Friday, September 02, 2022

Mayor Krog Running On His Record


Handrailing foot of Georgia Park

Millions and Millions on Bike Lanes To Nowhere

While downtown goes to the dogs

Safety & Maintenance Are Abysmal

Since it was the last night market of the summer my wife and I decided to take a run downtown to see what it was like this year. Neither of us have been downtown walking on Commercial Street for several years ever since the feeling of safe and secure was no longer a reality. Our official TD branch is the one next to Port Place but we never use that branch simply because of the safety factor. This incidentally was the branch a customer at the ATM was robbed from with the assailant using a needle as a weapon just recently

Neither of us felt comfortable with using either of the downtown parkades so we opted to park at Maffeo Sutton Park and stroll along the waterfront. Something we both used to quite enjoy before the past four years.

We meandered along the waterfront which was surprisingly not buzy at all given it was a beautiful summer eve. We used the stairs from the parkade that leads up to the square where the Bastion is located. This was the first sign of how this council has neglected the state of downtown. The metal handrails leading up from the parkade were filthy, with peeled paint and rust seen everywhere. This was in sharp contrast to the well painted railing along the waterfront which belongs to the Harbour Commission.

The square in front of the noonday cannons was absolutely filthy near the point of unbelief. I couldn't imagine that city hall with all the money they have to spend, and the enormous staff on payroll taxpayers fund could let what used to be a premier tourist attraction fall into such a state. I am not exaggerating when I say my stomach nearly turned at the sight.

For those newcomers the noonday cannon firing by the Bastion was one of the few regular downtown events that was considered tourist-worthy. I would be ashamed to take an out of town guest to see a bit of Nanaimo history next to our iconic Bastion in it's present state.

From there we went across Bastion Street to Commercial and walked the length of Commercial which was wall to wall people and as many vendors as the street could hold. Whether it was a commercial success for all the vendors will be seen next year when it comes time to do it again. This event is put on by the local Chamber and I think the local BIA plays some part in this event. The event itself however is divorced from city hall which probably explains why it appears to be a success.

The filthy state of the sidewalks was appauling with what appears to be several years of grime and filth embedded into the pavers, concrete and tiles. Under every lamppost the amount of bird droppings testified to the perch the lamp provided. 

Not many years ago the city used a small street sweeper to keep the sidewalks clean on a regular basis. Merchants actually took pride in their storefront and sidewalk in front of their business. All of that seems a thing of the past and one has to assume this represents the direction that comes from this city council.

This city council found eight million dollars or so to eliminate a lane on Front Street, add bike lanes etc. but seem incapable of funding regular routine maintenance that preserves taxpayers assets and keeps a good face on the community.

A fair question for anyone on this council asking for your support during this election:"when was the last time you actually took a walk around downtown with the eyes of a visitor, or for that matter with you eyes even open?".

Jim Taylor OP-ED


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