Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Serious Incidents - Saturday Morning Nanaimo

Busy morning for the Nanaimo RCMP

Two significant incidents reported within an hour of each other kept the Nanaimo RCMP busy for several hours on Saturday morning.

The first incident, reported at approximately 9:30 am on Saturday April 30th involved two males and two female adults fighting in a hallway of an apartment building in the 3300 block of Rock City Rd. As officers were attending information was received that a firearm may be involved. Officers with the Vancouver Island Emergency Response Team (ERT) who was involved in an unrelated matter, attended to assist with the incident. Additionally, an RCMP Air Services helicopter, also involved in another investigation, provided aerial support.

When officers arrived on scene, the suspect had gone back into an apartment unit. To ensure public safety, adjacent units in the building were evacuated for a period of time. Contact was then made with the 23 year old male, who walked out of his apartment and was arrested. The male and a 46 year old female were arrested for Assault, Uttering Threats and firearms related offences. ERT searched the unit and located a rifle. Two victims from the original reported assault were located in a nearby unit and are co-operating with police. Neither required medical attention.

The second incident was reported at 10:40 am involving a female who reported she had just been assaulted by a male while in her home on Benson View Rd. ERT, General Duty officers and a Police Services Dog attended. The home was entered and a 57 year old male was located and arrested for assault. The 40 year old female was located with minor injuries and she did not require medical attention. While in the home, officers located several firearms and a suspected illegal marihuana grow operation.  The 57 year male was arrested for Assault and firearm related offences. The suspected grow operation is currently being investigated.


Traffic Delays Rutherford & Wills Rd May 1&2

Delays expected at Rutherford Road and Wills Road
Motorists are advised to plan alternative routes

Motorists travelling along Rutherford Road between Highway 19A and the Uplands Drive are advised to plan ahead.  Installation of a sewer main to service a development on the corner of Rutherford Road and Wills Road is scheduled to occur in the evenings of May 1st and 2nd.  For worker and general public safety, traffic will be reduced to two lanes.

Between the hours of 6:00 pm to 6:00 am on May 1st and 2nd, delays on Rutherford Road between Uplands Drive and Highway 19A are anticipated.


Nanaimo Mine Disaster Remembered - May 3

Number One Mine Memorial 
Esplanade and Milton Street

On May 3, 1887 157 men and boys went to work in the Nanaimo No. 1 Esplanade Mine. Only 7 would return to loved ones leaving behind 150 children and 46 widows in what at that time was the largest man-made explosion in the world.

The explosion started deep underground in the Number One Coal Mine, after explosives were laid improperly. Although many miners died instantly, others were trapped by the explosion. These men wrote farewell messages in the dust of their shovels.

Although past documents put the death toll at 148, researchers have since revised the number to 150, including 53 Chinese workers. Chinese workers were listed in the government inquest and annual report of the Minister of Mines as "Chinamen, names unknown", followed by a tag number. BC employers did not have to report the deaths of Chinese employees until 1897.

Some accounts suggest that 48 of the 53 miners had the surname of Mah -- records may have been destroyed when Nanaimo's Chinatown burned to the ground in 1960. The monument on Milton Street lists the names of white miners, but only the tally number for Chinese miners. 

Operated by the Vancouver Coal Company, the Number One mine opened in 1884 at the foot of Milton Street in Nanaimo. Its shafts and tunnels extended under the harbour to Protection Island, Newcastle Island, and the Nanaimo River. After the explosion, the mine re-opened, and produced 18 million tons of coal before closing forever in 1938.

City Flags At Half Mast

Last year, Council passed a resolution to lowere the flags at all City of Nanaimo facilities to half mast on May 3 in memory of the 150 miners killed in the Nanaimo coal mining disaster of 1887.

Flags located at City of Nanaimo facilities will be lowered to half mast on Tuesday, May 3 to mark the anniversary of the coal mining disaster of 1887 that took 150 lives. 


Friday, April 29, 2016

Nanaimo RCMP Do Not Endorse 'Shoot to Kill'

Grade 12 students in Nanaimo commence
"Shoot to Kill" competition

The Nanaimo RCMP wishes to advise the public of a game involving Grade 12 students across Nanaimo, called "Shoot to kill" or "STK". The game involves competitors being assigned a "target". To win the competition, the target must be hit with a burst of water from a water gun. The person with the most confirmed "hits" or "kills", wins the competition. The entry fee is $10 per person and runs to the end of June.

"The Nanaimo RCMP does not endorse this game as some participants will put themselves in precarious situations that could be considered suspicious by others" said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.  "In previous years it has led, in some situations, to police involvement. The general public is reminded if you see suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood; do not discount it as part of this game. If it warrants calling the police, do so," said Constable Gary O’Brien.

"Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools considers the safety of its students a top priority,” said Scott Saywell, Assistant Superintendent – Secondary Schools. "The district cannot control the activities of its students outside of the classroom, however this is an opportunity to remind all of our students that they must make smart and safe choices. My worst fear would be to hear that one of our students gets injured, or worse, while playing this game", said Saywell. 


Cowichan Bay Fire Destroys Vacation Home

Flames shooting skyward as house and trees burn
Fire razing one house and spreading to adjacent home
House completely destroyed, adjacent fire brought under control

Cowichan Bay Fire Destroys Home
damages two others

Local photo artist Sher Falls happened to be in Cowichan Bay hoping to catch sight of some white pelicans that had been seen the day before. As is the case with most photos, being in the right place at the right time with the right gear means getting some good photos.

The above fire could be seen from across the bay and Falls was able to get some good photos showing the initial blaze with several good pictures showing the progression of the efforts to contain the fire and keep it from spreading to adjacent homes.

It is reported that fighting this blaze was all the more difficult as there is no piped water on this street and water had to be trucked in. If you look closely in the bottom picture you can see three streams of water fire fighters were directing at the fire.

It took four fire departments and about five hours to completely extinguish the fire of unknown cause. Four people living in the building were able to safely exit. 

Photo credits: Sher Falls


Nanaimo Street Banners Installed 2016/17

Culture in Horticulture Theme
design by Patrick Belanger

In late 2015, the City of Nanaimo invited all amateur and professional artists to submit designs for the 2016/17 Street Banner Design Competition. Submissions were received by 12 artists.

The successful banner design, by local artist Patrick Belanger, has now been installed on lamp posts on major streets throughout Nanaimo. This year's banner design was inspired by the theme "Culture in Horticulture" and, through Patrick's artistic interpretation, pays tribute to Nanaimo's unique ecosystem and heritage.

A resident of Nanaimo with over 25 years of experience, Patrick Belanger is a professional graphic designer and business owner who has worked with various local and international advertising companies.


Nanaimo City Hall

A tinge of Big Brother from city hall

George Orwell’s futuristic novel – Nineteen Eighty Four – was about living in an authoritarian and totalitarian society where government controlled everything, even thought and expression. It sounded drastic when it was published in 1949. The central character, Big Brother, controlled what people thought, said and wrote.

Little did we ever think that this type of authoritarian censorship could take over our society, it was only a novel. Welcome to 1984, Nanaimo. I had to read the news in the local newspaper more than once to convince myself this was really happening. The City of Nanaimo has sent freedom of expression warning letters to certain citizens cautioning them about what they should not write or post on social media. 

I am not familiar with any legislation that would empower the city to take any form of action because of someone’s hurt feelings. From the news story, that is what this is all about.

When you get into the area of trying to interpret what’s on the mind of people, their intent, you open a real kettle of worms. Anything touchy-feeley that does not fall under those limitations is not up to a civic government to try to control.

We have civil laws regulating limits to freedom of speech and expression. Those fall under the libel and slander categories.

I am active on social media, but I know the limit of what you can LEGALLY say or write. Many people on social media do not understand the distinction and many of them cross the line. City employees should not be targeted or harassed, that’s not part of their job description.

Councillor Gordon Fuller was one of those singled out for the censorship warning letters. That makes me question whether this initiative was approved by council in the first place, or whether a city staffer took personal initiative. I don’t follow Fuller’s Facebook site, but I have viewed it in the past and am not on the same page with a lot of things he does on that site. I have often wondered whether it was smart politics for an elected official to sound off like that, but it is his right to do so. I always say anyone has the right to have a wrong opinion. Fuller and I both have the right to express our opinions as long as they stay within the letter of the law.

Don Bonner is the administrator for A Better Nanaimo Facebook page. I followed it for some time soaking in the views of many Nanaimo citizens. After a while it became the same people with the same issues, having opinions about Nanaimo. Some Facebook opinions get really nasty, especially the comments made in ignorance. (Ignorance as in lack of knowledge or fact.) When they do cross the legal line it is up to the legal system, not the city, to get involved. Some verge on libel, but that’s up to the “victim” to take to court.

Political correctness is running amok in our society, and freedom of expression is the victim. It is censorship. That last thing we need, as in Orwell’s “Big Brother” to monitor and restrict our thoughts.

Merv Unger is a retired journalist and former city councillor living in Nanaimo, B.C. 


