visit this directory use this  Nanaimo Info LINK.
Christmas Downtown & Opening Santa's Workshop
Tour Bastion Sat. Nov. 27, 10:45 am - 12:00 Noon
Fri. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Sat. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Sun. calendar of events use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

BC To Fill One Million Jobs By 2019


By 2019, British Columbia will have over a million job openings. Ensuring the province has the skilled workers in place to fill these jobs and flourish economically is the key goal of a new provincial strategy titled Skills for Growth: British Columbia’s Labour Market Strategy to 2020, released today by Regional Economic and Skills Development Minister Ida Chong.

“If we want to maximize our economic potential, B.C. not only needs a highly skilled workforce, but also one with the right skills to match market demands,” said Chong. “Skills for Growth outlines our strategic approach to ensuring we have enough workers, with the right skills, in every region of the province.”


Recall Application Rejected

Ida Chong
Recall Application

In a decision that has Fight HST organizer Bill Vander Zalm spitting nails, the application to begin the Ida Chong recall process has been rejected.

Acting chief electoral officer Craig James, says the application exceeds the 200 word limit allowed under legislation.

It seems that words like HST and MLA are not actually counted as two words, but rather six if you are applying the means of word counting used by Mr. James.

The group can resubmit an application however each of the 150 people registered to collect signatures during the recall campaign will have to resubmit their applications.

Comment: Rules are rules, and the organizers should be clear on the word count issue. However, I think Mr. Craig has done nothing but throw gasoline onto the fire. If he hasn't noticed there are a lot of p#$$@d off people these days, and most levels of government are in their sights.


Nanaimo Schools Closed Today

Click Image To Enlarge
 Snow Day For School District 68

As announced on the local radio stations, the schools in School District 68 are closed today because of the snow. The university is of course open.

Good news for the kids wanting to get out and play in the snow. Bad news for parents who are now scrambling to find a sitter for the young 'uns too young to be left on their own.

If you are fortunate enough to have unquestioned sick days you might want to just call in sick, put on your warm boots and join the kids on the hill with your snow sliding device.

Current Nanaimo Parkway Road Conditions

Click here to view BC Higways Webcam by the University on the Parkway.

Nanaimo Parks Recreation & Culture Programs

All facilities are open today, Thurs. Nov. 25, 2010. Please note the following programs have been cancelled:

  • Beach Kids A.M. - Kin Hut
  • Kinder Prep - Kin Hut
  • Music Makers postponed (make up class Dec. 16)
  • Beban 8 a.m. Core Strengthening
  • Oliver Woods Doodle Bugs and Kinder Prep


Top Five Winter Driving Tips From ICBC

With below-freezing temperatures across B.C. set to turn into substantial snowfall by tomorrow, and then perhaps rain and black ice on the roads by the weekend, ICBC has these following tips to help you stay safe on the roads:
  • Equip your vehicle: We issued an information bulletin earlier this week to answer customers' questions about winter tires and insurance, but preparing your vehicle for winter driving comes down to much more than just choice of tires. Don't use cruise control on slippery roads; check your tire pressure as they can deflate quickly in the cold; low-beam lights are more effective in the snow; and keep your gas tank full to prevent freezing in extreme temperatures. Keep a blanket in your car just in case you are unfortunate enough to get stranded in these wintery conditions. You can find more tips on icbc.com.


Nanaimo Barbershop With Character

Treasure Trove of Eclectic Memorabilia In Unique Barbershop
British Barber/Hairstylist  
Alan Bethell Welcomes You To His Establishment

You're not likely to find another one in Nanaimo, and perhaps not even on the Island, a Barbershop with character owned and operated by a Barber who is a character.

As soon as you walk through the doors you know this is not one of those slick North American hair cutting franchise outfits with their upscale designer furniture and decor. The name on the window, 'Shear Agony' is a hint to the experience inside this unique shop located in Terminal Park Mall.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Should Urban Farms Be Commercial?

