Thursday, September 19, 2019

Asian Hornet Nest In Nanaimo

Near Robbins Park Harewood, Nanaimo

Screenshot and following report appeared on Facebook, Sept.19/19
The post appears on the 'I Love Harewood' public group on Facebook.

John Holubeshen

Moufida and I found a Giant Asian Hornets nest in the Robin's Park area in Nanaimo last night. This is in the area of all the confirmed Vancouver Island sightings.

Conrad Berube, Peter Lange, Moufida Holubeshen and I went back after dark and eradicated the colony (Conrad did most of the work, with the rest of us merely supporting him).

I took one sting to the chest and Conrad took four to his legs - these stings are very painful!

Hopefully we caught this before any new queens were released and hopefully this was the only nest on Vancouver Island (or in BC)!


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