Thursday, March 19, 2020

Nanaimo City Council Banning Plastic Bags??

Nanaimo City Council Banning Plastic Bags
Meaningful or just useless virtue signaling??

Nanaimo City Council, like many others, have been kicking around the idea of banning what they mistakenly call 'single use plastic bags' to demonstrate how they are going to save the planet.

This is one of those 'sounds good' examples of virtue signaling on a topic that will make little to no difference in the state of the world.

How so? We buy a package of hot dog buns in a plastic bag, a package of hot dogs in a plastic bag, a salad in a plastic container, a bottle of ketchup and mustard in plastic bottles, a bag of potato chips in a plastic bag and an energy drink in a plastic bottle.

But we can't carry it home in a plastic bag that will get a second life as a garbage pail liner or a bag used to carry any number of other things. I realize it does give our elitist overlords something to puff up about, but really, it’s just empty virtue signaling.

If anyone were truly serious about recycling plastic and other waste, we would build a waste to energy plant and convert all this stuff into electricity. Instead we continue to stockpile it at the city dump.

Can't Use Reusable Bags During Covid Crisis

The Save on I frequent is not allowing the use of reusable bags at this time. Turns out those bags are actually nasty little petri dishes if you don't disinfect them daily. Instead they are using the dreaded planet-killing plastic bags instead.

It's a good thing our overlords were slow at implementing their total ban on this useful and sanitary product. As it turns out those reusable bags may get rid of a few plastic bags, but they also are a source of all sorts of nasty contamination.


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