Monday, February 28, 2022

Freeland With Neo-Nazi Banner

As reported by True North Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Deputy Prime Minister was photographed on Sunday with a banner promoting a far right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis and extremism.

The red and black flag has historically represented the Bandera movement in Ukraine. Stepan Bandera was a Nationalist Ukrainian politician during the Second World War who is accused of war crimes and leading atrocities against Jewish and Polish people.


Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Reason Trudeau Withdrew Emergency Act

Senator Denise Batters
Eviscerates Trudeaus Emergency Act

The Canadian Senate is where a sober second look is given to legislation by seasoned politicians. While the Emergency Act was to be ratified by both the House and Senate in order to be a legitimate act of the Prime Minister it was withdrawn before that could happen.

Had the Senate gone to the vote on this matter and rejected the order the Prime Minister would have egg all over his face and some serious explaining to do.

This is what a sincere politician should sound like, one who actually believes she is there to serve the people of Canada. She personally observed the rally from her office daily and said she observed none of the things being reported in the media. In fact she said she had never felt safer walking home from her office as she did during the rally.

It would be hoped that the people we have elected to look out for our interests will not let this government away with this egregious overreach. Using the Emergency Act to deal with offenses that could easily have been handled under the Canadian Criminal Code.

This can't end here, Trudeau and his party need to be held accountable and if in fact they have broken Canadian law should be subject to the full force of the law.

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MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis Calls For Inquiry

Inquiry Is Essential

Dr. Leslyn Lewis Conservative MP

Suspending Liberties 

Freezing Assets Is Serious

"An inquiry under Section 63 of the Emergencies Act is essential. Why was the public led to believe the Convoy leaders were involved in sedition when only mischief charges have been laid? The gravity of suspending liberties and freezing assets is very serious & requires a full review."

Dr. Leslyn Lewis won a seat in the House of Commons for the riding of Haldimand - Norfolk in a byelection in Aug. 2021. She also ran for the Conservative leadership in 2020 and captured more of the popular vote than did Erin O'Toole who won the race. 

She published an insightful commentary in the National Post in October 2020 titled "There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it". This was during the time it seemed all parliamentarians were quite content to hide behind the covid measures, collect full paycheques and basically do nothing.

On February 19 Dr. Lewis addressed the House debating the Emergency Act her full speech can be heard HERE. She can be followed on Facebook for those using that platform.

This is a screengrab from her Facebook page.


Friday, February 25, 2022

CANADA Has Fallen To Government Overreach

Deputy Prime Minister Freezing Bank Accounts

Chrystia Freeland Gleefully Explains
Freezing Accounts Of Patriotic Protesters

Ottawa Top Cop
Watch The Body Language

Ottawa Police Chief Threatens 
To Hunt Down Anyone Who Protested

If these video clips don't make your skin crawl you must be soundly asleep or smoking crack.

The Emergency Act Was NEVER needed, more than enough authority already existed under the criminal code, which law enforcement could have enacted. It would not have allowed the theft of bank accounts and private property on mere suspicion before having a day in court. Just another example of how the law means nothing to the criminals we have put into government.

This despot government under the hide' n seek, catch me if you can Trudeau is employing methods to crush peaceful protest in Canada that would make any communist leader proud. Remember this is the guy who praised China's method of government and did the eulogy at Fidel Castro's funeral. Some claim there is a family resemblance that can't be denied.

Using the Emergency Act to deal with a peaceful protest that has the support of millions of Canadians shows just how dangerous this government has become.

From The Archives

Three Amigos
Soros, Trudeau, Freeland

Sitting at the feet of their master

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Ottawa Police Chief Threatens All Protesters

Protesters Will Be Hunted

Police Chief Threatens Financial Sanctions

This is the answer to the last question at a recent press conference. The question was asked by an independant journalist, which probably explains the facial expressions when he realizes this last question might not be the typical soft ball ones coming from the mainstream media.

Observe his expressions which likely shows a high level of discomfort realizing this might be a real question.

His reply should send shivers down the spine of those who think they are living in a free country, where peaceful protest is still allowed.

Listen carefully to the question and the response. This is not the Canada we thought we were living in.


Friday, February 18, 2022

Ottawa Protest Finally Turns Violent

 Police Horses Tample Two Civilians

Three Weeks of Peaceful Protest
Finally Turns Violent

In spite of the lies being spewed by the government-bought legacy media for the past three weeks there has been no violence in Ottawa associated with this patriotic protest. These people are freedom loving patriotic Canadians to whom all of Canada owes a debt. They have been maligned and slandered by a Prime Minister that is acting like a third world despot.

The Emergency Act he invoked by all standards is not legal and should not go unchallenged in future months. The events in Ottawa never reached the threshold laid out in the Act, which has never before been used in Canada. It was supposed to be radified by both the House and Senate as a safeguard against abuse such as we now see Trudeau exercising.

As of this writing it is not known how seriously these victims have been injured. One report claims one had even died. This whole tragedy is an example of a Prime Minister totally drunk with power. These kind of actions all of Canada would have once condemned had they happened in another country.

The only good that may come from this disgraceful and dark page in Canadian history is that it might at last wake up the apathetic average citizen who is sleepwalking to the cliff.

To finally read an honest account of what is happening in Ottawa read this truthful article by Joe Warmington who is an actual investigative reporter.


Wednesday, February 09, 2022




Dr. Henry's Policies Have Failed

 The data does not support the narrative 

Her Policies Have Failed

It is time that she presents the science and data she claims supports her mandates. This needs to be subject to peer review. Mr. Dix and Mr. Horgan are not qualified to assess the validity of this unelected persons policies.


Friday, February 04, 2022

B.C. Hospital Stats Don't Support Narrative

Figures Don't Lie
Liars Don't Figure

We are constantly being be told how the hospitals are overwhelmed because ot the current sars cov2 'crisis'. In fact if you believe all the reports on the six o'clock news on either CTV. CHEK or GLOBAL you would think that hospitals being overrun is some new event with the 'pandemic' being responsible.

Well, as my pappy used to say liars don't figure and figures don't lie, so lets take a look at the figures.

The following is directly from the Government of BC obtained through a FOI (freedom of information) report. These are official government numbers. They clearly show that all the current hype and hysteria is meant to engender fear and anxiety for reasons only time will tell.

In 2018/2019 459,088 Hospitalizations pre-covid

In 2020/2021 431,822 Hospitalizations with covid