Monday, December 21, 2020

Granola Council Adopts Doughnut Economics

Communist City Council
first Canadian city to adopt Doughnut Economics

It comes as no surprise that a council made up primarily of communist leaning members has demonstrated why they are big on virtue signalling, and short on actual economic skills. Nanaimo taxpayers will be paying the price of this folly for years to come.

The councilor who championed this bit of nonsense proudly proclaims Nanaimo is the first Canadian city to adopt doughnut economics. The concept is explained as challenging economies to meet and exceed MINIMUM global living standards!

What kind of goal is that? To meet or exceed MINIMUM global living standards! What kind of economic goal is that, you might ask. You might also ask what is a MINIMUM global living standard?? 

People have come to Canada from all over the globe because our living standards are beyond anything they could hope for in their native country. Now setting as our goal to meet the MINIMUM global living standard sounds like the kind of dogma that usually precedes a nations decline into full on communism. 

This is the council that has set records for tax increases, year after year. Demonstrating how out of touch they are with the reality of Nanaimo's economic condition. Instead of actually holding the line on taxes and giving the taxpayer a much needed break, they are still looking for creative ways to spend tax dollars.

Now they are adopting some airy fairy economic plan that is nothing more than virtue signalling with it's goal to meet MINIMUM global living standards!! What is next comrade?

It should come as no surprise that a Granola Council would adopt Doughnut Economics.

Lord have mercy on Nanaimo.


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