Friday, November 16, 2018

One Reason For Some Being "Homeless"

City Cleans Up Mess Left By "Homeless"

The Nanaimo Bulletin ran an article reporting on the ongoing cleanup of Discontent City, all on the taxpayers dime, thank you very much.

It is unlikely we will actually know what this little disaster (courtesy of Mayor McKay and city hall staff) is going to cost in the end, hundreds of thousands I am certain.

One thing that I have never heard raised is the question as to 'why' some if not many of these people are homeless. The answer to that is as clear as can be when you look at the way they are willing to live in a garbage heap of their own making. I can't imagine how any landlord would accept any of these people as tenants as they clearly are lacking in the very basic elements of taking responsibility and being accountable. Being poor is no excuse for living in your own filth.

But not to worry, once you have made enough noise about not being able to find housing the government with endless tax dollars to spend will provide housing for these folk that people on fixed incomes and even those working could barely afford.

That is one of the basic problems with the Marxist/socialist types (of which Nanaimo has it's share) in that it kills the incentives to work hard and take care of yourself as the government will step in and 'steal' money you have earned by the sweat of your brow to feed, shelter and cloth those who won't take responsibility for themselves.


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