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Why HST? Why Now?

Premier Campbell And The HST
By Premier Gordon Campbell

June 29, 2010

VICTORIA July 1 is the first full day the Harmonized Sales Tax takes effect and I know that most British Columbians are concerned about what it will mean to them and for their family budget. I understand British Columbians from every region have expressed frustration and anger about how the HST was implemented. I know you have many questions for our government and for me personally. Why did we say we were not considering an HST before the election? What made us change our position? Why are we bringing in the HST when much of the public opposes it? How will the HST impact my family? You deserve answers to all these questions.

Although you may not have seen much media coverage before last summer, combining the PST and GST to create a harmonized sales tax is something that has been discussed publicly for many years. Federal governments past and present and business organizations large and small across the province repeatedly asked us to harmonize the PST with the GST because it eliminates unnecessary costs, reduces administration and is more transparent.

Each time we were asked, we said we would not consider it for two primary reasons. First, it would eliminate B.C.’s ability to set our own tax rate. Second, we wanted to be able to shape our tax regime with flexibility that would allow us to exempt certain goods and services from being taxable. It wasn’t until last year that kind of flexibility was available.


Canada Day Events In Nanaimo

Canada Day 2010
Events Schedule

Maffeo Sutton Park On The Waterfront

11:00 AM
Parade of Flags march ending at Lion's Pavilion

11:15 AM
Opening Ceremonies With Local Dignitaries
Singing of O Canada
Cake Cutting

11:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Live Entertainment at Lion's Pavilion
The Kerplunks 11:30 am - 12:15pm
Third Rock 12:30 - 1:15 pm
Greg Ladret 1:30 - 2:15 pm
Vibe Dance Group 2:30 - 2:45 pm
Third Rock 2:45 - 3:30 pm

Roving Entertainers
Heart of the Island Chorus
Yowsa the Clown
Illusion Entertainment Group (magic, balloons)
Zigster the Trickster

Greek Delight
Cedar 4-H Club
K&K Hot Dogs
Dogzilla - Ice Cream
Sandy's Ukranian Kitchen
Mini Donut Factory
Nanaimo Hungarian Cultural Society



Who Really Chose The HST?

Did Gordon Campbell & Colin Hansen
Really Call The Shots?

Or Are They Just Obeying Their 'Masters'?

Or is the government simply so desperate for money, and they can't stop spending, which leaves them little choice.

If business thinks this is a great tax, you can bet the average taxpayer is not going to agree in the long run. Will it create more jobs, by making the province more business friendly? If so, then why not simply reduce corporate taxes?

The question of whether or not your elected officials are really the ones calling the shots is worth pondering, as I am seriously beginning to doubt that elected officials are anything more than puppets on some body's string.

If you are 'right' wing in the province, business is pulling your string. If you are 'left' wing in the province then big labour is calling the shots.

Which begs the question, is anybody really looking out for the average taxpayer, who in the end is the one footing the bill for this whole show.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Body Found Near Bus Station

At approximately 11am this morning RCMP were alerted to the discovery of a body of a female near the Millstone River and the Bus Station, at the end of Prideaux Street. The identity of the deceased has not yet been established nor has the cause of death been determined, however foul play is suspected.

The investigation is in the preliminary stages, updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

If the public has any information related to this crime that may assist in the investigation they are asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222- 8477

All indications are that this incident is recent in nature and is not in any way connected to the disappearance of Lisa Marie Young, Nanaimo’s most prominent missing person from 2002.


Canada Day Celebrations In Nanaimo

To Enlarge Click On Image


C. difficile Outbreak Persists At HRGH

Outbreak Continues At NRGH

Since the end of March there have been 37 people infected with Clostridium difficile. While it seemed the outbreak was ending there has been a further transmission in one area of the hospital.

The outbreak will not be declared over until there are no further cases for a period of two months.

There have been a total of 10 deaths since the end of March with 5 of those deaths not being caused by C. difficile.

