Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Summer Time And Nothin' Is Happening

The little bit about our Green Bin program, which arguably is a failed effort now leading to the implementation of millions of dollars worth of automated trucks and heavy bins for consumers to wrestle with will be the last article I will be putting on here for at least the rest of the summer. Other and better things to do. The general public is dozy enough during the rest of the year, and in the summer, they are completely out of touch, so trying to wake anyone up, is just a big waste of time.

Watch how this council goes merrily down the garden path listening to the pied piper from public works explain how this is the only way forward for garbage collection in Nanaimo. Go ahead, watch them. I would, but my blood pressure needs a break.

So, until September at least, happy holidays.


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  1. The Municipality of Maple Ridge has private contractors for garbage pick up, the cost is $6.00 a month per house.


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