Thursday, March 24, 2022

Fake News About Trucker Convoy

More Fake News Reporting

This video clearly shows the type of fake 'news' story the public gets exposed to and is never corrected. Note a 'reporter' files a story claiming to have police information about loaded shotguns being found with the truckers. This story gets tweeted by a member of Parliament and bingo, it gets retweeted many many times and becomes 'truth'.

You will note the slippery answer the chief keeps giving, similar to politicians who won't directly and truthfully answer a question. 


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Trudeau Called Out In EU Parliament

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Growing Gap Between House Prices And Incomes

Canadian Real Estate Prices Grew 42% Faster Than Household Incomes

A recent report in Better Dwelling points to an alarming gap in Canadian housing prices related to Canadian incomes.

"Canadian real estate prices are pushing the limits of affordability. Not just for Canada, but any advanced economy. Canada came in second on the OECD house price to income ratio index. The index, measuring an affordability fundamental, shows the country’s housing is severely overvalued."

Most Overvalued Real Estate In G7


Thursday, March 17, 2022

MP Dr Leslyn Lewis Discusses Leadership Bid

Conservative Party Leadership Candidate
MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis Taking A Principled Stand

I was impressed with Leslyn Lewis during the last leadership race, and she's just as impressive now. It's nice to hear someone who has conviction, compassion, and class. She's an asset to the country in whatever role she ends up in. Viewer comment


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Pfizer Hid Vaccine Deaths

Pfizer Documents 
Reveal Alarming Findings

42,000 Adverse Events
1,223 Deaths
Within First Three Months 
Of Vaccine Rollout

In this video Dr. John Campbell examines the documents that Pfizer wanted to keep from the public for 75 years.

If you don't know the back story of this event, Pfizer was wanting to keep their documents from the public for 75 years. Only through legal action and a FOI request did a court order Pfizer to release these documents. Let that sink in for a moment, the drug company did not want the public to know, what they knew were the dangers of their so-called vaccine.

It has now become public knowledge that within the first three months of rolling out the vaccine Pfizer was aware of over 42,000 adverse events and 1,223 deaths caused by their injections.

Many years ago when the industry tried to make a vaccine for the Swime Flu (I believe) they stopped distribution after 25 deaths were reported. Let that sink in.

You need to ask your Health Officers if they are still as anxious to see even the youngest of children given an experimental injection which had such bad reactions from the beginning.

There are reports out of Europe that the actual 'vaccines' had three different numbers, either 1,2 ot 3 after the lot number. If the number 1 appeared the injection was in fact harmless saline. This would explain why millions and millions would have no adverse reactions, as they were not receiving the drug.

The VAERS reporting system now records over 34,000 deaths and over 2,000,000 adverse events related to these experimental injections. A Harvard study concluded that the VAERS numbers are under reported as there is no requirement to report and the report itself is a lengthy process.

In the months and years to come our trusted health officials will be held accoutable for their role in promoting what is clearly a dangerous drug.


Sunday, March 06, 2022

Dr. Henry - Are You Listening

March 5 Rally Victoria Legislature


    "Fringe" Movement Keeps Growing

This past Saturday the grounds of the BC Legislature saw Canadians from all over the province converge to tell Dr. Henry "Show us the Data". The thousands of credible scientists and medical professionals who do not agree with Dr. Henry's handling of the virus and her ongoing efforts to force vaccinate people who clearly don't trust the experimental injection.

The regular mainstream press (paid for by the Liberal's) never gave any coverage to the scientists and medical professionals who were calling out Health Canada, to present the data they are using to support their mandates. Of course Health Canada can not withstand a review of their peers any more than Dr. Henry.  Mr. Horgan and Mr. Dix just follow along with whatever she says, knowing the current environment has given government control without accountablity they could only dream of pre covid.

Now that the Canadian winter is loosing it's grip on the nation and spring is coming forth, sleepy Canadians will hopefully emerge from their dens and let all governments know they have had enough. They will also demand a peer review of the science and data used to support the nation-killing measures that have been evoked in the name of safety.

Photo credit John Phipps PPC candidate Victoria BC


Friday, March 04, 2022

Mr. Trudeau Ms. Freeland Unacceptable


Canadian Deficit 20/21 $354 BILLION
Up From $39.4 Billion Previous Year
Deficit Equivalent To Total Budget Previous Year

Why is the 'opposition' and the Canadian Public giving this pair a free ride. Spending Canada into oblivion without any accountability.

In a rare piece of Canadian reporting Bill Curry of the Globe and Mail calls out the fact this Finance Minister is not being held accountable for the Canadian budget. The delays in reporting to the taxpayer should not be tolerated by either the Canadian taxpayer or the so-called Official Opposition .
Where are the voices of those who are supposed to hold a government to account? Where is the fifth estate (hard to call out the government that pays your bills). The Canadian Taxpayer Federation? They raise money for this and that, but don't seem to accomplish anything. The 'Official Opposition' which for the most part just looks like an extension of the Liberal cabinet, joined by the feckless NDP and Greens.

Of course the pandemic is going to be blamed for this whole disaster, but without seeing exactly how this government spent $400 Billion more than it took in that is just a smokescreen. 

This Finance Minister seems to delight in being able to identify anyone who gave $50 to the freedom convoy but can't account for a $400 Billion deficit.

Ms Freeland that is truly UNACCEPTABLE.