Lantzville Urban Farm Raises Questions

Recently an 'urban farmer' in Lantzville has been in the news. Apparently the District of Lantzville has decided that current zoning does not allow for commercial food production, but does allow for production of food for personal consumption.

The principle of course is much like motherhood and apple pie of course, as the right to produce food is pretty basic to human survival.

However, what is not quite so clear is the application of zoning considerations and how they apply to the way we construct our villages, towns and city's. The report in the local daily says the matter became an issue when a bylaw officer was inspecting an unsightly premises complaint which led to the discovery of a commercial agriculture operation in an area not licenced for it.
The unsightly premises complaint was related to piles of earth and manure on the property, which apparently has caused some issues with at least one neighbour.

The Mayor of Lantzville is inviting the offending party to make a presentation to council which could result in the bylaw being revisited which could make the operation legal.

All well and good, who in their right mind wants to stop the production of food? However, it does open a can of worms which is not likely as simple as it first appears.


Corporate Big Wig Can't Do Job

Subway's CDO Fails As Fast Food Worker

In a recent episode of 'Undercover Boss' the chief development officer of Subway's, Don Fertman found out the hard way that delivering what the customer and management expects is not all that easy.

The exec had worked for Subway for 29 years and in that time had never actually made one of the company's sandwiches. When put on the line it took him over 3 minutes to put together customer orders, which simply is far too slow. His 19 year old manager sent him to the back of the store, to wash dishes, clean windows and do other grunt work that would not interfere with the experience of customers coming to the popular sandwich eatery.

There is a general 'snobiness' today which tends to look down upon and demean people who work in the fast food business. Phrases like McJobs tend to devalue the role these jobs play in today's society. After all, the last time I looked eating was pretty much up there on my list of important things to do today. Paying some senior exec kazillions of dollars to play monopoly is probably not as much of a priority to me as making sure the person responsible for providing me with safe, tasty food to eat is making a living wage and feel good enough about the service they provide to hold their heads high, and take pride in their work.

On the same vein paying bankers and stock market traders obscene amounts of money to dabble with the economy in ways which arguably add nothing to the overall good, while we pay people who provide the very necessities of life poorly, says a lot about our societies values. Which seem a little skewed at the moment.

So, who is more important to you as a customer looking for a healthy, nutritious lunch, the seven figure exec sitting in  his ivory tower someplace, or the boy or girl behind the counter being paid a bit more than minimum wage?


Port Theatre Nanaimo Nov. 26, 2010

Jaguar Music Group presents:
Fri. Nov. 26 7:30 pm


Times They Are A Changin'

$55,000 Needed For Playground
In College Heights

The local daily is running a story about three mothers in the College Heights area who are soliciting support for a playground in their neighbourhood.

The land designated as park has been sitting vacant for three years now, and the closest playground for residents is at Westwood Lake, which of course involves a car ride and not just a pleasant walk.

Three mothers in the area have taken it upon themselves to spearhead the drive to bring a park to their neighbourhood.

They have raised some $6,000 towards the cause which will be added to the $25,000 that the City of Nanaimo has ponied up under the Volunteers in Parks program. This still leaves them short of the required $55,000 they claim to need for the project.

One of the moms is quoted as saying currently she has to drive to Westwood Lake to push her kids on the swings, and feels every neighbourhood should have their own park in walking distance.

As the title says Times They Are A Changin' ! I know inflation is a problem, and that I also got off of the ark, but can't you build a pretty decent swingset for $31,000? When I was a kid (before electrictiy or cars) a good tree branch, an old useless tire, 30 feet of rope and voila .......  instant swing for at least two!

I would think that with $31,000 and lots of sweat equity from the local weekend warriors in the neighbourhood, and this neighbourhood should have one first class, grade A number One playground.