Things That Make Ya' Smile

Redneck BBQ
When ice melts, simply flush to put out the flame!


Nanaimo City Council Meeting May 2/16

Committee of the Whole Meeting
Mon., May 2/16
Shaw Auditorium
7:00 pm VICC

  • 2015 Annual Financial Statements to present statements for acceptance by Council. Delegation Ms Nancy Adie-McKay, KPMG
  • 2015 DCC reserve fund report
  • 2015 Annual parking reserve fund report
  • Acting Mayor Pay Rate, provides rationale for the adoption of an Acting Mayor pay rate
  • AAP results " Beaufort Park Dedication removal and disposal bylaw
  • Rezoning App. 1515 Dufferin Cres. and 69 Lorne Place
  • Development permit 253 Victoria Road
  • Development permit 3795 Glen Oaks Drive
  • Rezoning Application 416/434 Wakesiah Ave.,
  • Liquor Licence application 1890 Boxwood Road
  • Proposed building bylaw 2016 No. 7224
  • Bylaw contravention notice 3280 Telescope Terrace
  • Bylaw contravention notice 646 Beach Dr.,
  • Bylaw contravention notice 2785 Country Club Dr.
  • Bylaw contravention notice 680 Third St.
  • Bylaw contravention notice - secondary suites: 1005 Beverly Dr., 307 Black Diamond Dr., 331 Black Diamond Dr., 207 Derby Place, 5393 Dewar Rd., 6225 Dover Rd., 835 Glengarry Crescent, 1374 Ivy Lane, 286 Kathryn Place, 290 Kathryn Place, 48 Roberta Road E., 2310/2312 Towerview Cres.
  • Travel assistance grant application - Curl BC
  • Unauthorized suites 6620 Portsmouth Road, 96 Princess Street
  • Property Maintenance Bylaw enforcement authorization sought for: 1400 Wingrove Street, 550 Brechin Rd., 195 Princess St., 3796 Victoria Ave., 3221 Hammond Bay Rd., 339 Watfield Ave., 156 View Street
  • Councillor Bestwick - council travel/conference funds motion
  • Councillor Hong - Nanaimo Youth Poet Laureate Program

Democracy Is Too Important To Leave To The Politicians
Do Your Civic Duty By Getting Informed and Getting Involved

If you say: " I'm too busy just trying to keep it together to get involved, consider that perhaps, if you were more involved you might not be having so much trouble keeping it together "!

You can view this Council Meeting Agenda here - - -  Agenda .

If you can't attend council meetings in person (preferred) you can watch regular council meetings on Shaw cable channel #4. You can also watch the meetings live on the city website using this link. 

The regular city council meetings are the only ones broadcast live on either Shaw Cable or streaming video from the city website. The Committee of the Whole meetings, while not broadcast live on Shaw Cable are live streamed on the city website and are recorded and can be viewed on the city website HERE.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Banked Sick Days Costing Taxpayers Millions

Banked sick days costing governments in BC millions
The practice of government employees “banking” sick days is costing the provincial government $399 million, Vancouver $35 million, and Victoria $7 million, according to the latest research from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).
Banking means that if an employee doesn’t use all their allotted sick days in a year, they can save them for later, or in some cases, have them paid out upon retirement. The CFIB report reviewed sick day provisions in the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, including Victoria and Vancouver.
In Vancouver, employees get 20 paid sick days per year and can bank up to 261 sick days, including receiving up to an additional 120 “gratuity” days which can be cashed out upon retirement. In Victoria, employees get 12 to 24 (based on seniority) paid sick days and can bank up to 130 days. Provincial government employees are no longer able to bank sick days, but the BC government still has a sick day bank liability on its books of $399 million from employees “grandfathered in” from previous collective agreements.
“Having a safety net in place in case employees get sick in the short-term is obviously a responsible thing to do,” said Richard Truscott, vice-president for BC and Alberta. “However, the practice of banking sick days raises questions as to whether sick days are being used for purposes that may not be related to illness.”
Nearly 30 per cent government plans across Canada allow for banking sick days, versus only three per cent of private sector plans.
Provincial governments in Quebec and Saskatchewan allow unlimited sick day banking for their employees, while the government of Newfoundland and Labrador limits their workers to bank 480 days at a time. Quebec currently has $829 million in banked sick day liability, more than any other province. When it comes to municipalities, Moncton and Winnipeg allow for unlimited sick day banking, while Charlottetown allows a maximum of 350 banked days. Toronto has the largest sick day liability among cities, $489 million in 2013.
“Sick days are supposed to be for when you’re sick. Governments have set up a system where some workers may be using banked sick days for extra time off even though they are not ill. We need to fix the system so that everyone is playing by the same rules,” added Truscott. “Governments at all levels should move to eliminate sick day banking, and introduce affordable short-term disability plans for public sector workers to better align sick leave provisions with those in the private sector.”