If you are planning on visiting the hospital you can do your part to help put an end to the spread of this and other infections by following the advice given on the VIHA website:

The easiest way to stop the spread of infection is to wash your hands regularly using soap and water. When soap and water is not available, the use of alcohol-based hand rub products can also be used. 
When coming to hospital, you can take these extra steps:
  • Wash your hands or use the alcohol-based hand rub product when you come in, and when you leave. There are hand hygiene stations conveniently located throughout all VIHA hospitals and Long Term Care facilities.
  • Follow instructions given by staff during admission, and when visiting patients.
  • Look for signs posted that identify if other steps need to be taken, such as wearing a gown.
  • Only visit the patient you have come to visit.
  • Do not use patient/resident bathrooms.
It is also very important that if you are thinking of visiting someone in hospital or in long-term care, but have a bad cough, fever, or are vomiting or have diarrhea, that you stay home.  If there is an urgent reason that you must visit when ill, please notify the staff so that they can provide you with a mask or whatever else is required to decrease the transmission of your illness to others.


Counter Attack Hits B.C. Roads This Summer

Counter Attack Summer Campaign
If You Drink And Drive
Prepare To Be Caught

The Province, police and ICBC kicked off this summer's CounterAttack campaign with a reminder: if you drink and drive, prepare to get caught. 

"We want all B.C. drivers to have a safe summer and a good way to do that is to keep drinking drivers off the road," said Solicitor General Michael de Jong. "The tragic reality is that people who drink and drive put themselves – and everyone else, at risk of injury or death."

De Jong noted that this fall, the government will bring in the toughest impaired driving laws in Canada to help reduce alcohol-impaired driving fatalities by 35 per cent by the end of 2013. The new laws are designed to make B.C.'s roads safer by providing police with more immediate enforcement tools and curbing repeat offenders.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Public Art Enhances Downtown

Temporary Public Art 
Installed Around Nanaimo

The City of Nanaimo and the Nanaimo Art Gallery are pleased to announce the installation of nine temporary public art pieces in Nanaimo's parks.

Eight of the pieces will be on display in Maffeo Sutton Park Spirit Square and one piece (above) is located in McGregor Park across from the Port Theatre.

The pieces will be officially on display from July 1, 2010 through October when they will be auctioned off to the public by the Nanaimo Art Gallery.


Things On The Net That Make 'ya Smile

Taking Recycle - Reuse 
To A Whole New Level!
Those are plastic bottles with the ends cut out and taped together to form a downspout.


Scope Mouthwash Recalled

Childproof Cap Faulty On Some
Scope Original Mint and Cool Peppermint

Procter and Gamble have recalled some of the 1 litre bottles of Scope Original Mint and Scope Cool Peppermint over a faulty childproof cap.

The cap does not work properly which means a child could get into the product which contains ethyl alcohol which can cause intoxication in a child.

For full details on the affected product visit Canadian Product Recalls at this LINK.


Smile Guys - You're On Candid Camera

Talk About 'Body Language'

Some intrepid photographers were able to catch a couple of candid moments between the leader of the USA, President Obama and the leader of Canada Prime Minister Harper.

The images were caught on two different occasions and I'm sure if either of them could 'take them back' they would.

The first image looks as if President Obama is scolding our Prime Minister about some perceived wrong doing on the part of Mr. Harper, while the bottom photo looks as if our Prime Minister is going to give Obama a piece of his mind.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thugs Highjack Headlines

Simply Criminals Through and Through

The mainstream media loves the drama and the idiotic criminal element was there to oblige. Vastly overshadowing any of the 'legitimate' protests with their acts of wanton violence, these hooligans highjacked a lot of headlines today.

However, they have not garnered any public support for their 'cause' as it is apparent they do not really have any cause except lawlessness.

The media of course is quick to blame the police for not being able to stop some of the damage these thugs were able to cause. Perhaps the same media which has been questioning how much money security has cost, may question if we did not spend enough?

Just a few observations, why did none of the law abiding citizens do anything to stop the acts of these criminals?  Why is anyone running around hiding their identity not subject to immediate arrest as they clearly are up to no good. It is up to everyone in a free society, not just the police, to see that this element of criminality is not allowed to prosper.

Yesterday, it was bricks and stones and a bit of fire. How long before these guys start bringing 'real' weapons to events. These guys are just as dangerous although not as well funded, as any terrorist organization which threatens a civilized society.

As I suggested earlier, the press loves the drama, and are more in the info-tainment business than hard reporting these days, so I suspect the typical shallow reporting on these events to dominate the press over the next few days. That is until the next drama comes along.

