Thursday, February 13, 2020

Preferred Instrument Of Canadian Leaders


While the Canadian economy is collapsing with more Canadians declaring bankruptcy than ever, seniors trying to decide between food and heat, a national debt that is enslaving future generations and now the complete ignoring of the rule of law, as lawless mobs take to the streets and are ever more emboldened by the lack of any leadership coming from either Ottawa or Victoria.

We have a Premier that is protesting the protest of the gas pipeline, while at the same time spending tax dollars fighting an oil pipeline. Ottawa is hindering the natural resource sector like never before all the while ignoring the fact that natural resources is the only source of REAL wealth we possess as a nation.

In BC we have five guys, who claim to speak for a group of natives who can't even agree on who speaks for them. These five guys by the way are the directors of a non profit society by the name they claim to represent. All the while first nations councils (who say they speak for the people) have agreed to the pipeline.

This is just giving all the green screamers another cause to rally behind. Ever wonder if this is not a well orchestrated exercise designed to cripple the Canadian oil and gas sector?? We are still importing billions of barrels of Saudi oil on the east coast, while our own resources are remaining landlocked by the mob.


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