BC Premier Salary - Civic Salaries Comparison

 Globe and mail christy clark
According to an article in the Globe and Mail BC's Premier is receiving funds from the Liberal party in addition to her salary as Premier of the province.

"Premier Christy Clark is paid tens of thousands of dollars each year by the BC Liberal Party – an income that is drawn from coffers infused by donor contributions and is in addition to the nearly $200,000 she earns annually as the head of government.

The Globe and Mail has learned that Ms. Clark is given between $30,000 and $50,000 a year from the BC Liberal Party for work she does for it throughout the year, including attending fundraising events."

Municipal Management Salaries Are Out Of Control

While many folk are up in arms over the revelation that the Premier of the province is also being paid between $30K-$50K for her part in raising funds for the party, it is notable that even then, she was not earning what we were paying our recent city manager, Mr. Swabey.

The Globe article says the Premier earned nearly $200,000 as head of government, the figure I have been able to find is actually $195,468.00. Even with a full $50,000 from her party she would be making about the same as we were paying Mr. Swabey in 2014.

A few city of Nanaimo salaries being paid to management in the year 2014:

Mr. Ted Swabey $231,356

Mr. Tom Hickey $190,289

Mr. Ian Howatt $189,486

Remember, those were from the 2014 SOFI report and are undoubtedly on the low side as I am sure each of them enjoyed a further increase in the year 2015. 

I doubt if anyone would argue that our Premier should be paid more than she currently is receiving but you have to wonder if our senior civic bureaucrats aren't due for a pay review, as they do seem to have gotten seriously out of control in recent years. As a passing comparison the city manager of little old Ladysmith, just down the road in 2014 was paid $154,559.

Perhaps the upcoming Core Services Review will afford the tax paying public the opportunity to offer their input as to what kind of wages are fair to be paid for those charged with running our beloved city. A comparison with the private sector for comparable work and qualifications might be enlightening.


Nanaimo North Town Centre - Spring Carnival

April 28 - May 1, 2016

April 28 - 3:00 - 10:00 pm
April 29 - 3:00 - 11:00 pm
April 30 - 12:00 - 11:00 pm
May 1 - 12:00 - 6:00 pm


Nanaimo Glad & Dahlia Society Tuber Sale Apr. 30

Nanaimo Gladiolus and Dahlia Society
Annual Tuber Sale
Saturday April 30, 2016 10:00 am - sell out
Country Club Centre

A huge selection of the many sizes and forms of dahlia flowers in their tuber form. Come early for best selection!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Summary April 25 Nanaimo City Council Meeting

To view the summary of the April 25, 2016 Special open City Council meeting, visit the City of Nanaimo website HERE.


Telephone Scam Targets Nanaimo

Anti-bullying fraud 
telephone scam targeting Nanaimo

The Nanaimo RCMP wishes to advise the public of an anti-bullying telephone scam which has surfaced in Nanaimo.

The caller indicates he is representing the Nanaimo RCMP and is soliciting funds for an anti-bullying campaign. He asks specifically for $300. The intended target did not give the caller the requested funds and called to report the incident.

The Nanaimo RCMP does not solicit funds for crime prevention programs not does it solicit by telephone. If you receive a similar telephone call, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre toll free at 1-888-495-8501, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Eastern time or online at


No Dogs On Nanaimo Beaches May - October

Nanaimo Info file photo
Nanaimo beaches closed to dogs May - Oct.

City bylaw manager Rod Davidson reminds Nanaimo residents: "Our beaches are busy with visitors during the warmer months of the year. Dogs are more than welcome at one of Nanaimo's other parks including our 12 off-leash areas."  

Dogs on public beaches and along our shorelines can create not only health hazards but can also disturb migrating and breeding wildlife which take refuge along the shorelines. Dog feces is raw sewage containing harmful organisms like E. coli. Leptospira and roundworms. These organisms can be passed to other dogs, wildlife and even our children.

Owners allowing their dogs in a public beach area are subject to a $150 fine. To report concerns about dogs on public beaches the public can call Animal Control at 250-616-0233.

 dog parks

There are off-leash dog parks ranging all across the city from May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park all the way south to Cable Bay trail. A brochure showing a map of all Nanaimo off-leash dog parks can be found by clicking on the image to the left or HERE.