We may pride ourselves on this democratic, law abiding society we have in Canada, but it is evident that lurking just beneath the surface is the same lawless element that rears it's ugly head in other parts of the world all the time.

Shame on these lawless hooligans, and shame on the law abiding citizens that do nothing to thwart the activities of these idiots. Shame on the press for making this look like some war torn mid-eastern country.

A few burning police cars, and some broken windows completely dominate the 'news' today. People living a few blocks north of all the 'excitement' were cutting their grass, having a beer and a bar-b-cue just like any other Saturday. Of course, that makes for poor headlines.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Bryan James Highet Sentenced For Break and Enter and Theft

A 27 year old male has plead guilty to a break and enter to a realty firm  that occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday June 24th.

Shortly after 3 AM officers were alerted by an alarm company to a possible break and enter at Remax Realty located at 5148 Metral Drive. Members quickly converged on the scene and found a front door ajar . Police Dog Services were called and a track initiated by Cst Mark Lawson and Razor, lead directly to a nearby residence.

The home was occupied by five individuals who were all detained and later transported to the Nanaimo RCMP Detachment for questioning . The members involved continued with their investigation and an hour later located a male walking along Metral Drive towards the house in question. This male was also taken into custody. With the assistance of Razor, a packsack was located meters from where the male was stopped. A search of it found a computer monitor and a variety of tools commonly used in breaking into homes and businesses. These tools consisted of a vise grip, bolt cutters, cutting torches and a flashlight.

The persons removed from the home ,all adults, were later released from custody with no charges against them. The 27 year old male however was remanded into custody on charges of break and enter, theft under $5000 dollars and possession of break in tools. Officers continued with the investigation through out the night and were able to retrieve from an undisclosed location,several laptops stolen from the same business.

On Friday morning Bryan James HIGHET appeared before a Nanaimo Provincial court judge and entered a guilty plea for break and enter. He was sentenced to six months jail time.
” This incident is similar to other recently reported crimes were businesses were targeted for laptops. At this time though we do not have any evidence to suggest this individual is involved in those” said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.

If anyone has information on the break ins to various financial institutions in Nanaimo, they are asked to call the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.You can also go online to


Police Seek Driver Invloved In Bike Accident

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating the driver of a vehicle involved in a collision with a young girl out riding her bicycle Wednesday afternoon .

On Wednesday June 23, at 12:40 PM a 10 year old girl was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross through the intersection of Howard Ave and 6th St. The vehicle involved was traveling eastbound on 6th St and was turning left onto Howard Ave when the accident occurred.

The force of the impact caused the young girl to fall from her bike, fortunately she was not injured in anyway. The driver stopped and asked if she was ok then got back in his vehicle and drove away. Police are interested in speaking with him.The vehicle in question was described by the young girl as  “ a white sporty looking car with something red underneath it”. The male driver is believed to be in his 40's with tattoos on his left arm .

If you have information on the identity of the driver, please contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. You can also go online at .


Drop Side Cribs Recall In Canada

Five Companies Have Cribs Recalled
Faulty Hardware Can Break

Cribs either made or distributed by Delta Enterprise Corp., Dorel Distribution, LaJobi Inc., Simmons Juvenile Products and Million Dollar Baby have basically the same issue with faulty hardware which can fail which causes the drop side to detach.

For more complete details visit Canadian Product Recalls using this LINK.


Coastal Naturalists Onboard BC Ferries With Historical Twist

Coastal Naturalists Onboard BC Ferries This Summer

Starting June 25, the Coastal Naturalists are launching their fifth season of educational programs on BC Ferries and this time they are giving visitors a chance to leap back into coastal history.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of BC Ferries and the 125th anniversary of national parks in Canada. It has given the team of naturalists a reason to share fascinating stories about B.C.’s marine transportation and national park history. Visitors can discover the early days when BC Ferries operated only one route between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay, or imagine a time when a protected Pacific Rim was a dream just beginning to take root among Canadians.

