Monday, October 03, 2022

Censorship and Dirty Tricks Even In City Politics

Being Critical Of This Council
Will Be Cancelled .......... 

I recently was using the forum 'reddit' to publicize I experienced censorship on a scale I found quite surprising considering the subject matter. Of course it relates to the Nanaimo Civic Election. A few of the moderators on the Nanaimo reddit page clearly have a bias towards the sitting city council led by Mayor Krog.

Long story short they actually blocked me from posting on that page even though my final post had been viewed by over 13K and had an upvote (approval) of 74%. The post clearly was striking a nerve with friends of the incumbent at reddit as it suddenly vanished in spite of being the number one post for two days. The cancel culture has even invaded local Nanaimo politics.

The following are a few screenshots I took showing the post in question. They speak for themselves. The point being that even local politics is now corrupt and polluted to the point of being absurd.

This was the post pointing out the neglect of downtown Nanaimo on this council's watch. In less than 24 hours it had been viewed over 11K times and received 35 comments and upvotes pushing it to the top of r/nanaimo posts.

This was the 'stats' for this post in very short order with thousands of viewers agreeing with the claim that downtown Nanaimo is filthy.

This was the final screenshot I took which was a few hours before the censoring moderators at r/nanaimo decided to take it down and block me from further posting on that page. The page only has 17K members and in less than 48 hours 13.1K had seen the post and 74% of them agreed with the post. It was also shared multiple times.

What to conclude?
Clearly the moderators on this page are friendly to the current city council and it would also be logical they are defensive of any criticism that might come to bear with the CUPE members who 'work' for the city.
So, if you think that dirty tricks only applies to big time politics, you would be mistaken. Clearly those with a dog in the fight will do what they can to censor out any light that might be shed on how your tax dollars are controlled at city hall.


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