Big Improvement - Departure Bay Beachfront

 Improved access, viewing benches and tables
 Landscaped area, stairs and wheelchair access
Level sidewalk and improved lighting
$700,000.00 project improves accessibility

The Departure Bay beachfront accessibility and utilities improvement project is improved with the exception of a bit more landscaping.

The project undertaken by Knappett Industries who won the contract with their bid of $672,683.00 + GST provides major improvements to the access at Departure Bay Beach this summer.


2016 Islands Short Fiction Contest Awards


The winners of the 2016 Islands Short Fiction Contest will be announced at a presentation in Nanaimo on April 28th.

Jointly sponsored by the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Vancouver Island Regional Library, and the Vancouver Island University Department of Creative Writing and Journalism, the contest continues to grow in popularity, with a record 118 entries this year. Over $2000 in cash and prizes will be awarded in three categories: Adult (19 and over), Youth (13 to 18), and Junior (12 and under).

The awards will be presented at the Nanaimo Harbourfront branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library, 90 Commercial St., on Thursday, April 28th at 6:30 pm. Excerpts from the winners in all three categories will be read. The event is open to the public and admission is free.


Nanaimo Watering Restrictions - May 1/16

Stage 2 Watering restrictions come into effect May 2

Changes in watering restrictions this year

Stage 1 watering restrictions start April 1, and consist of night-time watering only, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 7:00 am, any day of the week.

Stage 2 will run from May 1 to September 30. Even numbered addresses can water even days of the month; odd numbered addresses can water odd days of the month, for two hours only, between 7:00 am and 10:00 am OR between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

Vegetable gardens and fruit trees are exempt from restrictions. Vegetable watering and drip irrigation are exempt from restrictions. Exemptions for businesses which require water for operations, essential municipal playing fields and nurseries are also exempt, to minimize economic impact while conserving. This helps avoid challenges in applying the bylaw.

Visit for an interactive map, a list of frequently asked questions and watering restriction stage in each area of the region.

"The new watering restrictions are part of the City’s waterworks bylaw. While the new restrictions are defined the same way across the region there are changes for Nanaimo's residents especially with Stage 1 starting on April 1. There may be an adjustment, but we are confident that the clearer rules will make for a smooth transition."  -  Bill Sims City of Nanaimo 


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Nanaimo Weather Forecast April 27 - 30


Nanaimo Gas Prices - April 26/16

Nanaimo Gas Prices 

It seems that perhaps the Nanaimo gas cartel is uncomfortable with providing the highest price gas on the Island (at least for now). For the first time I can remember Nanaimo is actually cheaper than Duncan!!

Following prices taken from Gas Buddy at 10:00 am April 26/16.

Victoria 99.9

Duncan 101.9

Comox 97.9

Nanaimo 99.9

Calgary 84.9

Toronto 95.9

Ottawa 93.3


Nanaimo Volunteers Plant 50 Ornamental Trees

Nanaimo Old City Association crew planting trees 

Nanaimo Old City Association Volunteers
Enhancing Old City street and boulevard

The Nanaimo Old City Association volunteers, with assistance from the City of Nanaimo, planted 50 ornamental plum, cherry, red maple and Katsura trees starting on Saturday April 23rd. The planting has been made possible through a BC Hydro re-greening grant awarded to the City of Nanaimo this past winter. This will be the fifth grant awarded to the City and neighbourhood groups. The result of these grants has been the addition of over 200 street trees that to date have significantly enhanced the beauty and vibrancy of the South End and Old City Neighbourhoods.

"Boulevard and street tree plantings enhance the aesthetics of a neighbourhood and create an increased sense of community and cohesion."  -  Alan Kemp City of Nanaimo


DNBIA Looking For Ideas For Downtown Space

Tell us what you think
We'd love to get your feedback

What do you think would make the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Crescent a great place to spend time? The Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association (DNBIA) is considering how to improve this space.

Please answer the following questions and let us know what you think!
Give Feedback 


Monday, April 25, 2016

Nanaimo Jazz Duo Win Monterey Jazz Festival

Note: email subscribers may have to visit Nanaimo Info Blog to view.

Nanaimo Alto Saxophone and Drum Duo
first Canadians to win Monterey's Next Generation Festival

The jazz duo of Kenton Dick and Ethan Olynyk of Wellington Secondary School were in California from April 8 - 10 performing at the famous Monterey's Next Generation Festival showcasing 1300 student musicians, most of whom are American.
They became the first Canadian, and in fact, the first international group to win at the Next Generation Festival. They took home first place in the High School Combo division and each won an outstanding soloist award.
In a CBC news story their teacher, Carmella Luvisotto says that Dick and Olynyk have something special. "Usually you have musicians come through music programs that are great and wonderful but never two at the same time who can challenge each other to the way these two boys have," she said.