The programs are led by nine enthusiastic naturalists who share insights and interesting stories about wildlife, marine life, geography, culture, history, and incredible places to explore including Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. The 30-minute educational presentations are held on the outer decks of the vessels with the Georgia Strait and B.C. coastal scenery as the backdrop.
Visitor feedback has shown that making the trip to the upper deck and spending time with a trained naturalist has its benefits: almost half (42 per cent) of those who took in a Coastal Naturalist presentation in 2009 reported seeing wildlife with seals, eagles and orca whales being the most common species spotted.

“This is the fifth year we’ve run the Coastal Naturalist program which is designed to engage customers and deliver a more memorable journey with BC Ferries,” said Geoff Dickson, BC Ferries’ Vice President of Catering and Retail Operations. “Our customers thoroughly enjoy learning about the history of local lighthouses, whales and other marine mammals, as well as recreational opportunities on the coast.”

The presentations will run on the Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay and Horseshoe Bay – Departure Bay routes Friday through Monday from June 25 to September 6.


RCMP Nab Long Time Thief

A 38 year old male well known to police officers on Vancouver Island is behind bars on charges of Possession of Stolen credit cards.

Officers were called to the Days Inn on Nicol St early in the morning on the 21th for a report of a theft from a vehicle. A couple vacationing from Ohio, told police their wallet had been left in the car over night and when they went to their vehicle in the morning, they noticed the door had been jimmied and their wallet was gone. All of their credit cards including some American currency was also taken.

Members investigating quickly began checking nearby businesses for video footage of individuals using credit cards and as luck would have it , a male was seen using one of the stolen credit cards. Officers were able to identify the suspect male shown on the video from previous dealings and later the next day he was located outside a residence on Haliburton St and arrested without incident. The stolen credit cards were not located but all had been cancelled and were no longer a liability to the visitors from Ohio.


Miner's Heritage Picnic Deverill Park


David Alvin Fred Charged In Stabbing

An morning stabbing (June 24) has left one male in hospital and another in jail on assault with a weapon charges.

At 3:00 AM this morning police were called to the 600 block of Haliburton St after a 911 caller stated there was man outside a residence bleeding profusely from a stab wound. Police attended as did BC Paramedics who rushed the male to hospital .The attending officers investigation lead them to a nearby residence where a 39 year male was arrested without incident for the attack.

Charges of assault with a weapon have been laid against Nanaimo resident, David Alvin FRED. He has been remanded into custody for at least three days at which he will appear before a Nanaimo Provincial court judge to have his remand status reviewed.

The victim, age 30, is currently in hospital awaiting surgery and has been classifed as stable. “The victim and attacker have known each other for many years but it is currently unknown what predicated the stabbing" said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or go online to


Thursday, June 24, 2010

RCMP Dismantle Nanaimo Grow Op

520 Plants Seized From Rock City Rd. House
Suspects Sought

A marihuana grow operation was dismantled yesterday afternoon in the 3300 block of Rock City Rd revealing hundreds of plants.

Nanaimo Municipal Drug members assisted by General Duty members carried out a search warrant on the split level home at approximately 11:30 AM yesterday morning. Officers worked throughout the day seizing 520 marihuana plants and 20 grow lights in what was described by officers as "a “mid to high level sophisticated” operation. Plants in various stages of growth ranging from 6 inches to 3 ft were located in a basement grow room. No persons were home at the time when officers entered and there was no indication children were living in the residence. Investigators believe, based on evidence obtained, at least three adults were residing in the home. It was found that Hydro was also being diverted to run the grow operation.

“Officers are actively searching for these three persons and if they cannot be located in the next couple of days, warrants will be issued for their arrest. Police are recommending charges of Production of a Controlled Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Theft of Hydro under the Criminal Code of Canada” said Constable Gary O’Brien, media spokesperson for the Nanaimo RCMP.


BC Ferries Summer Sailings CoastSaver Fares

BC Ferries Adds Summer Sailings
CoastSaver Fares In Effect

BC Ferries summer schedule begins on June 30, with plenty of extra sailings on the major routes as well as additional service on the minor routes to ensure smooth sailing for summer holiday travellers.

Additional service will be added to the Nanaimo routes for the month of August. On the Tsawwassen – Duke Point route, 16 sailings will be provided daily seven days per week.
The popular mid-week CoastSaver fares are in effect from now through until July 29 (excluding June 29, 30 and July 1). The fare for a passenger vehicle and driver for the three major routes connecting the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is just $39.95 one-way. Passenger fares are just $9.95 one-way for the same period.

