Thursday, August 07, 2008

Watch The Bejing Opening Ceremonies on the BIG Screen

Your Big Screen TV is no Match for this One!

Team Nanaimo invites the public to view the Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Live Site in downtown Nanaimo on Friday, August 8. The ceremonies will be aired from 7am to 9am on the big screen on the back of the Port Theatre. So head to work early on the morning of August 8th and join in the festivities. Coffee and treats will be available. Folks are encouraged to bring a lawn chair and wear their favourite country’s colors.

“We think this is an excellent way to catch the spirit of the games here in Nanaimo”, Camela Tang, Team Nanaimo Chair. “In a few short years it will be British Columbia’s time to shine and we wanted to remind folks of that.”

“Being part of something like this, surrounded by friends and neighbours really brings the pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies closer to home. This is what the ‘live site’ was intended for. I’m looking forward to checking out those events where Island athletes will be competing, too. That will be special.” Drew Cooper, Director of Pacific Sport Nanaimo.

Team Nanaimo is comprised of Nanaimo residents from an array of backgrounds and varied interests. The unifying belief of the team is each individual’s commitment to, and enthusiasm for, our community. They share a belief that the Games have the potential to impact the entire province of British Columbia positively. The team is committed to ensuring this impact is realized to its fullest potential. The group strives to welcome, explore, and nurture the possibilities presented to the community.

With 331 Canadian athletes participating in the Beijing Olympic Games we’ll have plenty of opportunity to cheer on our fellow Canadians. The City of Nanaimo will broadcast CBC coverage on the Olympic Live Site located in Diana Krall Plaza. Program times will vary, but generally there will be morning, afternoon and early evening coverage of the Olympic Games.


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