Port Theatre Lobby - April 30/16

Saturday April 30th 

To the Shady Woods: Nature & Love

2:00pm, Port Theatre Lobby
A Cappella Plus, under the direction of Patricia Plumley, presents an afternoon salon concert entitled “To the Shady Woods: nature and love”.

Enjoy an eclectic program of music celebrating the splendour of the natural world and the many faces of love. This program features music that is hauntingly beautiful, music that is sure to touch your heart, and music that will send you on a trip down memory lane.  We have some musical surprises for you as well!
Tickets at


Nanaimo Theatre Group - Love Song

Love Song

The Baily Studio
Evenings (8:00 pm): Apr 20 - Apr 23, Apr 27 - Apr 30, May 4 - May 7
Matinees (2:00 pm): Apr 24, May 1

Beane is an exile from life - an oddball. His career-driven sister Joan and brother-in-law Harry try to make time for him, but struggle to understand his world. After Beane's apartment is burgled, Joan is baffled to find her brother blissfully happy and she tries to unravel the story behind Beane's mysterious new love, Molly. Funny, enchanting and wonderfully touching, this offbeat comedy is a rhapsody to the power of love in all its forms. 2007 Olivier Award Nominee - Best New Comedy. Warning: coarse language and adult themes
Tickets at


KIJiJI - Amazon Vehicle Sales Scam

Claims Amazon will provide a safe transaction
Don't believe it!

The ad for the above RV appeared on KIJIJI two days ago and was only up for a short time and I realized it was a scam but sent a reply to 'play along' and see how this one would unfold.

I got the following reply to my first email:

Good Morning, i'm Maggie

The rv is very well taken care of and very clean with no mechanical problems, alI the equipment is in perfect working condition, no loans or liens on it and the price is $7,300.00 with shipping incIuded. Now, is in a warehouse of the shipping company in Winnipeg, MB and if you decide to buy it, you can pick it up or it will be shipped to your address along with all the papers, owner manual, bill of sale already signed by myseIf, and the clear title. I'm selling it because my husband passed away 5 months ago and it has become useless to me.... so if you are interested please let me know
i attached photos and info

I got this follow up to my second email reply along with a link to a page that 'appears' to represent Amazon. A close look at the url made it obvious this was not a legit Amazon page and once money is sent using this page, you can kiss it good-bye.

Hi again

When my husband died, me and my daughter decided to move to my parents in London,UK. Given the situation, i cannot conclude this transaction personally so i want to make this deal through Amazon's online protection system that is especially designed for this kind of transactions and gives you the possibility to test and inspect the motorhome without paying for it first. Amazon will act as a third party between me and you and will hold the payment until you confirm that it matches the description, otherwise, if is not what you paid for, you can request a full refund within 10 days after receiving it. Here is the amazon link where you can buy it:

Amazon has a webpage with lots of advice and tips on how to spot and avoid being scammed on the internet, including the false claim about Amazon guaranteeing to hold funds in escrow. You can view that site HERE.


Youth Week Activities In Nanaimo


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tsawwassen - Duke Point Ferry Sailings Cancelled

Note: This Service Notice applies to the following route(s):
- Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Nanaimo (Duke Point)

Update as of 9:45 am:

Please be advised that the Queen of Alberni has cancelled the following sailings due to mechanical difficulties:

1015 departing Tsawwassen
1245 departing Duke Point

For traffic updates or more information please call us toll free at 1-888-BCFERRY (223-3779), check our website at or go to on your mobile device.

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced as a result of this sailing cancellation.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Colliery Dam Auxiliary Spillway Now Functional

Flood hazard signs removed
warning siren decommissioned

The City of Nanaimo has declared the auxiliary spillway constructed alongside the Lower Colliery Dam functional.  The announcement means public safety measures introduced by the City to manage the risk of the Lower Colliery Dam breaching during a significant rain event are no longer necessary.  Signs located in the identified flood hazard zone below the dam have now been removed and the installed warning siren has been decommissioned.

While construction associated with the building of the auxiliary spillway has wound down, members of the public are advised work related to the spillway project continues nearby. Areas in the park near the lower dam remain closed. Warnings and detour signs must still be observed.