If customers desire a specific sailing, BC Ferries recommends making a reservation for the Lower Mainland – Vancouver Island and Horseshoe Bay – Langdale routes. Reservation allotments can become fully subscribed, particularly on long weekends, so BC Ferries recommends booking in advance.

For more complete information about BC Ferries schedules and fares use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

'Hobbs' Looking For A Home

SPCA Adopt A Pet

Hobbs is an adult orange Tabby/White kitty looking for a good home. His heath has been checked, vaccinations are up to date as is his worming.

Hobbs is a domestic longhair cross and his Animal ID number is 203701.

You can see Hobbs in person at the Nanaimo SPCA located at 2200 Labieux Rd. Nanaimo, Phone 250-758-8444. They are closed Sunday, Monday and Stat Holidays and open Tues. - Sat. from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm.


2010 Nanaimo Property Taxes Due July 2, 2010

2010 Property Tax Notices were mailed in the third week of May. If you have not received your property tax notice, please contact the Finance Department at City Hall at 250-755-4415. It is the responsibility of the property owner to pay property taxes by the due date in order to avoid a penalty, whether or not a bill was received. New owners who have not received a property tax notice are advised to contact the Finance Department.
Current property taxes unpaid after July 2, 2010 will be subject to a 5% penalty. A further 5% penalty will be charged to current taxes remaining unpaid after August 12, 2010.

Application for the Provincial Home Owner Grant may be made now, whether or not the current taxes are being paid at the same time. The application form for the grant is located on the front of the Tax Notice. You can also apply for your Home Owner Grant electronically by clicking on the link below.

You can claim your Home Owner's Grant online by using this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Keeping Kids Safe This Summer

ICBC's Tips For Keeping Kids Safe
As the end of the school year approaches, ICBC is reminding drivers and parents about the importance of keeping kids safe during the last week of school and throughout the summer months.
Kids will be excited and may not be thinking about their personal safety so drivers need to be extra cautious in looking for child pedestrians during the summer. Parents should take the opportunity to remind their children about staying safe on the roads.
In 2009, according to ICBC, there were approximately 55 pedestrians, age 5 to 12, injured in 55 incidents in B.C. This means that most incidents result in a child being injured.
Here are ICBC's top tips for drivers and parents:


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 - 10 Club Looks For Help

Gord Fuller Asks Council For Rent Relief

Gord Fuller, well known spokesman for the 7 - 10 club asked city council to consider reducing the rent the group pays for city property where they run the soup kitchen from by 50%.

Like many agencies this year they are feeling the pinch as governments scramble to manage their (our) finances. In this case a cut back in funds from gaming and a further change as to when the club does receive funding has put them in a tough spot. A cheque the club usually receives in the spring is now being postponed until Aug. One possible consideration is to close the soup kitchen for the month of July, which of course is something they don't wish to do.

The 7-10 club has been helping feed the less fortunate for 25 years now and provides a hot breakfast and bag lunch to many Nanaimo residents who find themselves needing the club's service for a variety of reasons.

Council made several recommendations to Mr. Fuller about how he may access some city funds through the grants program. Councilor Unger made the point that the Provincial government is the one to be dealing with this issue and suggested putting pressure on local government MLA Ron Cantelon to help loosen up the government purse.


Things On The Net That Make 'ya Smile

It's a good thing this protester is wearing a mask over his face, since he has no other distinguishing features! His identity is well hidden and without the mask would pass for just any other person on the street.


HST Costs Average BC Household $521

A Statistics Canada prepared model shows the average BC household will pay an additional $521 per year as a result of the HST. The study was done by the Victoria Times Colonist and the first in a series of articles about the HST can be viewed using this Nanaimo Info LINK.

Government spin meisters including local MLA Ron Cantelon will be busy this summer trying to convince BC  residents the tax won't really affect them, and will be good for business in the long run. All of which of course is double talk at it's best. If the government were to ever actually be honest they would admit they don't really know what they are doing and this is just another desperate tax grab by a bunch that can't figure out how to stop spending money they don't have.

It will be interesting to see how the government tries to convince us that this model prepared by the Times Colonist isn't really accurate either.


