Friday, August 04, 2017

Why Wendy Pratt Resigned From Council ?

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Did Assault Lead To Resignation?

City Press Release:

Independent consultant confirms Mayor, Councillors
created hostile work environment for City of Nanaimo CAO

NANAIMO, July 31, 2017 – An independent consultant has confirmed that the conduct of Mayor Bill McKay, Coun. Diane Brennan and former Coun. Wendy Pratt has created a hostile work environment for City of Nanaimo CAO Tracy Samra.

The official report of independent consultant Roslyn Goldner was released to council July 20.  

Samra filed complaints under the City of Nanaimo's Respectful Workplace Policy and violence in the workplace policy resulting in an independent investigation by Roslyn Goldner. 

Goldner began her investigation after Ms. Samra was physically assaulted by then Coun. Wendy Pratt as shown in above video. 

“On February 27, 2017 I was assaulted by Coun. Wendy Pratt at a closed council meeting in front of nine witnesses,” Samra states. “At least six witnesses were interviewed by the RCMP and a video tape of the incident was marked into evidence that night.  I sustained minor physical injuries”.  

“I was advised that Ms. Pratt was arrested and released on a promise to appear and an undertaking that she not attend my workplace at city hall, SARC and the Shaw auditorium.”

The sudden resignation by Coun. Pratt took place following the assault.  Ms. Samra was advised that the criminal matter went to “diversion” and that Ms. Pratt is expected to make an apology to her.

Samra states that a prior assault by Pratt on Samra took place January 11, 2017, which was reported to the RCMP and taken to the Crown, but did not result in charges as there were no witnesses in the room.  

“I filed this complaint after the Feb. 27 assault by Coun. Pratt so there would be a mechanism for this to stop, and to get Mayor McKay to stop targeting me,” says Samra. “I believe Mayor McKay needs to be held accountable for his conduct, as I am entitled to be treated professionally in my workplace in front of my staff and the public.”

“The Mayor has consistently made defamatory remarks about me in the media over the last 20 months calling into question my capabilities to do the job and my ethics.”

Ms. Samra maintains that the Mayor has also made disparaging remarks in public on multiple occasions about her to her colleagues at other institutions, including at an aboriginal graduation ceremony, a joint City-SD68, and at an RCMP panel in front of a representatives from Snuneymuxw First Nation.

“I went on leave after the assault by Coun. Pratt. I attempted to return to work on a limited basis,” Samra says. “I know now that I should have gone on leave after the first incident to address the anxiety and fear I faced going to work each day after months of targeted by Wendy Pratt, Diane Brennan and Bill McKay.”

“When the Report was released last week I made unprofessional comments that were overheard outside the boardroom.  I apologize to those who heard my remarks.”  Ms. Samra expects to remain on leave while Council considers the Report findings and what steps can be taken to address the toxic work environment.


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  1. What "alleged?" assault. You can clearly see it is an "ASSAULT"!

    Where are all the crying no minds who kept saying poor Wendy has been bullied? Where's Women Watching Nanaimo, who kept constantly defending Ms. Pratt as the victim?

    The proof is in the video and report.

    These people/groups have no credibility now, not that they ever did.


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