"The auxiliary spillway is ready.  While finishing work remains underway around the structure, the structure can now operate as designed."  -  Geoff Goodall City of Nanaimo 


Nanaimo Unsolved Crimes April 1 - 22, 2016

Unsolved crimes April 1st to April 22nd

1. Nanaimo file # 2016-10195 On Saturday April 2, at approximately 11 pm, a female stole a 26 oz. bottle of liquor from the Millway Liquor store on McMillan Rd. The female is described as white, much tanned, dark brown curly hair and was wearing bright coloured pants. The female left the store and was seen getting into a silver car with a male driver.

2. Nanaimo file # 2016-10245 Sometime overnight on Sunday April 3, multiple vehicles parked at Edgewood Lane were broken into. Edgewood is located off of Uplands Drive, just north of the North Town Centre Mall and is a mature seniors housing complex.  Most of the vehicles were locked and force was used to gain access. This is a good reminder to report suspicious activity as soon as it is seen. If someone does not fit into your neighbourhood, keep an eye out and share with your neighbours and police immediately.

3. Nanaimo file # 2016-10225 On Sunday April 3, two males attempted to steal a vehicle and lawn ornaments from a residence on Stonewood Place. The males were described as white, mid-twenties and wore plaid jackets. One of the males had shoulder length brown hair and the second had a thick blond beard.

4. Nanaimo file # 2016-10839 Sometime overnight on Friday April 8, Chinook Scaffold Systems located at 95 10 St was broken into and a gas hose was cut to a vehicle in their compound.. Entrance to the compound was made by cutting through the chain link fence that surrounds the property.

5. Nanaimo file # 2016-11450 On Wednesday April 13, Origins, a seniors care facility on Oliver Rd was broken into. The break in occurred sometime between 1 am and 6:30 am and taken were Fob keys, master keys, garage opener and a black Dell laptop. Surveillance cameras showed a male at 2:53 am, wearing a black hoodie with white on the back, carrying a blue bag.

6. Nanaimo file # 2016-11756 Sometime between 9 am and 4 pm on Sunday April 17, a home on Hewstone Rd was broken into and multiple items were taken.  Point of entry was the front door and taken were camera equipment, golf gear and clothing.

7. Nanaimo file #2016-12176 Sometime between 7 pm April 18, and 6:30 am April 19th, a boat moored at 1690 Stewart Ave was broken into. The cabin door was pried open and it appeared nothing was taken.

8. Nanaimo file 2016-12268 On Wednesday April 20, a bike theft was reported from Scannel Road. The theft occurred between 1 pm on Tuesday April 19th and 1 pm on Wednesday April 20th.  The bike is a white BMX, free agent Strutter with lime green writing and has a sticker on that says " I heart Slu*s

9. Nanaimo file # 2016-12466 On Thursday April 21, two bikes were stolen from 775 Terminal Ave. One bike was a black and red Jamis Trail XComp with serial # Y14L010427. The second was an Avalanche with purple pedals.

10. Nanaimo file / 2016-12553 Sometime overnight on Thursday April 22, two ladders were taken from the backyard of 961 Northumberland Ave. One of the ladders was an orange fibreglass Lousiville extension ladder and the other was a yellow fibreglass step ladder.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Nanaimo Weather Forecast Apr. 23 - 26


Ferry & Regular Schedules Return - Gulf Islands

Regular schedules and vessel deployments resume in the Southern Gulf Islands

VICTORIA – BC Ferries’ Queen of Cumberland is just completing a major mid-life upgrade and will return to regular service on the Swartz Bay – Southern Gulf Islands route on Friday, April 22. The regular schedule will also resume on the Swartz Bay – Fulford Harbour route on April 22.

The mid-life upgrade and refit was conducted at Esquimalt Drydocking Company and some of the work conducted included the following:

• Main propulsion system overhaul and upgraded propulsion control system
• Installation of a new evacuation system and replacement of the rescue boat
• Renew navigations lights with LED
• Complete electrical system overhaul
• Renew harbour generator and switchboard
• Installation of a pet area
• Renew alarm and monitoring system
• Complete elevator system overhaul
• Renew sea water cooling system piping
• Installation of a new overhead walkway access to the upper deck for walk-on passengers


Funds Available To Cut B.C. Home Energy Costs

Province investing in energy efficient homes

VICTORIA – Just ahead of Earth Day, the Government of British Columbia is announcing $1.4 million from the Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund for a suite of programs to help homeowners reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions and to support training in the construction of high performance, energy efficient homes.

The funding will be distributed as follows:
$600,000 to provide rebates of up to $1,700 for homeowners to convert from oil heating to an all-electric air source heat pump. An oil-to-heat pump conversion provides, on average, the highest greenhouse gas emission reduction of any single upgrade for single family residential homes. This funding is in addition to $600,000 provided for the Oil-to-Heat Pump Incentive Program in 2015 and will ensure incentives continue to be available for homeowners to make the conversion from oil to electric heat pumps.