ICBC Talks About Winter Tires

Winter tires are not mandatory in B.C. but ICBC recommends their use in snowy conditions, particularly if you live in an area where you would normally expect a lot of snow. In snowy conditions, driving without proper winter tires may not be the wisest or safest decision, but it does not affect a customer’s insurance coverage or eligibility to make a claim. 
Drivers are always responsible for ensuring their vehicles are properly equipped for road conditions, just like ensuring your wipers and headlamps are working well on dark and rainy nights. Driving without winter tires will not void your insurance in the event of a claim or mean that you are automatically at-fault for a crash. If you get in a crash where winter tires could have helped, it may be a deciding factor in determining whether or how much you are at-fault.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Seen Jocko?

Dog Missing In Brooks Landing Area
Now Seen Near Beban Park

Jocko was staying with friends of his owner when he went AWOL on Nov. 16 in the Departure Bay area, and was last seen at Brooks Landing.

If you have seen Jocko please call his owners at 250-591-8474 or 250-591-8471. If you are unable to reach them please call the SPCA 250-758-8444 or City Pound 250-754-1397.

Apparently he has been spotted in the Cosgrove Cres. area and in the area of the golf course. The owners say he loves food, is very friendly and encourage you to hold on to him if you are comfortable with that.

Jocko is on the move and it sounds like he has left the Departure Bay area, though he may return there. He was sighted this morning near Beban Park, crossing Bowen Road into Rosstown Road. 

If you want to help try and get Jocko back home, if you click here you will be able to download and print a poster, you can post in your area, or give to friends.


Things On The Net That Makeya' Smile

Snow Plowing On A Budget!


Copper Thieves Nabbed By The 'Coppers'

 Coppers Get Their Men
 Brent Andreeff Charged With Theft

On November 20, 2010, at approximately 5:00 p.m. members of the Nanaimo RCMP Property Crime Unit were patrolling in the 2500 block of Rosstown Rd. when they observed two males acting suspiciously. The members watched these males and saw them approach a manhole and pull the lid off. The males left the area for a brief time and upon returning, began to attempt to steal copper wire.


Glad To See Me This Morning

Anna's Hummingbird
Just Outside My Window
In years past we have always had humming birds visit our feeder in the spring and early summer, but usually once there is lots of natural food, they just seemed to disappear.

This year however, is different and at least one Anna's Hummingbird has decided to adopt our yard, and more specifically this feeder. They are most protective of their food supply and the one, who now spends most of the day perched in the Cottoneaster will quickly drive away any other Hummingbird that tries to use the feeder. Their aerobatic abilities would put a top gun pilot to shame!

This recent cold snap means of course that her feeder freezes up after a few hours, so it needs replacing. This morning about 7:00 am I went out to put up a fresh feeder and she was already sitting in the bush, waiting for me.

This feeder and bush is not two feet outside our living room window, and she certainly is far more interesting than anything the telly has to offer.


Clear and Cold In Nanaimo This Morning

Unofficial Temperature At 7:30 AM

This is the morning you are likely to find out if you should have bought a new battery for your car. If you should, you will be needing a jump start from the neighbours or will be calling a tow truck, or perhaps you will just grab a taxi or the bus and deal with it later.

These kind of temperatures, which our friends in Calgary or Regina would call a heat wave, can make all the difference between a battery that works, and one that won't. 

Also remember that once your car starts it is a good idea to let it warm up a bit, so the oil gets thin and circulates well throughout the whole engine. This may also be the morning you find your defroster doesn't work the way it should either. On a similar note, you did check your antifreeze in the engine and your window washer bottle is not just straight water?

Let's face it, we Nanaimoites and our cars are just plain wimps when it comes to winter weather. Cheer up, we are supposed to be back to normal by Thursday.


Nanaimo Finance Director Presents Budget

Brian Clemens Director of Finance

Finance Director Mr. Clemens presented city council and the public with the 2011 - 2015 Financial plan also known as the city budget. The presentation was basically the same as he gave last Monday to the FPCW meeting at city hall.

