Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Due Process .... A Thing Of The Past

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Guilt by accusation
the order of the day

We are seeing the crumbling of our justice system one step at a time. This story relates to the PC candidate that quite likely could have been the next Premier of Ontario. That career was scuttled by nothing more than two anonymous accusations reported by a questionable 'news' source. 

It is no longer a case of due process, but merely enough to convict if someone accuses you. This is a dangerous precedent in many ways. If you want to dispatch a political foe, all that is required is someone of questionable character (not too hard to find) who is willing to lie for a few bucks or ten seconds of fame and the 'news' media is all too happy to report salacious charges (good for ratings) which are impossible to recover from.

Locally, anyone running in local politics need be aware of this tactic as Nanaimo politics have become just about as down and dirty as anywhere, and I predict this next election will be pure blood sport complete with hired pens fueling the fire.


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