Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Events Centre Battle Heating Up

The battle for an $80 million Multiplex, rebranded as an Events Centre is beginning to heat up as referendum day draws closer. A quick look around local social media pages highlights some of the graphic messages being used to make a point.  The first graphic was created by local artist Dale Schulz and pretty much speaks for itself.

If creative graphics are any guage of how the vote will go, it looks like the NO side has it. Of course it is far too early in the process to be making any predictions as to the outcome. Taxpayers who remember the conference centre story will be forgiven if they are a little nervous when city hall is asking for the public purse to be opened to the tune of $80,000,000.00.

There are several public open houses hosted by the city between now and referendum day so try and attend one nearest you and make an informed decision on referendum day. Whether it will be the $80 million saviour as some are hoping, or another drain on tax dollars won't be known for years to come, so take your civic duty seriously before you vote.


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  1. Hi Jim;
    So glad you've resurrected your valuable website. If the 'public meeting' held at Oliver Woods is an indicator, we're in deep trouble. A couple of hundred (my estimate) residents were kept waiting while city staff allowed 20 at a time into a very small room. Many simply gave up and went home to family and dinner. The Mayor and two councillors I saw amongst the crowd seemed unperturbed that their constituents were treated like cattle. If they can't organize a reasonably efficient open house, how can we expect them to be reasonable stewards of the biggest single expenditure in this city's history?


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