The budget calls for another 4.2% increase in residential taxes, which it should be noted is the increase in 'city' taxes only and does not include any increases that could come from school, hospital or library taxes. In addition to this increase the water user fees with be increasing by another 5% and garbage collection will also see an increase in fees.

This slide shows the amount of historical tax increases in the city of Nanaimo, it should be noted that this does NOT include increases in user fees, which have also gone up over this period. The total tax increases for residential on the above chart totals nearly 22%. If you consider the compounding effect of the increases, the actual increase is greater than 22%.

During his presentation Mr. Clemens also refered to the coming necessity of a 'special tax levy' at some point to replace the aging infrastructure in the city. This includes the aging water, sewer and storm repairs that were outlined in a recent Asset Management presentation by city staff.

Comment: While the reference to a special tax levy, seemed to go unaddressed by council it clearly points to a coming tax increase crisis that will likely prove to be most unpopular. Perhaps there is no appetite with staff or council to bring to light what these coming increases are likely to be, but they should be a part of the planning, and budget increases NOW, and not keep putting it off.


Muriel MacKay Ross Honored

City Bestows Highest Honor
Freedom of the City

City Council presented Muriel MacKay Ross with the highest award they can bestow on any person at last night's council meeting.

The honor "Freedom of the City" was officially adopted at a meeting of city council in Oct. of this year and the actual presentation including framed certificate and medal were given at the Nov.22 meeting of council.

While Mayor Ruttan did not itemize the list of her achievements, dating from 1948 to date he did mention she had also received an award bestowed by the province earlier this year.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Nanaimo Snowfall Warning 10 - 15 cm Expected

Snowfall Warning Issued

Environment Canada issued the following warning at 1:41 pm Nov. 22, 2010:

10 to 15 cm of snow expected. Except up to 25 cm in the Port Alberni area This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.


A deepening Arctic airmass combining with moisture from an upper disturbance southwest of Vancouver Island is producing strong winds. Winds of 60 to 70 gusting to 90 km/h are combining with the cold temperatures to give wind chill values down to minus 20 degrees over the central coast and over the inland sections of the north coast. These conditions will spread to the Howe Sound Whistler and Fraser Valley area throughout the afternoon as temperatures drop and winds increase. Meanwhile snowfall amounts of 5 to 10 cm have already fallen across parts of Southern Vancouver island with as much as 15 cm at Port Alberni. A further 5 to 10 cm is possible before snow eases off later this afternoon.


Nanaimo City Council Meeting Monday Nov. 22, 2010

Democracy Works When The Public Stays Involved
It Is Too Important To Leave To Politicians

If you can attend in person that is the best way to see your business being taken care of, second best is watching on Shaw Cable from the comfort of your easy chair, it is also available live online using this link, and last but not least is reading what the local press says went on.


BC Ferries Cab Dispute Continues

BC Ferries Net Earnings $54.3 Million

BC Ferries is reporting three month net earnings at Sept. 30, 2010 of $54.3 million and net earnings of $55.2 million for the six months ending Sept. 30, 2010.

I am not sure why they found it necessary to reject the $7200 the cab companies offered so there customers would not have to play 'find the cab' when they come to Nanaimo.

With the recent turn in the weather, the hardship being forced on foot passengers really needs to come to an end. Imagine it is Christmas travel time, and families with kids in tow and arms full of presents having to tramp across the dark parking lot at BC Ferries Departure Bay in an attempt to find a ride?

Welcome to Nanaimo ..... Welcome To Hell


Santa Photos At Country Club Nanaimo

 Santa Photos started on Sunday, November 21st, immediately following the Santa Breakfast. The Santa Set is located in the Shoppers Drug Mart Court. Photos are taken with a digital camera, and your prints are available within a few minutes of your visit with Santa.

Photo Times:
Monday – Saturday
10:30am – 1:00pm
2:00pm – 4:00pm
5:00pm – 7:30pm*

11:00am – 1:30PM
2:00PM – 4:00PM
*Evening sittings start on Wednesday, December 1st.