Seair Sign Variance Permit Stalls

Variance Permit Neither Accepted or Denied

City Council was evenly split on the matter of passing or denying a permit to allow Seair to erect a new illuminated sign.

Mr. Tim McLean of Sicon Signs presented council with reasons why Seair should be allowed to erect a new sign, the size of which is in dispute by city staff. The sign company believes that according to the city's sign bylaw the plans they have put forward do conform and a variance is not needed. However, city staff and the applicant are at a stalemate as to how the total signage area is calculated.

City Council was also at a stalemate as to how to proceed also and with the absence of Councilor McNabb who could have cast the tie breaker the issue ended without any resolution. The matter of the need for improved signage for Seair results from extensive changes that have been made with the expansion of the Brechin Boat Ramp property and the changes to the roads made by the BC Ferries over the past year or so.

Council's inability to resolve the matter, effectively has the same result as if they had supported the staff suggestion to deny the application, as the company still does not have approval to proceed.
Council seemed unwilling to enter the debate as to whether staff's method of calculation is correct or whether the applicant's method is correct.

Seair is located at 1956 Zorkin Road and offers daily air service from Nanaimo to Vancouver Airport seven days per week. To view their schedule use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Silly Boat Regatta Week Proclaimed

July 12 - 18, 2010 Officially Proclaimed
The Nanaimo Child Development Centre 
Silly Boat Regatta Week

Mayor Ruttan officially proclaimed the week of July 12 -18 as Silly Boat Regatta Week in Nanaimo at last night's city council meeting. This popular fundraising event is perhaps one of the best attended summer events in Nanaimo. It is always interesting and funny to see what kind of watercraft wll be entered into this event. If it floats (and sometimes if it doesn't) and can be taped, glued, nailed or stapled to some kind of a structure, chances are it will be entered in this race.
It's time to start planning your teams entry for this years Silly Boat Regatta and put your fund raising plans in place as all proceeds support the worthwhile work of the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. Silly Boat rules can be viewed here. If you are able to volunteer to help out with this event use this LINK.

The Silly Boat Regatta has been a Nanaimo summer event since 1984 when the first race was able to raise over $4000 for the Child Development Centre and last year raised over $107,000 for this most worthwhile cause. So get a team together, raise your pledges, plan and construct your idea of the best silliest boat you think can race around the buoy in the Inner Harbour and back without sinking. Most of all, just have FUN and be SILLY.


Little Caesars Pizzeria Robbed

RCMP Request Public's Help

Shortly after 10:00 PM on Saturday June 19th Little Caesar’s restaurant located at 1708 Bowen Rd was robbed.

Employees were in the process of closing for the night when a male brandishing a spiked baseball bat  entered their restaurant and demanded cash from the till. Employees handed over the cash into a white duffel bag and the suspect then quickly fled.

911 was called and officers including police dog services attended but could not locate the suspect. He was described as being a Caucasian male ,age unknown, between 5 ft 10 to 6 ft, wearing a white hoodie with a black checkered pattern. His face was concealed by a white bandana and he was wearing white gloves.

There were no customers in the store at the time of the incident and officers will be reviewing surveillance tapes.Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Nanaimo RCMP at 250-754-2345 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, you can also go online at


Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day Of Summer 2010 Officialy Here In Nanaimo

Please Tell The Weatherman!

Well it is official now, the first day of summer has arrived at 4:28 am PDT this morning when most of us were still catching a few more winks.

This is the longest day of the year with the sun rising at 5:10 am and setting tonight at 9:23 am giving us lots of time to engage in all those outdoor activities for much longer.

Someone really does have to inform the weatherman however, as the 14 day outlook is for temperatures still below seasonal.

Regardless of what the thermometer says, I'm going to throw a hot dog on the barbie, even if I have to wear my jacket! It is summer after all!


Nanaimo City Council Meeting June 21, 2010

If you can attend in person that is the best way to see your business being taken care of, second best is watching on Shaw Cable from the comfort of your easy chair, and last but not least is reading what the local press says went on. You have to remember that the newspaper does not print everything that happens in a council meeting, and as a matter of fact, if their intrepid reporter dozes off at the wrong time, they might even miss something important. So, watch the meeting for yourself, and get involved with how YOUR city council takes care of YOUR business.

