Sunday, August 09, 2020

Storm Clouds Forming Over CANADA

God is the hope for the nation

Uncertainty hangs over the great nation of Canada as our leaders wrestle with the ongoing effects of the worldwide pandemic. At best the economy is sputtering and many small businesses have simply closed, never to reopen. Some who have reopened are only employing a fraction of the staff they employed pre-pandemic.

Millions of Canadians have had to rely on government assistance to simply put food on the table and keep the roof over their heads. How long the government can sustain this level of support seems uncertain as there are limits, even with nations as to how much money they can continue to borrow. Economists are predicting serious sovereign debt problems by early next year. 

With more and more mandatory masking being ordered in the nation, it would seem clear health officials are still struggling to keep Canadians safe. There is some optimism that children may be able to return to the classroom this fall, but whether measures will prove successful at avoiding an outbreak is yet to be seen. Many teachers and parents seem concerned about schools returning too soon.

In addition to government assistance in the form of direct weekly cash payments and laws restricting eviction for unpaid rent, credit card companies and banks have relaxed payment requirements during this difficult time. All of these steps can not last indefinitely and there seems no clear plan from Canadian leadership as to how to restart the economy and get Canadians back to productive work.

GOD is the only real hope for CANADA

It seems we people types will only resort to calling out to GOD when all else has failed. Perhaps as a nation we are getting to that point as we face what could be a time equal to the Great Depression in hardship. When our systems and institutions are no longer able to provide for our needs then bending our knees and calling out to GOD is often seen as the last resort.

In fact bending our knee and calling out to GOD all the time is what could very well have avoided our current difficulty. Our loving GOD surely never intended for His creation to suffer sickness or disease or hunger. However, since we in CANADA no longer give Him place or honor it should not be surprising when He does not impose Himself on us.

Our nation was not always so self-reliant and our founding fathers knew we would only succeed if He had place in the Dominion of Canada. To that end scriptures are carved in stone in our parliament buildings in Ottawa and our parliaments used to always open offering prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ. School days used to begin with the Lord's Prayer and the singing of GOD Save the Queen. Shops were all closed on Sunday (the Lord's Day Act) as families followed the biblical command to rest on the seventh day. It was a day intended for families to fellowship not only with each other, but also with their GOD.

Canadians have repeated a pattern you will find in the Bible. In times of trouble we call out to GOD and in His mercy He blesses our land. Then for a time we remember and give thanks to Him for His grace and mercy. After a time we begin to live in the blessings and begin for forget to give thanks to God for what we have. As we ignore Him the blessing decreases and we once again find ourselves in times of trouble.



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