$600,000 to support the training and use of energy coaches who conduct home energy evaluations, identify opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and explore retrofit options with homeowners. The funds will be directed through the joint BC HydroFortisBC Home Energy Rebate Offer (HERO) program and will be used to establish training for energy coaches and to provide a subsidy for homeowners to offset the cost of energy coaching services.

$100,000 to subsidize training for building professionals in Passive House design and construction. The international Passive House standard is the one of the most rigorous and advanced building performance standards in the world, achieving reductions in heating energy of up to 90%, compared to other buildings. This system of construction requires specialized training and experience. This funding is in addition to $100,000 provided for the Passive House Training Subsidy in 2015 and will help more builders, architects, engineers and municipal planning professionals take courses in Passive House principles.

$100,000 to subsidize courses offered by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) and service organizations licensed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in three national high-performance building standards: ENERGY STAR for New Homes Initiative, R2000 and Net Zero Energy (NZE) Homes Builder Training. The funding will build on the Passive House training incentive by broadening provincial support to a range of high-performance building standards and help to increase the number of high-performance builders, homes and buildings in British Columbia.

The ICE Fund is designed to support government’s energy and environmental priorities and advance British Columbia’s clean energy sector. It receives funding through a 0.4% levy on the final sale of specified energy products such as natural gas, fuel oil and grid-delivered propane.

We’re into renovation season and this is an excellent time for homeowners to plan and complete improvements that will make their homes more energy efficient. With this round of funding from the Province’s Innovative Clean Energy Fund, we’re helping homeowners reduce their heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and helping builders get additional training to design and construct high performance, energy efficient homes and buildings.  Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines


Nanaimo City Council Meeting Summary

 april 18 meeting summary

The city of Nanaimo website has a new page which summarizes the previous council meeting in a brief and informative form.

If you were unable to attend the meeting or just need to refresh yourself on the business council dealt with, this is an excellent resource.

You can view the summary of the April 18/16 meeting on the city website HERE.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mike Duffy Cleared Of All Charges

Photo:screengrab from Huffpost webpage

Canadian Press story on Huffpost reports that the judge hearing the Mike Duffy trial has cleared Duffy of all 31 charges and delivered a scathing indictment of the "ruthless" tactics of the Prime Minister's Office under Stephan Harper.  


Best Of The City -- News Bulletin Survey

 best of the city survey
Click image to enter

The News Bulletin kicked off it's '2016 Best of the City' contest in a quest for Nanaimo's Best. Be that the best place to buy a Nanaimo bar, the Best Nachos or the Best Lighting Store.

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into the prize draw which includes $250 gas card for Mid Island Co-op, $250 prize package from the DNBIA or a private sunset Kayak tour around Newcastle Island.

Click the above image to enter the contest or enter through there Facebook page.

Photo: screengrab from Nanaimo News Bulletin webpage.


Free Cellphone Service Is Available In Canada

 Fongo Free Phone Service
Click image to visit Fongo website

With your cellphone and a free app from Fongo and a wifi connection you can make phone calls anywhere in Canada for FREE. For a nominal charge you can also make long distance calls.

For a one time fee of $25 you can even transfer your existing number to the new service.  While the service may not be for everyone and some may not be comfortable with making it their only cell phone service, it can be a second alternative you can use and not deplete your airtime minutes under your current plan.

It is worth checking out and it may be the answer to reducing or eliminating the cost of using your cellphone.

Visit the Fongo website HERE for more information about this free service and some of the other features they offer.


Nanaimo Arts Council Reception & Fundraiser Friday

Join the Nanaimo Arts Council for this special event on Friday April 22, 6pm-8pm at the Nanaimo Museum.

Out of the Ashes is an exhibit featuring artists who lost work in the March 30th fire in downtown Nanaimo, and those who were to be part of NAC’s 2016 Spring Art Exhibition.

Our reception & fundraiser will feature live music, refreshments and an exciting assortment of items to bid on in a silent auction. There will also be a donation bin for art supplies for the artists who lost their studios in the fire.

NAC is a catalyst for creative community. Our programs include the Festival of Banners, Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, Islands Short Fiction Contest, Art Around Town, Swap-O-Rama-Rama Nanaimo and much more. Financial donations and silent auction proceeds will assist us with recovery costs that are not covered by insurance.

Big thanks to the Nanaimo Museum for providing space and staff for this event, Iron Oxide for leading the art supplies donation drive, and all the local businesses who have donated so generously to our auction.