Past councils have been pretty generous with the way they have been spending your money, but don't blame them, YOU are the one who needs to keep on top of what is really going on if you ever hope for your taxes to quit going up every year.

This is going to be a very busy and full council meeting with lots of 'meat' on the agenda. To view the agenda for this council meeting use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


Nanaimo Grocery Store Specials

Weekly Grocery Specials In Nanaimo

If you can`t find this weeks grocery store flyers because maybe the wound up under your lawn sprinkler, were eaten by your new puppy or are currently lining your birdcage, you can still find out how to stretch your food dollars by checking the specials this week in your favourite stores online flyers.
This Week's Nanaimo Grocery Specials

Save On Foods 
Online Flyer Click Here
    Thrifty's Foods

    Online Flyer Click Here

     Country Grocer 
    Online Flyer Click Here
        Fairway Market 


          Sunday, June 20, 2010

          City Sold Retail Space to First Capital Realty

           Is Retail Space Paid For Yet?

           I did a little digging and came across the following from the Nov. 9/08 post on this blog regards the sale of the retail space in the PNC downtown.

          “It is recently reported that the purchaser to date put $350,000 down on this property with another $1.13 million becoming due this week and the balance of $2.3 million coming due Aug. 11/2010 or when the space is 85% leased. As of Nov. 7 interest becomes payable on the final amount owing @ 4.5% interest. These seem like generous terms.” 

          These still seem like most generous terms to me with the city not being paid until the building is 85% rented. If you need any more examples of why the City of Nanaimo should NOT be in the real estate business you need look no further.

          Not only did they not sell the space for the cost to construct, they agreed to extend financing terms that would be impossible to secure in the private sector. Try to get a bank to back you on those terms. Yes, the banker would laugh at you.

          Does anyone know how much tax this piece of real estate was producing before the old buildings were torn down, and how many tax dollars are now being generated on the same footprint? A good question for your council to ask city staff?


          Nanaimo City Staff Pay

          City of Nanaimo Top Wage Earners

          The following charts are snapshots of the pages in the Vancouver Sun database which shows the wages of the top 48,000 public employees in the province. To view the data base use this Nanaimo Info LINK

          These figures are based on 2008 data so obviously it is reasonable to assume that these figures have increased for the year 2009 and will also increase further in 2010. Further increases will be subject to whatever comes out of this years new labour contract which expires the end of 2010.
          It is also not certain if the remuneration reported includes all benefits, employers portion of pension plan etc.

          Nanaimo City Employees Earning $75,000.00 +
          Stats For The Year 2008

          $75,000 - $80,000 - 23 employees
          $80,000 - $90,000 - 37 employees
          $90,000 - $100,000 - 26 employees

          $100,000 + - 27 employees

          To view any of the following charts simply click on the image to enlarge so it is easier to read. 


          Saturday, June 19, 2010

          Father's Day Gift Suggestions

          Bet He'd Luv One Of These!

          Ok, so maybe that would be a little 'over the top' but a lot of guys would have some serious bragging rights if the family pitched in for one of these puppies.

          Seriously now, don't forget that tomorrow is Father's Day and is the one day of the year that dear old Dad should be treated like a King! (You might have guessed, I'm a Dad).

          So, depending on your age, your budget and your relationship with your Dad there are lots of different ways of showing him how special he is to you and how thankful you are for all the wonderful stuff he does for your benefit.

          Did you know that the observance of Father's Day is believed to have first occurred in 1910 in Washington state and was the result of someone being moved with the idea to honor Fathers as Mothers had been honored the year before.

          In BC there is free fishing all weekend if you'd like to take Dad out for a day on the lake or river. You could also do some of his weekend 'chores' if you have the ability and inclination. For example if he always cuts the grass on the weekend, why not do it for him?

          Make him a hand made card, buy him a cheesy tie, get him a corny tee shirt, wash his car, feed him breakfast in bed, let him lie around the couch all day watching sports! Make his favourite meals! Let him skip shaving! Let him wear his favourite pants, even if they do have holes!

          There are lots of creative ways of telling dear old Dad how great he is, and how much you love him.

          So just use your imagination and he will be surprised I bet.