Friday, September 29, 2017

Victor Mema Sued By Sechelt

It is being reported in the Bulletin and on Nanaimo News Now that Victor Mema is being sued by his former employer trying to recover nearly $10,000.00.

Mr. Mema was hired by the City of Nanaimo in Sept. 2015 replacing longtime finance director Brian Clements.

The claim being made is that Mema used the municipalities credit card to make purchases that were not approved. Mema has said he has a counter claim but did not divulge any details.

Nothing further will be made public until the matter is settled in court.


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  1. It says a great deal when Nanaimo's only remaining print newspaper makes this a page 3 story and apparently doesn't deem it worthy of editorial comment. Mr. Mema's story was actually better reported in the Times Colonist, where he accused his former Sechelt employer of "racism" and claimed that he never charged anything to his staff business card while providing no explanation as to why one charge was to an Edmonton Jaguar dealer.

    This situation is somewhat reminiscent of that of the one time second executive head of the now defunct economic development corporation: news of shady dealings with his previous employer concerning the misuse of a corporate credit card went unreported in the local press even though damning information, properly researched and not contested by the party concerned, was available on the CBC's website.

    When it comes to important civic issues Nanaimo all too often is ill-served by the fourth estate and most anyone who carefully observes city hall and other local public sector business soon realizes that.


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